Return to Finndragon’s Den #2


Good Morning to all our followers.

We have another treat in store for you today. Today we are reviewing “Return to Finndragon’s Den” the sequel to the brilliant “The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse” by Richie Earl. And we don’t just have one review, but three. A few of us Orchard girlies had the pleasure of beta reading this book and we would like to thank Richie for giving us the opportunity to be part of something brilliant! 🙂


Review Time 🙂

Review done by Laura

The much awaited sequel to The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

We catch up with Emma, Scott & Megan in their quest to try and find their father again after he was trapped in the medieval world at the end of the 1st book. With the help of a few old characters like Gwayne, Geraint & Evan and some new friends the children have made in the time they have spent in the medieval world, their all come together to try and defeat the evil Finndragon once and for all.

Will the curse be broken in time to save the children and the kingdom or will Finndragon’s curse live on forever?

This is definitely a must read for all you Harry Potter fans. The story had me gripped from the start and I couldn’t wait to find out how the story would unfold. There was plenty of “ooohhss” & “arrrrs” & “OMG’s” from me. The imagination that has gone into this book is spectacular and Richie Earl should be very proud of himself for these books.


Review done by Nicola

As a club we were asked to beta read this book, we had never done this before but I must say I really enjoyed it. I was a bit worried about offending the author with my views but he took everything in his stride and I’m really looking forward to reading the final version and seeing what, if any, changes he made 🙂

After reading book 1 I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next instalment and wondered if it would carry on from where the first left off, the author didn’t disappoint me on this.
The Davies children are “whisked” back to the past in the second vain attempt to save their father and their new friends from the evil clutches of Finndragon. Will good triumph over evil or will the land lay in darkness of eternity?

I preferred the second book out of the two as I found it had more action and kept my attention, not that the first one didn’t. The author didn’t lack on the detail when describing a location (the discription of the meadow was fantastic!) or a person which I like, it’s all in the detail people!
The whole story was easy to follow and I couldn’t seem to put it down, I was a little bit gutted to see it end…… But like all good things, they must come to an end. If you like the fantasy aspect of a book then this is a book I would highly recommend to you.

Richie Earl seems to have the flair with the fantasy side of a story and I hope to see and read more of his stuff even if he decides to venture away from his genre. A very well earned 5 golden apples from me 🙂


Review done by Simone

I was involved in beta reading this book and absolutely loved it. 🙂

This story is a continuation of the first. The siblings find themselves, once again, being transported into the magical medieval world. However, lots has changed since their last visit, and the children find that they must familiarise themselves with the unexpected, all the while fighting to save their father in a bid to finally bring him home.

Will the children succeed this time around? Is time on their side? Will the final battle prove too much for the young trio or will they never find a way to return home as a family?

A captivating read!

I really enjoyed this story. It follows on perfectly from the first, bringing back old characters, but also introducing the new.

The magic and mystery is ever present, whilst the plot is action packed, full of unexpected twists.

And you are definatly left wondering, thinking and asking questions!!

I would recommend this story- a must if you have read the first!!


Join us again next Wednesday for our final post on this blog tour. We will have all the links for both books and an interview, with who you might ask, well you are just going to have check back with us next week to find out more 😉

~Laura, Nicola & Simone~


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