Fall of the Citizens


Fall of the Citizens by Eric Thomas
Reviewed by Nicola

A disease has broken out and the only way to save your family is an inoculation but the government want $60,000 a shot! How far would you go to save them? Beg…….. Borrow…….. Steal……. How about murder?
What if there was a way to get the shot for free? Would you take it or ask “What’s in it for you?” The only string attached – don’t ask questions……….
Join Josh, Betty and The Citizens in this fast paced action packed story that has more plot twists than you know what to do with!

Now this is my kind of book, nitty gritty! If you are Squeamish then this isn’t for you.
I loved all the characters, especially Max, You always have to watch the quiet ones. The story was well thought out and flowed very well. Each character had its own part to play in the book which I liked. I didn’t want to get too attached with any of them, you will realise why when you read it, but I did love Betty and her kick ass attitude. The ending was a total shock for me (wasn’t the one I had in mind) but glad it went the way it did.

Fab book by an awesome Author, I WILL be reading more of his books…… That’s a fact!



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