The Blake Soul By I.C.Camilleri ~ Review~

16090144The Blake Soul By I.C.Camilleri

Reviewed by Rachel

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Josh Blake wakes up to the sound of the chilling scream echoing inside his head. His childhood nightmares are haunting him again. But why return now after all those years of oblivion? He sets out to investigate and he changes the natural course of events, rewriting destiny and creating a whole new world for himself and for those around him. His turbulent childhood mingles with the present, unveiling the deep insecurities that lurk behind his polished exterior of fame, glory and wealth.
The Blake Soul is a gripping, emotional love story which violently collides with family feuds, guilt, betrayal and revenge.


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I really really really enjoyed this book!

Totally  not was I was expecting, but I was instantly hooked, it was fast paced lots of twist and turns, and many heart stoping moments.  I could never predict  any of the plot and it was the kind of book to keep you awake most the night with ‘just one more page!” I was so caught up in the book. I could also see it as a movie!

I felt the characters were perfect, strong and easy to connect with two big males Josh and Feddie falling for Maira but at times I wanted to give Maria a shake!

Don’t want to give to much away as it’s a very well written, clever book and will keep you guessing…..

The Blake soul has it all, it made me laugh,get so mad l had to stop reading and made my heart pound on many occasions even held my breath a few times, a really gripping read and will defiantly be reading The Blake Curse.


4 APPLES4 Apples but maybe a bite out apple 5 ! 🙂

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I C Camilleri is a medical doctor living in the UK. Over the past two years she has published three fictional novels. The first, The Blake Curse was published in March 2012. A year later it was nominated for The People’s Book Prize UK, a national competition voted for by the public and whose patron is Frederick Forsyth. After a three month vote The Blake Curse became one of the three finalists in the Summer 2013 Collection. The finalists will compete again in May 2014 to determine the overall winner of The People’s Book Prize 2013/2014.
The next two books, The Blake Soul and The Blake Mistake were published in 2013. Each book in the Blake series could be read as a stand-alone.

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  1. Love the title and your review. Now, I’ll have to check out the actual book! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Paul

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