The Domino Effect


The Domino Effect by Andrew Cotto
Reviewed by Simone

The Domino Effect is the coming of age story of a young boy named Danny, or, “Domino”.
Like you would expect from a story of the life of a young teen, The Domino Effect highlights many issues Danny faces- love, friendship, bullies and his parents!

Danny is a likable character, full of wit and charm – and a little arrogance.
I think I began to like Danny even more than I initially did after an incident happened whilst playing with some friends in his childhood neighborhood. Danny made a racial comment to an unfamiliar child and after being spoken to by his father, Danny decided to stop following the crowd and used his own mind to decide what was right and wrong. Doing this had upsetting consequences for Danny and his usual way of life, and a lot of things changed for him. Even so, he didn’t let this change his views and when at boarding school, Danny befriended the only African-American student there, and helped him feel like he belonged, without any prejudice at all.

I did enjoy reading this book. It is very well written, and you want to keep reading to find out what happens next.
I felt that the plot didn’t really have a huge dramatic climax, however, it told Danny’s story very well, and gave you his direct view of how he was feeling and why he felt he should react the way he did to situations.

Also, the ending of the story was lovely and made me smile. 🙂


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