“Attic of the Mind” by Hemmie Martin

Review by Simone

attic of the mind

“Attic of the Mind” is the gripping tale set 25 years after Lilith Fields was a patient of a psychiatric ward, and suffered abuse at the hands of Walker, the supposed trusted ward nurse. Lily has waited, and suffered, for a lifetime for her moment to extract revenge on Walker, and Dr Nathan Rine, the trainee doctor who chose to stand by, thinking of his own future career and allowed her abuse to continue, unreported. However, will Lily be able to see her plans through in order to claim her long awaited happy ending, or will her demons prove too strong for her to overcome?

I found this story gripping and very difficult to put down.  Each chapter ended in such a way that it was impossible not to continue. The characters are very well developed, and they are all very “real”, each with their own flaws, issues and secrets, making the story even more believable.

I thought the plot was well developed.  The subject of abuse would always be a difficult topic to read about, and initially I thought I may find sections of this story hard because of this.  However, the author handled the subject very sensitively, and no difficult details were elaborated upon more than they needed to be. This doesn’t mean that the story is any less hard hitting, or the plot hindered in any way – it isn’t.  The author gives just enough information, in such a way that your imagination is able to piece together what has happened without actually reading lots of harrowing details.

I also thought it was a plus how even though Walker is the obvious hated character of the story, he has a section of his own childhood and private life opened up by the author, allowing you to see reasons as to why he became such a dark and destructive man, and inflicted so much pain on his victims.

I would recommend this story – how can you not love a book full of suspense, cliff-hangers, and with a huge twist at the end!!?  🙂





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  1. Definitely one for my to-read list!

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