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Good morning all.

Today see’s the last blog tour post for Richie Earl’s books, “The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse” & “Return to Finndragon’s Den”. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richie for allowing us to beta read the books and letting us be part of the blog tour for the past few weeks.

As promised, we have a special interview today. If you’ve already read the books you will know this charactor very well. 😉


Today on Orchard Book Club, we have a most unusual visitor. So please put your paws, er hands together for Bones, the faithful pet dog of Emma, Megan and Scott, who’s arrived fresh from his exploits in the cursed Kingdom of Morgannwg.

Question: Hello Bones, if you had a choice, would you prefer to live in the 6th or 21st century?
That’s an easy one. The 6th century is a great place for a dog, apart from the demon attacks that is. Emma, Megan and Scott never stop complaining about the food there. Well now they know how I feel. All I get in the 21st century is a bowl of rather bland, tasteless pellets of dried food twice a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter how much water I drink after eating it, my tongue is always as dry as a corgi’s coat. Ha ha ha haaaaaa. What? You don’t think that’s funny. I guess the joke’s lost in translation.

Since the first day we arrived in Castell y Mynydd, my diet has become far more varied. I’ve got to know one of the cooks at the palace, and he usually saves me a tasty morsel or two. Then there was the Feast of August celebration. Bow WOW WOW! I got more exercise that day, trying to intercept the food flying all around, than I get in a week back home. By the end, I was fuller than a Russian Doll. Ha Ha Haaaaaa.

Question: Finding your way to Castell a Mynydd nearly cost you your life. Tell us; what’s a near death experience like from a dog’s point of view?
It was absolutely terrifying. All my dinners flashed before my eyes and I thought I’d never eat anything again.

Question: No long tunnel of light?
No, just flashing dinners.

Question: Once you reached the Kingdom of Morgannwg, was there anything that scared you more than the demons?
I did worry quite a bit about whether we had enough food.

Question: What was the most terrifying moment for you, un-food-related that is?
There was one awful moment when I thought I might lose my little winky.

Question: er, uh, um, er …..moving on. You made lots of new friends during your adventures. Is there someone special amongst them?
King Dafydd’s cook was pretty special.

Question: Anyone else?
Well I did get on quite well with Gwayne, apart from the winky episode.

Question: Enough of the talk about your private parts. Now is there anyone else that you really liked?
Well I liked almost everyone, but I did have a little soft spot for Quack. She was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and funny too!

Question: Now that you’re famous, what’s next for Bones the Dog?
I’m not supposed to tell you this, because it’s top secret. I’ve been approached by BBC Wales, to replace Matt Smith when he hangs up his sonic screwdriver as Doctor Who for the last time.

If you haven’t already bought these two books (and i sincerely hope you have ;-)), you can buy them at the following links



To find out more about Richie, check out and like his Faacebook page


Thank you again to Richie for giving us all two fantastic books to read and spreading a little bit of magic 😉

~Laura, Nicola & Simone~


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