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Spotlight on M.W.Russell


The Transient By M.W.Russell

Book one in the Castle Trilogy

Reviewed by Rachel

The Castle Series – A Teen Paranormal Romance!

Melodie Gibson never had many friends in her life — that is, not until she moved from Australia to New York. Now, they fill her every waking moment. Fresh off the plane from the other side of the world, Melodie and her widowed father have moved into Heartworth Castle, an imposing manor-turned-Bed & Breakfast in upstate New York that he inherited from a distant aunt. But it’s no ordinary castle. Full of hidden secrets and layers of history, Heartworth has its ghosts—literally. Dripping with atmosphere, adventure and epic romance, THE TRANSIENT is the first instalment in the completed “Castle Trilogy” which creates an original mythology with roots in classical and biblical literature, where the afterlife is as complicated as the present, and the rules are just as hard to follow. It centres around Melodie, a socially awkward teenager, and Joseph, a “Transient ghost” that can take human form and who was murdered by a spurned love in the latter stages of the Civil War. No one is supposed to be able to see Joseph—but Melodie Gibson does. This unexplained contact sparks a passionate romance between the two. As Mel settles into her new American home and begins making mortal friends, she falls for Joseph, but not before the Governance and some old enemies of Joseph’s begin to materialize against them. Apparently, not everyone is happy about their new found love.

THE TRANSIENT is only the first instalment; the final two novels are THE SOUL KEEPER and THE DARKEST ANGEL

Wow! I could not put this book down, a fabulous heart pounding read.

 The characters are so beautifully described and all had such great roles to play throughout the book.

The relationship and story that forms between Melodie and Joseph is so strong and innocent. There are beautiful descriptions of place, and quirks of the paranormal were enough to hold my interest and suggest that others also take the time to experience it.



The soul Keeper By M.W.Russell

Book 2 in The Castle TrilogyThe soul keeper 

Reviewed by Rachel

Would their love go on as promised—forever and a day?

The Governance has had the final say. Joseph has been banished. With a broken heart Melodie must go back to her mortal world at Heartworth Castle without the arms of her ghost around her, without the warmth of his smile.

But some hope still remains. The surprising gift that her housekeeper Kate has shown her may just be the key. Can Melodie and her friends find the silver book and bring Joseph back? And who is this Irish stranger who clumsily lends a hand?

The thrilling next installment in The Castle Series, The Soul Keeper will keep you glued to every page.

What a trip!

I was very much in need of this book as I  loved the Transient so much and really wanted to see how Melodie and Josephs story unfolds.

Maree writes beautifully and captures you right from the first page, the story is full of emotions, it had me laughing out loud, holding my breath and I even had a tear at one stage!

The story has many twists and turns and I felt that I was with the loyal group of friends through it all, looking forward to the next book as I feel in may get a little darker…….. just a guess  🙂

A must read.


More books by M.W.Russell

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Lion Hearts By M.W.Russell & A.V.Barber



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The Black Witch



The Black Witch By Micheal Rivers

Reviewed by Rachel

The Black Witch is a tale of horror that takes place on the seas.  The story is set in the 1930‘s on a ship that is cursed. Some good likeable characters but some parts didn’t really hold together.

The book is not my usual reading and was a little slow to get started but I did finish the book glad I carried on reading. The story is full of mystery, ghosts and adventure and somewhat frightening!

If you like horror, especially set at sea, then The Black Witch for you.



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Misguided Sensitivity


Misguided Sensitivity by Philip Nork
Reviewed by Emma

From the obviously loving relationship shared with his ‘Nana’ to the sexual adventures of a young man trying to find his place in life, this tenderly written book of life lessons is thoroughly entertaining to say the least.
Join Phil, a young teenager full of angst, coming to terms with his parents seperation and prepare to have your eyes opened as you embark on his perfectly honest and sometimes innocent take on the stories that unfold in his life.
I read this book with an open mind not really knowing what to expect, and quickly found myself pleasently surprised by how I became totally absorbed in the story.
A truely well written, thought provoking, amusing and charming read. If every boy were to take at least one life lesson out of this book, there would be a lot more self assured women out there, a lot sooner in life.
I look forward to reading more of your work.


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Memories of the Dead


Memories of the Dead by Phillip R. Hall
Reviewed by Simone

This story delves into the supernatural world of magic, sorcery and vampires in a way that is very different from how the current popular texts explore this genre.

Memories of the Dead is the journal of the life of Locarno, a young man who lives with his beloved Grandfather- his only family and teacher of all things supernatural.
Locarno dreams of a life with the beautiful, wealthy Juliana, who he has loved from afar most of his life, but who he views as being too out of his reach.
When danger, in the form of terrible, bloodthirsty vampires threaten human kind, and attack all he holds dear, will Locarno find the strength and power needed to defeat these creatures? Will he be able to win the hand of Juliana? …Even if he has to die first, in order to carry out his dangerous task?

I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to “get into” this story as the style of writing wasn’t my usual choice to read. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and was glad I didn’t allow my initial thoughts to put me off reading.

The story really pulls you in, and the plot is very easy to follow and fast paced, making you want to keep reading. The characters are well developed and there are lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged.

Memories of the Dead is a good read and if you like supernatural text – especially about vampires, then give this a try.

Just remember, these vampires are not the ones to fall in love with…& they definitely do not “sparkle”!! 😉


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Ebook week

Author Jasmine Haynes (Jennifer Scully) has 6 of her books up for FREE on smashwords to celebrate ebook week. Titles include She’s gotta be mine – This was the first book I bought of Jasmine’s and I loved it that much I had my friends get it that very day! Revenge sex – Another fab read (it does get a little steamy) Dead to the Max, Twisted by love, Somebody’s lover and Invitation to seduction. Pop the books in your basket and use coupon code RW100 at the check out, simples! Here’s the link and also check out the other author’s that have their books on offer 🙂


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Easy By Tammara Webber

Reviewed by Amanda

Have you read ‘Easy’ by Tammara Webber? If not, you should! I actually borrowed this book from a friend and when I finished I went out and bought it for myself, i loved it so much. I think this is my favorite book I’ve read this year. The setting is a college campus and the characters are so lovable and fun. Once you meet Lucas, he will put all your other book boyfriends to shame. I can not say enough good things about this book! Love love love!!



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Avra’s God


Avra’s God by Ann Lee Miller

Reviewed by Crystal

I had a hard time getting into this book at first. It started a little slow for me. I think the book works better classified as young adult fiction. The theme throughout the story was about the personal choices made by the characters and how the consequences can weigh on you. Avra’s strong relationship with God keeps her trying to make the best decisions for herself even though she nearly succumbs a few times. The friendship throughout the story is endearing, and ultimately that’s what made the story successful to me.


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Always and Forever

Always and Forever By Chantel Rhondeau

Reviewed by Amanda

My first question is, why isn’t this book more popular? It was fantastic! This book has it all…suspense, mystery and romance. I loved the heroine, Lily. She was so easy to love and I was her biggest cheerleader. She is dealing with a horrible past and trying to start a new life when she meets Zach. Zach is totally swoon worthy! (new fictional boyfriendto add to my list) There were times when I wanted to scream at Lily, but I did enjoy watching her grow more confident. My other favorite character was Sarah, Zach’s sister. She is the kind of sister anyone would want to have. I loved her!
I am suffering from a major book hangover right now! I highly recommend this book. It is definitely must read



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Moonlight on the Nantahala


Moonlight on the Nantahala By Micheal Rivers 

Reviewed by Rachel




Book Description

His life began deep within the mountains of North Carolina. Edward Caulfield was a dedicated craftsman who appreciated the finer things in his life. As a young man he fell deeply in love and married a beautiful young woman he did not want to live without. Fate took her from him early in his marriage and he lived the rest of his life as a shrine to her. In the twilight of his years he met a troubled young woman and their relationship turned the tide for them both. In his efforts to help her, their lives were changed forever learning from each other. In a world filled with romance, deceit, and sorrow Edward left her a legacy fulfilled with the promise of finding, “The Perfect Rose.”




This is the story of Edward who lost his true love Celia many years ago. Edward befriends a troubled young woman called Lena and after years of Lena sitting at the bottom of the garden to his old house they eventually speak and by eventually I mean 3 years!


The story is sweet, it’s about true love, friendship and family but I found the characters were slightly boring. Also I found the paranormal thread a little weak.


Other reviews have given this book more stars and I am willing to say I may be missing something within the book but this is my review so I can only offer my honest opinion.


All I can say it read it for yourself as we all read a different story in each book.





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Travis Luedke book and blog tour with Orchard Book Club

Before we begin we would like to issue a WARNING. If you are easily offended then please DO NOT read these books! They contain: Violence, Sex, girl on girl action and Murder.  



The Nightlife in New York By Travis Luedke

Reviewed by Rachel

THE NIGHTLIFE IN NEW YORK. I Love a vampire book and was looking forward to starting this series, and they did not disappoint!

The book starts by meeting Aaron who was working in a restaurant, one night after his shift had finished his life changed for ever when he helped a beautiful blonde women called Michelle. Michelle turns out to be  a glamorous  French vampire who saves Aarons life when she shares her blood, making  her his master.

Their story is a fast passed with a good plot and I was hooked from the start, though when I first met Michelle it took me a while to get her right in my head but has the book went on I grew to like the character.

I Loved how Aaron always defends Michelle and falls in love with her even though she was a right cow to him at times! Also it was good to see Aaron transformed into the stronger of the couple.

Violence, night clubs, corrupt cops, and  loaded with erotic action,its got it all –  but one part in the book that gave me a little flinch moment was the revenge sex part,  touch brutal for me 😉

Cannot wait to see what happens in Las Vegas!



Nicola’s Review

Ever felt like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time but it turned out to be the best experiance of your life? that’s how Aaron Pilan’s life started our, wrong place, wrong time. until he ‘woke up’ that is.

After witnessing something he can only discribe a surreal he is faced with the fact that the surreal is in fact real and he is now a vampire! Not those fake, don’t eat from humans and sparkle ones but a hot, seductive blodd sucker with the ability to read minds and cause body trembling orgasams as he ‘feeds’.

Enjoy this fast paced story as Aaron learns how to deal with his new life as a vampire and the lust for blood while trying to deal with his feelings for the one who tuened him, Michelle. Did she turn him so she could keep him for herself or was the guilt of getting him shot too mush for her?

This book had me hooked from the start and i spent many late nights telling myself ‘just 1 more page’. I loved how the love story between Aaron and Michelle developed and their need for each other. Some of the sex scenes were a bit more explicit than im used to but that didn’t put me off the books.



The Nightlife in Vegas By Travis Luedke

Reviewed by Rachel

THE NIGHTLIFE: LAS VEGAS picks up where the first book finished.

This book was much faster paced, darker with more violence, sex, some jello fighting and lots of OMG moments I found it difficult to put down!

Aaron and Michelle gamble away in Las Vegas, until they win from the wrong guy which leads them into trouble. Aaron also meets a woman, Ana, who he makes  his bloodslave/ pet.

At first I didn’t see the need for Ana as I missed Aarons softer side towards Michelle, but as the story unfolded Ana did grow on me but at times she did grate on me by being so winey and needy.

Aaron was the predator within much more in this book, and looking forward too see how he develops in the next book (Paris)

Really do not want to give to much way! Despite the gripping plot, the constant drug induced sex scenes started to wear thin on me . It is a good book don’t get me wrong, I would recommend this book to any one who likes a bit of fast paced vampire action with lots of sex, drugs cartels, gambling, threesomes, its got it all.

Straight on the blood slave !



Nicola’s Review

As the title suggest’s Aaron and Michelle have feld to the bright lights of Las Vegas. A very fitting place for 2 vampires, i mean who is up during the day in Vegas?!

This book seemed to be more action paked than the last book (which i liked) and it saw Aaron take to his vampire role very well. Aaron also brings us a new charater, Ana. Now i didn’t see the need for her but as i go into the book im glad she came into it as it shows these two can care for someone who isn’t of their kind. It also brought the kind and caring side out of Aaron that i had begun to miss. 

This book didn’t disapoint and i was gutted when it ended, If The Nightlife: Paris is like these other 2 books then the author, Travis, is onto a winner!



Blood slave By Travis Luedke

Reviewed by Rachel


From the start I was taken with Hopes’ story, the pages whizzed pasted as couldn’t put the book down!

Hope was sold by her Father into a Columbian sex slave ring at the age of 14, which was the start of her life being pimped out.

It all changed one night when Lia entered her life while working as an escort only Lia was a hard core vampire and Hope was not going to plan.

Which is when Hope was taken to meet Enrique Lias’ master ……..Hope was allowed to live but only as a blood slave, although Enrique treats Hope like a princess at times and horrid at others she was taken into the family but her past soon catches up with her and the story turns again.

I really don’t want to ruin the book for you, but it is written so well and you really get a feel for Hope and what she is thinking and feeling, I think this is why I was enjoyed her character and the book so much.

I loved this book. A violent, gritty, erotic and somewhat sad story and must read.


Nicola’s Review

This is a stand alone book and has nothing to do with the first 2 books but im sooo glad i read it! I have even changed my golden apple rating 🙂

The story is about Hope and her heart wrenching story of survival.Forced to join the sex industery at the young age of 14, she now know’s no different so after a night of passion with Lia, Hope’s life changes for the worse/better pending on how you see it. As lia tries to erase Hope’s mind of the nights wild antic’s she relises this wont work on hope and in a panic decides to let her ‘Master’ deal with it. Hope is taken to Enrique’s apartment where Lia wishes for things to be ‘del’t with but to her surprise Enrique makes Hope his bloodslave. I loved the ending of this book (even had a tear in my eye)

This story has more plot twists than a roll-a-coaster, Just when you think you have this books sussed BOOM another twist.

Its a good read but be warned there is a couple of brutal sex scenes.


Below are links to the giveaway and to the poll to help Travis choose the book cover to The Nightlife: Paris


The Nightlife Paris cover art poll

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Rachel & Nicola


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