Linked Through Time


Linked Through Time by Jessica Tornese
Reviewed by Simone

Wow, wow wow! I absolutely LOVED this book and could not put it down. I’m now disappointed I have finished it so quickly- I wanted it to go on!

The story focuses on a 15 year old girl – Kate- who, after bumping her head during an accident whilst on holiday at her Grandparents farm, becomes linked back through time, and actually becomes her Aunt Sarah when she herself was a fifteen year old girl.
How will this spoilt, work- shy, technology loving girl cope with her new life of farm labor living as part of a very large, fairly poor family, 40 years ago.
Also, now living as her Aunt it is very important that Kate can uncover the truth behind her Aunts death during the August of her fifteen year, before time runs out, and she herself suffers the same fate.

The plot explores love, unrequited love and family conflict and is a really enjoyable read.
The characters are all very well developed, and you really get a feel for them, and an understanding of how they are feeling and what they are going through.

Each chapter left me wanting to read more – hence why I finished the book in less than two days.
The book also ends with a real cliffhanger and I only hope they’re will be more to come!!

Linked Through Time is a must read!


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