Bankers Draft


Banker’s Draft by Clive Mullis
Reviewed by Nicola

Move over Sherlock Holmes there’s a new detective in town and he goes by the name Jocelyn Cornwallis ! He even has a side kick, Frankie……. Then there’s Rose, the want-to-be detective/love interest and let’s not forget Fluffy the talking cat……. Yes talking cat! Though we are In the City of Gornstock, on the planet Twearth, where something’s aren’t what they seem.
There’s been a murder at an accountant’s office, and Cornwallis has to find the perpetrator but at the same time the secret police have got an eye on proceedings so maybe things aren’t quite as they seem. Then there’s the Universal Collider, a device for seeing things that happen in other universes, and a cat with attitude named Fluffy; put into that mix Sergeant MacGillicudy, a policeman who tags along and whose nemesis is Sergeant Grinde, a government that evolved through Morris Dancers, and Gerald who ‘ain’t really there’, then what you get when you stir it all up is the Banker’s Draft.

I must admit I rather liked this book…… I’m not one for detective kind of books but this had a different feel to it which kept me entertained and intrigued. I loved Fluffys part, that cat is entertaining! The plot was very thought out and it had me guessing “who dun it” the whole time, even did a “NOOO!” When I found out who it was. I will be keeping my eye out for other books by Clive.


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