Misguided Sensitivity


Misguided Sensitivity by Philip Nork
Reviewed by Emma

From the obviously loving relationship shared with his ‘Nana’ to the sexual adventures of a young man trying to find his place in life, this tenderly written book of life lessons is thoroughly entertaining to say the least.
Join Phil, a young teenager full of angst, coming to terms with his parents seperation and prepare to have your eyes opened as you embark on his perfectly honest and sometimes innocent take on the stories that unfold in his life.
I read this book with an open mind not really knowing what to expect, and quickly found myself pleasently surprised by how I became totally absorbed in the story.
A truely well written, thought provoking, amusing and charming read. If every boy were to take at least one life lesson out of this book, there would be a lot more self assured women out there, a lot sooner in life.
I look forward to reading more of your work.


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