Gravitation: Beyond the Pale


Gravitation: Beyond the Pale by N.L. Armitage
Reviewed by Nicola

We all love a bad boy, but how much is too much?
Nariya Valentine thinks her life is complete with her hot new sexy boyfriend, Amano Fairchild, but when an old friend, Darcia Moon, turns up in the couple’s life everything goes down hill, fast!!

This book had me gripped from page one and saw me burning the midnight oil with the “Just one more page” on many night’s.
The story begins with “I’m better than you” Nariya and her boyfriend Amano. We are quickly introduced to Dr Darcia Moon, an old but unwanted friend of Amano’s.
The friend’s reunion is cold to say the least and to Nariya’s fustration Amano insists there is nothing for the couple to worry about. But when the Doctor develops an interest in Nariya things take a turn and the secret’s that Amano want’s to keep hidden may have to be told to keep Nariya by his side and out of arm’s reach of the Doctor.

A fab read, I would recommend this book to everyone. Can’t wait for book 2 🙂


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