Knight & Play

Knight & Play

Knight & Play by Kitty French
Reviewed by Crystal

In the true sense of a smutty book, this one was certainly a good one!  I never saw the plot coming and was glad that it was different than what has become the normal (submissive girl, dominant billionaire, unplanned pregnancy, breakup, make-up, etc.).  When Sophie applied for the job at Knight Inc., I certainly never saw it coming that it was an adult-entertainment industry job.  From the beginning of the book I was on my toes.  Then enters Lucien.  Oh, Lucien!  He’s cocky and over-confident and it works for him.  By the end of the book I was very disappointed….but ONLY because the second book in the series isn’t out yet.  I was more than ready to continue the journey with Sophie and Lucien to see what happens next.  This is definitely one worth the read!


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