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Author Spotlight – Tommy Meyers -Interview and Review

When someone says the name J.R.R. Tolkien to me the first thing that pops into my head is Middle Earth, Orc’s, Dwarf’s and Elves
Like wise when I hear J.K. Rowling I think of Magic, Mythical Creatures and the Impossible.
If these two “worlds” collided it would create Novogard, A land that has been shattered from racial division. Where a powerful government has begun its encroachment onto unwilling societies. Where the magical and the technological collide.

What am I talking about I hear you ask?! I’m talking about the all NEW and exciting book, Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric by Tommy Meyers of course!
The book is based around 15 year old Eric Elmoor who has always felt like an outcast; ceaselessly teased about his unusual purple eyes, never fitting into any particular group at school, raised only by his mother since his father died inexplicably when he was only a small child. But when three warlocks simultaneously attack the three biggest cities in all of Novogard, Eric is taken on a journey to the elf homeland where the secrets of his mysterious origins will be revealed and the power within him unleashed…and a forbidden relationship with the chieftain’s goddaughter begins.
With the warlocks and their hellish horde now threatening the borders of the elvish lands, Eric must find the courage to make a stand and face the one who murdered his father in the vain hope of saving all of Novogard from utter ruin.

Has that wet your apatite for more? Of course it has. Well first lets delve into the life of the author who wrote it, Tommy Meyers. Tommy lives in Tyler, Texas, with his wife, Danessa, and his two beautiful children. When Tommy’s not working or writing he likes nothing better than a BBQ (we have seen many a picture) and to conquer those monkey bars that got the better of him last week! (Sorry but I HAD to get that in)


We stuck to book related questions, we don’t want to frighten him off…….yet 😉

1. What’s a typical day like?
– Well, the day starts off at 5:20 am when I wake up, get my coffee and go into work as a nurse until 2:00. When I come home I may be able to get out a few rounds of Battlefield 3 (video games are another favorite pass time of mine that’s horribly distracting) to de-stress from the day job. After that it’s play with the kids and the make supper (love grilling) and then send them off to bed. Once they’re both asleep I get maybe 2-3 hours to write uninterrupted. But throughout the whole day I’m constantly thinking about the next step in the story or some new or cool plot twist that comes to me and I steal a moment to jot it down before it leaves my head. Chaotic, I know, but it’s what has to be done to get the story out there.

2. Who or what inspired you to become a writer?
– I can’t think about what actually triggered it but I always loved stories and wanted to tell my own. My mother recently found a story I wrote when I was six that featured me and my best friend breaking into Hell to go get some rare artifact. I guess I was a somewhat demented kid.

3. Are there any authors or books that influenced you in any way, either growing up or as an adult?
– Tolkien was a big influence for obvious reasons. But, honestly, I wasn’t much of a regular reader until mid-way through high school and then when I got out I read even more. There’s something about me that when people tell me to do something I tend to rebel. Now, in my more “mature” days, I’m consuming everything I can when I get the time. I loved books 1-3 of the Harry Potter series, the latter ones were too cumbersome for my tastes. I love George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (when I have time to read those epic tomes). Also, there’s Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series that is just too cool for words. Nineteenth century battles but with dragons?! Sign me up!

4. What do you do to prepare yourself before writing? Do you listen to music? Do you look at visual aids?
– I don’t prepare. I just do. Music helps during the writing process to get me into that world as long as it doesn’t have lyrics. Sometimes the words can find their way onto the page. In terms of visuals, I love fantasy and sci-fi, so whether it be a video game, television show, or a movie, it inspires me on some level.

5. What motivated you to write Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric?
– I had been writing screenplays for a while before diving into prose and I had always begged my wife to try to read them. If you’ve never read a screenplay before it can be a very jarring experience. There’s so much white on the page and there’s technical terminology to learn to fully grasp what you’re supposed to be “seeing in your head.” So, after a few tries my wife gave up and simply said, “I’ll read your book when you decide to do one.” Prose was daunting at first simply because it was a writing style you have to pay more attention to than screenwriting. You can have grammar issues galore and not explain your environment as much in a screenplay. Also, there’s the inward dialogue as well as the outward dialogue to worry about. So I thought it was too difficult a task for me. After a few years of trying to break into the movie world I got numerous rejections simply because I write too big and the budget would be too high to intrust it to an unknown screenwriter. Then in 2010, we took a trip to Universal Studios in Florida and went to Islands of Adventure the very day the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened (that was a riot, let me tell you). So, as we’re sitting in the 8 hour long line (I kid you not), an epiphany hit me. If I wrote a book, I could have an unlimited budget and be only restrained by the depths of my imagination. Not only that, with the advent of eBooks and the boom of self-publishing, if I couldn’t get an agent to accept my manuscript, I can just put it out there myself. Screenwriting came with this frustration that not very many people read them, let alone pay for them, and I was tired of not having an audience that could see what I had to offer. Also, there was a point in that 8 hour line where I said, “Rowling has her own world, Tolkien had his. Heck, even George Lucas and James Cameron have there’s. I want MY own world!” I promptly left the line, bought a leather-bound Hogwarts journal for entirely too much money and the Eric Elmoor saga slowly, but surely, came to life.

6. Give us the 140 character TWEET description of Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric.
– Welcome to Novogard. Eric Elmoor’s journey begins innocently enough, but he is soon immersed into a world of magic, adventure…and murder.

7. What part of the writing process is the hardest for you, whether it’s first draft, rewriting, or editing?
– Rewriting simply because there’s a Butterfly Effect that comes into play sometimes. If you change one thing, there’s probably something else that needs to be changed in order to fit with the rest of the plot. There’s the possibility of a domino effect that rewriting has that I’m just not a fan of. I wish I could nail the book in the first draft and just publish it from there.

8. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
– I loved the first few chapters simply because it’s where Eric and I both embarked on this journey together in a cool new world.

9. Tell us something we don’t know about you?
– I had a son at a young age which forced me to mature quicker than most of my friends at the time. I don’t regret it, but, like Eric, I faced a hard reality earlier than most.

10. Will you write other books after the Eric series is finished?
– Yes, the world of Abeodor is ripe for the picking. There’s 5 continents in total and the Eric Elmoor Saga only takes place in one – Novogard. So there will be more, definitely. Plus, I would love to explore the further advancement of technology on this world as it continues to progress. In the Eric Elmoor Saga it’s just really starting to take hold.

11. Is Eric’s character based on a real person?
– I would say Spider-Man (fictional, I know) but my mother says Eric reminded her a lot of me simply because Eric is a smartass…just like me. 🙂

12. Do you enjoy the mythical/fantasy genre?
– Yes. It is a great place to be in because anything is possible.

13. How did you think up the names of the different places in the story?
– Some are taken from real life places, others are inspired by fictional places. I conceived of this world by thinking, “What if Middle-earth evolved technologically?” So you can see where a lot of it comes from.

14. There is an obvious link to racism in the story- is this a subject close to your heart?
– Yes. There was a time where another writer friend of mine (DeCarlton Wooten) were talking about our various projects and we’re both avid Star Wars fans. He’s an African-American who likes to write about the South in the early twentieth century and the racial implications of that period. I had suggested to him that maybe he should write a big sci-fi story that revolves around racial tensions and in that way he can say anything about race that he wants to. He never did get to do that story so I suppose it was left up to me. I decided to show racism for what I think it truly is – a distraction. It’s a distraction used by various groups to keep us at each other’s throats instead of seeing the “bigger picture.” Granted, there are a lot of people out there that will hate another race no matter what simply through ignorance, but in the grand scheme of things, I see it as a “divide and conquer” tactic that’s used to score political points when “they” see fit.

15. Did it take you long to write?
– Well, I fleshed out all 5 books over the period of two years while still continuing to work on screenplays off and on. But the actually nitty-gritty took me about 9 months from start to finish on the manuscript. That’s first draft, editing, etc.

16. When can we expect the next installment of Eric Elmoor?
– I’m hoping by winter 2013/2014. I, like many readers, don’t like to wait years and years for the next installment of a series to come out.

17. What are your hopes for the Eric Elmoor series? Could you see it being more than just a book?
– If it were to become the next fantasy film franchise that would be AWESOME! But it would have to be true to the books and the themes could not be dampened. The themes in the books are so close to my heart that I feel that if any studio wanted to water them down, I don’t think I could commit to it. Yes, changes will be made and that’s inherit to the process of adaptation but the themes should remain fully intact. And, as I’ve explained, I’m an avid video game player so I have something in mind for an MMO like World of Warcraft somewhere out there in the distant future if everything pans out.


I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone – I am anxiously awaiting the next instalment…thank goodness there are another four to come!
The story transports you into a mythical, fantasy world filled with magic, mythical creatures and evil beings, all trying to be ruled by the rising of the technological world.
The characters are well described and are all very believable. I found myself feeling what Eric was feeling, and felt passionate for him to overcome the obstacles put in his way and for him to strive to be the best he could be…I was also very desperate for him to “get the girl”! 🙂
The plot is very well thought out, and the story is pieced together by giving the three characters viewpoints at simultaneous times – Eric, Derex and Ben. The reader is able to see the struggles, the pains and the anxieties each character is going through, and can then bring these different views into the experiences of the others, giving a fuller, wider understanding of what was happening and why…brilliant! Particularly brilliant I felt, when it came to understanding Derex. Yes, Derex is the “villain”, but by having his views explored first hand, you are able to understand that he isn’t simply being evil for evils sake – he has his own personal justification for needing to do the things he does. However devastating they may be.
The concept of racism is a huge part of the story, and is developed very well. Eric is viewed as “different” by most people he encounters throughout his life, whether that be the people within the city he has lived all of his life, or the elves he is very newly acquainted with. Eric is labelled “a half-blood” and this story illustrates his inner struggles and torments at dealing with the set backs such a label can bring. It also helps to show that regardless of how different the people all over Novogard think they are from each other, they are all actually fairly similar. Whether they be an Elf living in the highest treetops of Fairwood, or a rich human living in luxury within the city of Gondlair, they are all united in their alienation of people viewed as “different”. Personally for me, this really brought home how this concept is mirrored in much of society today, and I really liked how the story explored this point.

Once again – I absolutely loved this book and it comes highly recommended!!
I would give “Eric Elmoor and The Gauntlet of Godric” ten golden apples if I could – but a mighty high five it will have to be! 🙂


One final word……….. Tolkien and Rowling’s will be family favourites for years to come and if book one of Tommy’s book, Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric, is anything to go by he will be joining these great authors!

We would like to thank Tommy for letting us review his book and for his interview 🙂 we look forward to the other parts of this series.

You can get Tommy’s book at the following places;

Connect with Tommy on
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~Nicola & Simone~


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Author Spotlight – Alexandra Richland – Reviews


Finally it’s review time!! We have two reviews of this fabulous book which will be trilogy (YES!) The first instalment, Starlight, is available to buy as of Wednesday 1st May.

Review by Laura

WOW! What can I say? I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!!

Set in 1950’s Hollywood, Starlight introduces you to Maria Bates and sexy bad boy Aidan Evans!

Maria is a shy young women who is spotted by Starlight Studio’s and offered a screen test. After changing her name to Elizabeth Sutton (or Beth for short) she is offered her first part as an extra in a film and this is where she first sets eyes on the delightful Aidan Evans.
Aiden is a rebellious troublemaker who has his own demons to fight and also has a habit of pushing everyone away from. Everyone except Beth that is 😉
Beth and Aiden’s friendship blossoms overtime and whilst their careers take off, their relationship hits new levels that could threaten both Beth & Aidens future together forever.

This is a beautifully written book and I love how Alexandra has captured the era of the 1950’s. It didn’t take me long to read as I couldn’t put it down. I was enthralled with the entire story and cannot wait for 2nd book!



Review by Nicola

About time!! A love story which is actually about love 🙂 In typical 1950’s style, where boy’s ask to hold a girls hand or for a kiss on the cheek (how it should be if you ask me) unlike today’s world where some people need to get a room!

The story begins with Marie Bates, working in a pharmacy to help pay for her schooling to become a Teacher. She doesn’t want or dream of being famous until she is offered the chance of a screen test with Starlight studios, with nothing to loose and everything to gain she agrees to it and is soon whisked to the bring lights of the silver screen.

Marie now called Beth Sutton is filming her first scene when in walks Aidan Evens (sigh) the hot new method actor that everyone one loves to hate. Aidan can’t keep his eyes off Beth while filming but is nervous about talking to her (god you have to love this guy) But with it being the 50’s it’s not right for the girl to make the first move so Beth has to wait……………Will Aidan pluck up the courage to talk to Beth? Or will Beth throw caution to the wind and break the “rules” only one way to find out, BUY this book!!

Alexandra, I love you for writing this book and when you find that time machine I’m coming back to the 50’s with you!
I loved the whole book, from the setting to the way in which romances were in those days, it was all very romantic, Asking permission to hold her hand or even for a kiss on the cheek (sigh) I fell in love with Beth right from the beginning, her shy but determined character had me rooting for her. As for Aidan (you know I have that dream look on my face don’t you) what can I say, make him real so I can date him!!

I can’t wait for my next instalment of Beth & Aidan, if book 2 & 3 are anything like this then Alexandra will have a romance trilogy of the year!!



Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY too
a Rafflecopter giveaway

We would like to thank Alexandra Richland for the opportunity of reviewing her book and wish her all the luck in the work with all other releases (we may stalk you now……. But in a good way)

We would also like to thank Literati Literature Lovers for letting us participate in this blog tour and look forward to our next one with you 🙂


The Orchard Girlies

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17076495Dream By Robbi Bryant

Reviewed by Rachel


Veronica Armatti, a hairdresser and infatuation addict, has managed to strike the perfect balance between her daily existence and her overpowering desires. Veronica’s husband, Joe, tolerates her addiction as long as he doesn’t know the details. Veronica decides to get her latest fix with Andrew, an artist she meets at a grocery store. Andrew inducts Veronica into a mysterious and hypnotic dream world, where the powerful Devan entices her into his tribe of shape shifters, and where dreams and reality mingle in a deadly, intricate dance of survival.

“Handcuffs, huh.”
The guy ahead of me in the checkout lane turns and appraises me. The handcuffs, locked around his back belt loop, clink against my grocery cart.
“Hey,” he says, offering a nod.
“You a cop?” I ask. I’m bored.
“Nope. Not a cop.” He smiles.
“Why the handcuffs?” I have no trouble striking up conversations.
“Hmmm…,” he says, unlocking them. “Wanna see a magic trick?”
“Sure.” I add a bit of flirt.
He removes the handcuffs from the loop and in a second, locks the handcuff around my wrist, clicking the other half around his grocery cart handle……..

SEE now you want to read it !

This book turned out to be completely different to how I thought it would be especially after the first chapter! Robbi has a wild and vivid imagination and the book took a turn into a whole new and unusual dream world.

I did like the way each chapter was given to each of characters point of view and was a easy book to follow and the plot did feel like you were in the dream with them.

A easy and quick read, found myself reading this book long into the night – the intrigues, places and characters pull you into a world that is fantastical.

A good book , I wont say it is one of my favorites but a good book.




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Love’s True Second Chance


Love’s True Second Chance by Jeff Dawson
Reviewed by Nicola

Before we start I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to Jeff for letting me review his book. I am honoured to have taken this journey with you and cried, well sobbed in fact, along the way. So please have tissues ready!!

I will admit I was very close to telling Jeff that I couldn’t review his book, not because it was badly written but because the subject is very close to my heart (my god I’m even crying writing this review!)

This book is about Jeff and his one true love, Debbie. The sweetest love story made even more sepcial because it is real. How they met, loved and lost each other only to find each other again 30 year later. It’s an emotional roll-a-coaster that will have you crying, laughing and cursing Jeff at some of his stupid moments (sorry Jeff)

I’m so glad a “manned up” and read Jeff’s book. This story will stay with me forever……I don’t want to give too much away other than you ALL need to read this book.

An emotional but very well deserved 5 golden apples for the quote “stubborn son-of-a-bitch” loved that bit!!


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Bankers Draft


Banker’s Draft by Clive Mullis
Reviewed by Nicola

Move over Sherlock Holmes there’s a new detective in town and he goes by the name Jocelyn Cornwallis ! He even has a side kick, Frankie……. Then there’s Rose, the want-to-be detective/love interest and let’s not forget Fluffy the talking cat……. Yes talking cat! Though we are In the City of Gornstock, on the planet Twearth, where something’s aren’t what they seem.
There’s been a murder at an accountant’s office, and Cornwallis has to find the perpetrator but at the same time the secret police have got an eye on proceedings so maybe things aren’t quite as they seem. Then there’s the Universal Collider, a device for seeing things that happen in other universes, and a cat with attitude named Fluffy; put into that mix Sergeant MacGillicudy, a policeman who tags along and whose nemesis is Sergeant Grinde, a government that evolved through Morris Dancers, and Gerald who ‘ain’t really there’, then what you get when you stir it all up is the Banker’s Draft.

I must admit I rather liked this book…… I’m not one for detective kind of books but this had a different feel to it which kept me entertained and intrigued. I loved Fluffys part, that cat is entertaining! The plot was very thought out and it had me guessing “who dun it” the whole time, even did a “NOOO!” When I found out who it was. I will be keeping my eye out for other books by Clive.


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Creepy Christmas


Creepy Christmas by Jaimie Admans
Reviewed by Nicola

The title says it all, it’s creepy and it’s Christmas. The story is about Kaity who loves all things Christmassy, But is dreading this years festivities as her recently divorced parents are at each others throat not to mention Mum has a new boyfriend!
Then the local shopping centre decides to hire not one but two Santa’s! One is all Ho-Ho-Ho and the other is all No-No-No! Could this festive season get any worse? I had to ask, didn’t I?!
Weird things are happening and Mums new boyfriend has to go…..But that can a 10 year old girl do? Read Creepy Christmas and find out.

A good read for the teenagers, it’s fun, light hearted and not just a book for Christmas.
There were a couple of words I wouldn’t expect a 10 year old to use (but it is just a book) and that a motorway was changed to a freeway then back to a motorway.

Creepy Christmas is FREE at the moment on Amazon


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Author Spotlight – Alexandra Richland – Interview


Week 2 of Alexandra’s book tour brings us an Author and Character interview’s.

So lets begin with Ms Richland’s

1. What’s a typical day like for Alexandra Richland?

I do shift work as a nurse, both twelve-hour days and nights, which means my schedule is all over the place and no day is similar to another. I absolutely love it. During my free time, I enjoy running, writing, reading, and expanding my vintage Hollywood memorabilia collection.

2. Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

My boyfriend. I always enjoyed writing, but my interest in science during high school led me on a different path, and I stopped altogether (I am not counting research papers). After high school, I completed a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Chemistry. It was a lot of time spent isolated in a lab setting. I really missed the human interaction component, so I completed a second university degree, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

When my boyfriend and I started dating almost five years ago, he would send me photographs and encourage me to write short stories, using the images as inspiration. It was an activity he enjoyed, and after I shared my interest in writing again, he thought it would be a great reintroduction for me. I wrote three short stories using different photos. Reading them now is embarrassing; they were poorly written, but the creativity was definitely there, and the exercises did reignite my passion for story telling. Around this time, I was hit with an idea to write a romance set against the backdrop of 1950s Hollywood, now known as The Starlight Trilogy.

Since I started The Starlight Trilogy, I’ve been writing continuously and have expanded my resume to include a modern day romance/mystery, Frontline, which will be released later this year, and an angst-ridden rock star/romance short story, Gilded Cage, which is available on Amazon now.

3. Are there any authors or books that influenced you in any way, either growing up or as an adult?

There are many books I’ve enjoyed and many authors I admire, and obviously, on a sub-conscious level, they have probably influenced me in some way, but I’d have to say that not one author or book stands out in particular. Fellow authors have told me they must read a lot in order to get inspired to write their own stories. While I enjoy reading, I tend to draw upon my own feelings and ideas, and what I wish to accomplish in a story, rather than refer to other works for inspiration.

4. What do you do to prepare yourself before writing? Do you listen to music? Do you look at visual aids?

When I first started writing The Starlight Trilogy, I wrote in silence. In the last two years or so, I have been writing while listening to music. Music creates emotion, which is very helpful for me, since my stories cover a broad spectrum of feelings. It helps me get into certain moods, depending on what is required for each chapter. Now I can’t write without it. I also like to have a mug of coffee next to me and often drink one or two of them in one sitting. Along with music, coffee helps to kick start my creativity and launch me into the writing process.

5. What motivated you to write Starlight?

I’m a huge classic film fan, and I especially admire Method actors like Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and James Dean, and director Elia Kazan, who co-founded the Actors Studio in New York. The Starlight Trilogy was a great way to explore my love of film and writing. I was also fascinated with the psychological effects of fame and the art of acting, which I was able to incorporate into the story as well.

6. Give us the 140 character TWEET description of Starlight.

Rebel Method actor, Aidan Evans, meets Starlight Studios’ newest ingénue, Elizabeth Sutton. A story of love & redemption set against the backdrop of 1950s Hollywood.

That’s 141 characters (Can I use Twit Longer? 🙂

7. What part of the writing process is the hardest for you, whether it’s first draft, rewriting, or editing?

The hardest part of the writing process for me is opening a blank Word document and writing the first paragraph of a chapter. Whether I have a specific story/chapter outline or not, it is always challenging. I must also have a mental picture of the “scene” I’m about to write. The Starlight Trilogy played out like a classic film in my mind, complete with dramatic dialogue and a musical score in the background. This helped me visualize each chapter and execute it in words. Thankfully, once I start writing, chapters tend to come quite easily. A lot of editing and rewriting always follows the first draft, but as long as the chapter is there in rough, I can fix it up and create a final draft I’m proud of.

The most enjoyable part of the writing process for me is editing the first draft of a story. I edit my friends’ school papers, other people’s stories, and my own stories (though I rely on a professional editor, Toni Rakestraw of Rakestraw Book Design, for the official editing and approval of the final draft, since I believe a writer should never be the only editor of his/her own work).

Editing also helps me improve my own writing. I’m a perfectionist and a stickler for details, so everything about it is rewarding for me. This also means I will never be satisfied with the final draft of my stories. There comes a time when, after the final third-party edit, I just have to let go and realize there will always be small changes I want to make to the manuscript. The most important thing is whether the story is grammatically correct, void of spelling errors, flows well, and told the way I want it to be told, with no plot holes.

8. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I love writing angst and darker emotions because they are far removed from my own personality and entertaining from a creative standpoint. This is why Aidan was such a great character to write. He’s complex, conflicted. Never boring, always experiencing extremes of emotion. In contrast Beth is straightforward, uncomplicated, and optimistic. The juxtaposition in their characters, as well as the complication fame and the structured studio system introduce, are what make their romance so intriguing, I think.

The tender moments between Beth and Aidan were also enjoyable to write. Aidan is typically tough, moody, and standoffish; Beth is his weakness. It was great to explore the more sensitive side of his character, especially as he grapples with superstardom and the lingering effects of his tragic past.

9. Name one thing Beth would not leave home without. How about Aidan?

The answer will be different for each book in The Starlight Trilogy, so I’m responding according to Starlight (book #1) only.

Beth: Beth would most likely carry a picture of her parents. Inasmuch as she left home to start a new life for herself, her family is still very important to her and thoughts of them bring her comfort while she’s on her own for the first time in her life.

Aidan: A package of Winstons (cigarettes), matchbook and/or lighter, and whatever film script he’s working on at the moment (which you can bet will be heavily marked with personal notes on his character and revisions to his lines).

10. What project are you working on now?

I’m actually juggling several projects at the moment. I’m approving the final edits on Starbright, the second book in The Starlight Trilogy, as well as my modern day mystery/romance, Frontline. My plan is to release Frontline after Starlight, and then release Starbright. The final book in The Starlight Trilogy, Stardust, is also already written, so that is the third task on my agenda. Then I will start writing the sequel to Frontline, which I already have outlined.

It took me four years to write The Starlight Trilogy and two years to write Frontline, so I’m really excited to finally make them available to the public. Now that I feel I have a better grip on writing novels, I’m excited to see if I can speed up the process while still working at a creative pace and not sacrificing any of the standards I’ve set for myself. It’s going to be a very interesting challenge!


Elizabeth Sutton Character Interview

1. Have you always dreamed of becoming an actress?

Actually, my original career choice was teaching, preferably English. Nathan Taggart’s screen test offer was quite unexpected, though it ended up being a blessing. I find acting challenging but very rewarding and look forward to receiving my next film assignment from my boss and the head of Starlight Studios, Mr. Luther Mertz.

2. Which actors/actresses are you a fan of?

I greatly admire my dear friend, actress Constance Murphy. Connie is not only very talented, but also one of the nicest women in the business. We hit it off right away upon our first meeting on the set of Checkmate. She was the lead actress in the film and I was only an extra. However, she made me feel welcome and did not look down on me like others on the set did. She helped me find value in my role, no matter how small it was, and I will never forget her kindness. She has been one of the most instrumental people in helping me integrate into the film industry.
Aidan Evans is by far the most talented actor I have ever had the pleasure of watching onscreen. His performance in Spike Rollins is phenomenal. I’m not surprised the critics are singing his praises and all of the top industry professionals want to work with him.
Truthfully, there are too many actors and actresses to list. I still cannot believe I have the pleasure of calling the incredible men and women employed by Starlight Studios my peers. I am truly grateful to Nathan Taggart for believing in me and offering me a screen test, and to Mr. Mertz for signing me to his studio.

3. What do you like do when you are not working at Starlight Studios?

I enjoy reading, listening to radio programs, and attending social gatherings with my roommate, Olivia Weston, her beau Nathan Taggart, and our friends Constance Murphy and her beau, crooner Matthew McKenna. Sightseeing is something I enjoy in my downtime as well, since prior to my move to Los Angeles, I had never ventured out of Oregon State.
I’m lucky because work provides me with the opportunity to visit many places I never dreamed I would get to see. Unfortunately, I was unable to see much of the cities I stopped in during my Sparkling Meadow promotion tour because my schedule was so busy. However, I did have an opportunity to tour New York City, which more than made up for my lack of freedom in the other cities.

4. Where and how do you practice your scripts?

When I first receive a script, I go over it by myself in my bedroom, or some other quiet place where I will be undisturbed, in order to get a feel for my character and to identify what drives her to act the way she does in the film. Then I will go through the script with Olivia, usually in our living room. Bouncing my lines off another person allows me to better grasp the flow of dialogue and determine the best emotional approach to the scene. Finally, I will rehearse with my co-stars on set.

5. You starred in Sparkling Meadow, a film about two people from very different backgrounds falling in love. Do you believe that’s possible in real life?

When I received this film assignment, I was immediately drawn to my character, Claire Wilson, and the notion that a rich, cultured young man could fall in love with a poor farmhand’s daughter. To me, it was like a fairy tale; a story that exists only in books or films. However, I soon found out that such a relationship is not so farfetched in real life. If you strip away outside influences, titles, money, and avoid judging people solely on physical appearances—choosing to focus on the very core of the individuals instead—you may find that they are not polar opposites after all. So yes, I absolutely believe that people from different backgrounds can fall in love and make their relationship last. The important thing is not to listen to others’ opinions and just follow your heart.

6. If Mr. Mertz was not in charge of your film assignments and who you work with, what would you look for in an ideal leading man?

Since I am only a novice actress, my ideal leading man would be approachable, punctual, and patient. He would be dedicated to his work and willing to discuss the script in detail as well as rehearse his lines with me until we are both comfortable with each scene Furthermore, he would challenge me in my role, offering suggestions for improvement or alternative ways for me to approach a scene to deliver the best possible performance to our audience.

7. If you could visit anywhere in the world at this very moment, where would you go?

I dearly miss my parents back in my hometown, Clarkson, Oregon, so if I could go anywhere in the world, it would be there. Unfortunately, my present schedule at the studio does not permit me enough time off to visit them. I saw them briefly during my Sparkling Meadow tour stop in Portland, but one evening just wasn’t enough. Hopefully, I will have a chance to see them again soon for a lengthier period.

8. Name of one your greatest strengths and one of your greatest weaknesses?

Perseverance is a strength of mine. Although acting is new to me and quite challenging at times, I am dedicated to perfecting my craft and refuse to let the little blips I’ve experienced along my journey deter me from working hard and giving each film assignment my all.
A weakness of mine would be my inability to comfortably accept compliments on my acting. While I admit I have come along way since I signed my contract, because I am employed by the same motion picture studio as all of my greatest acting influences and people I highly respect, I am always conscious of the fact that I have a long way to go before I am even remotely in the same category as them in the talent department. Thus, I tend to sell myself short. I use this awareness to help me strive for greatness. I want to make Mr. Mertz proud of his decision to invest time and money in me and sign me to his studio.

9. What is the thing you are most proud of?

I grew up in a small town, Clarkson, Oregon, where the common aspiration among women was to marry a local man out of high school, bear children, and happily settle into the role of wife and mother. While I admire those women and their dedication to their families immensely, I had other ambitions: I wanted to experience living in a large city, get a full-time job to save money for school, attend teacher’s college, and support myself through hard work instead of handouts from my parents or a husband. Santa Monica College had a prestigious teaching program, which is why I chose to relocate to L.A. specifically. Although fate had other plans for me and I ended up signing a film contract instead of enrolling in college, moving to California on my own when it was uncommon for a single woman to do so is by far one of my greatest accomplishments.

10. Do you have anything you wish to add, Miss Sutton?

Thank you for approaching me with the opportunity to participate in this interview. It was a very pleasant experience. Please wish your readers all the best, and convey my sincerest gratitude for their continued support of my films.

*Aidan Evans who plays the fantastic Spike Rollings was also asked for an interview but in true Evans style turned us down, Which was probably best as I don’t think our brains could have functioned properly!*

Starlight even has a book trailer! Check it out!

Now for 2 a special excerpts from the book…….. Oh we are good to you 🙂

Excerpt #1:
Constance talked to two other girls while she waited for her call. One was petite with short black hair, wearing a bright orange wool sweater and tight black pants. Aidan figured she was Connie’s assistant because she wasn’t dressed like any of the other actresses on set.
The other girl was petite, too, but not as short as Orange Sweater Girl. She was dressed in a sparkly black dress and stood with her back to him. Despite the fact that Constance and Orange Sweater Girl were the most animated in their trio, Aidan felt drawn to the other broad more. He admired her nape and the curve of her hips . . .
And then she turned around.
Aidan swallowed hard, unable to hide his fascination. Her brunette hair was curled and pinned up on her head and her flushed cheeks lent her face an angelic glow. She wasn’t pretty in a Constance Murphy kind of way, but a true knockout; the girl-next-door type, despite her fancy outfit.
When her dark eyes locked on his, he had to stop from gaping. He forced himself to look away to avoid humiliation, and with the action, his heart squeezed. He searched for an alternative reason to stick around without looking out of place, deciding to wait until she wasn’t looking his way before he glanced at her again. His eyes landed on the cameraman standing next to him.
He hated small talk but offered his hand anyway. “Hey.”
The cameraman’s eyes brightened. “Hey, it’s Aidan, right?”
“Yeah,” he mumbled, not the least bit surprised the man knew his name. There was plenty of gossip traveling around the studio about him since he’d been chosen for the role of Spike.
“I’m Christopher. Nice to meet you.” He shook Aidan’s hand. “So what are you doing here?”
Aidan shrugged. “I just came to check out the set.”
“Well, you won’t see much here. It’s a typical, fluffy Mertz romance picture called Checkmate. Nothing like the brilliant film you’re doing.”
Aidan’s mind focused elsewhere as the cameraman droned on about Spike Rollins. Unable to stop himself, he took a risk and glanced over at the Brunette a couple of times. He was unnerved to discover that she was still looking at him. As the cameraman started talking about some new lenses the studio recently acquired for all of their cameras, Aidan listened halfheartedly, nervous as to why he’d held the Brunette’s interest for this long. Then Orange Sweater Girl pointed at him. He froze.
The Brunette’s blush reappeared as she swatted her friend’s hand down. Orange Sweater Girl giggled and Aidan’s joy plummeted. Had he become the butt of some cruel joke?
As the three young women conversed, he wondered what role the Brunette played in the motion picture. Her makeup wasn’t over the top; she didn’t look like a typical Mertz Studios manufactured star, and being the avid movie fan he was, he didn’t recognize her from any of the films he’d ever seen.
“Places, everyone,” the director called.

Excerpt #2:
Aidan cleared his throat. “Beth?”
“Yes, Aidan?”
“May I place a kiss on your cheek?”
“A kiss?” Heat fanned across her face. “Why, yes. I . . . I’d like that very much.”
“I’m sorry I’m asking you in my car––”
“I don’t mind, honest.” She felt her blush deepen.
Aidan draped his right arm over her seat and moved closer . . . closer. Then, finally, his
lips were near hers.
​“I had a wonderful time with you today,” he murmured.
​“Me too.” Beth closed her eyes.
​Aidan pressed his lips to her cheek, his hand stroking the other side of her face. He kissed
her cheek again, followed by her jaw, stirring something warm and pleasurable deep inside her
that she’d never felt.
​Beth took in a sharp breath as he moved lower . . . lower. When his lips met her neck,
desire rippled from her head to her toes and she let out a gasp.

*fanning self* you can read the rest of Beth and Aidan’s story when the book is released on the 1st May!!

There is also a giveaway (which I forgot to post on week 1….. My bad!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We would like to take a moment to thank Alexandra Richland for letting us review her book and for bringing both Beth and Aidan into our lives.Also Literati Literature Lovers for organising this blog tour and for letting us to partake, for that we are grateful 🙂


~Nicola & Laura~

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Knight & Play

Knight & Play

Knight & Play by Kitty French
Reviewed by Crystal

In the true sense of a smutty book, this one was certainly a good one!  I never saw the plot coming and was glad that it was different than what has become the normal (submissive girl, dominant billionaire, unplanned pregnancy, breakup, make-up, etc.).  When Sophie applied for the job at Knight Inc., I certainly never saw it coming that it was an adult-entertainment industry job.  From the beginning of the book I was on my toes.  Then enters Lucien.  Oh, Lucien!  He’s cocky and over-confident and it works for him.  By the end of the book I was very disappointed….but ONLY because the second book in the series isn’t out yet.  I was more than ready to continue the journey with Sophie and Lucien to see what happens next.  This is definitely one worth the read!



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Steel and Lace

Steel and Lace

Steel and Lace by Adriane Leigh
Reviewed by Crystal

I read this book from a recommendation by a fellow OrchardBookClub member.  I looked at it and it seemed right up my alley, and it was.  The story follows Evangeline and Carter in a whirlwind romance where they are both completely swept off their feet.  The road is unfamiliar to both at times, but in the end, they get there.  While I really enjoyed the book, I did find it a bit predictable in places.  Like I could see what was coming before I actually got there.  That aside, it’s still definitely worth the read if you enjoy the Fifty Shades/Bared to You types of books.


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Frost by Taryn Kincaid
Reviewed by Crystal

Another fun read from the 1Night Stand series.  This is a quick, enjoyable read about Dagney Night, a succubus, and her steamy encounter  with her 1Night Stand set-up, Maxwell Raines.  These short books get right to the point and waste no time getting to the good stuff (which after all is what we all like anyway).  This is my third review of Ms. Kincaid’s books, and I’m definitely a fan.


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