Spotlight on M.W.Russell

The Transient By M.W.Russell Book one in the Castle Trilogy Reviewed by Rachel The Castle Series - A Teen Paranormal Romance! Melodie Gibson never had many friends in her life — that is, not until she moved from Australia to New York. Now, they fill her every waking moment. Fresh off the plane from the other … Continue reading Spotlight on M.W.Russell


The Black Witch

  The Black Witch By Micheal Rivers Reviewed by Rachel The Black Witch is a tale of horror that takes place on the seas.  The story is set in the 1930‘s on a ship that is cursed. Some good likeable characters but some parts didn’t really hold together. The book is not my usual reading and was … Continue reading The Black Witch

Travis Luedke book and blog tour with Orchard Book Club

Before we begin we would like to issue a WARNING. If you are easily offended then please DO NOT read these books! They contain: Violence, Sex, girl on girl action and Murder.     The Nightlife in New York By Travis Luedke Reviewed by Rachel THE NIGHTLIFE IN NEW YORK. I Love a vampire book and was looking … Continue reading Travis Luedke book and blog tour with Orchard Book Club