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Cameron is a gentleman writer of romantic erotica featuring a variety of scenarios and fetishes, catering to both male and female tastes. His novellas and shorts are available as ebooks on Amazon, Smashwords & Lulu, and will soon be available in print. He also writes exclusive content for numerous websites including hosiery tease tales for and intense hardcore erotica for  If you like well-written, thought provoking filth any one of  his stories is for you.

All of  Cameron’s  work is available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US and on Smashwords.

You can follow him on Twitter @Cameron_Lincoln and his official Facebook page also at – and like all authors  he loves getting feedback and chatting

so stop by to say hello, I do …….a lot!  He always makes time for his followers 🙂

Cameron is currently working on his first full length novel, set in the paranormal romance genre and I’m told that he is currently working on chapter two so I’m patiently waiting!


Maria Unchained by Cameron Lincoln 

Reviewed by Rachel


In all the stresses of daily life and single-motherhood, Maria has forgotten who she is. The face in the mirror is not hers, it belongs to someone who forgot how to live, forgot how to be wild. A younger girl inside her, with all her fantasies and secrets, is desperate to get out.
The a friend recommends Cherry Blossom Global, a women’s only club that caters for any fantasy, any sexual desire, and delivers a discreet and thrilling experience tailor made for every customer.
It’s time for Maria to remember who she was in her youth, a wild girl with a desire to be enslaved…


She closed her eyes and breathed as deep as the constrictive corset would allow, her last breath before diving beneath the surface, and she said the words aloud that she had told them she would, the trigger to her fantasy.

“Come and get me.”

The room fell to darkness.  The frame of light bulbs left a ghostly afterimage then faded into oblivion.  Pitch black, the only sound that of her shallow, expectant breathing.  She stayed that way for several interminable moments.

Maria was listening for footsteps but none came.  She thought she heard someone else in the room breathing, but when she listened closer there was no such sound.

And then there were strong hands upon her, reaching from behind, one going to her throat and clasping it tightly, the other to her wrist, twisting it into place in the small of her back.  A hard body pushed itself against her back and a booted foot kicked her feet apart.  She let out a mewling whimper, uncontrollable.

A cheek pushed against hers, clean shaven, and she smelled aftershave in the blackness.  A mouth, so close to her ear she felt his hot breath, said in an earth trembling baritone: “What do we have here?”

“A slave,” she breathed, barely more than a whisper.  “Your slave.”

The firm hands relaxed a moment then returned to her throat.  She felt a band of cold leather against the skin there, wrapping around and tightening, making each breath she took catch a little on its way to her lungs.  The collar closed.  She felt the slender chain that was attached go taut and she followed the mystery man where he led, through the pitch black, careful with every step.  He led her through the room and she felt the atmosphere change as they passed through an unseen doorway; they were in a wider space now, her footsteps now echoing on cold stone.

She went fifteen feet or so, then her guide said: “Kneel.”

“I can’t see,” she explained quietly.

Those hands were on her bare shoulders now, forcing her down with tremendous pressure.  Her knees buckled and hit the concrete, protectively padded in her boots but she thrilled at the feeling of discomfort that shot through her.  The chain went taut again as she heard him moving around.

A match sparked in the darkness and went to a candle mounted on an iron stand, then another a few inches away, then another.  He went to several more of these, lighting them slowly, deliberately, each new flame revealing more of the surroundings.  Her eyes adjusted to the candle light swiftly and she saw she was kneeling in the centre of a half dozen of these candelabras, the centre of attention.


For me Maria Unchained has been my favourite of Cameron’s books  (I’ve read them all) maybe because is was the first one of his books I read or because I loved  all of Maria’s emotions and  desires and of cause Cherry Blossom Global!

Cameron writes beautifully and creates a very raw and intense story which kept my attention from start to finish.

A Thoroughly enjoyable and highly-charged erotic story that draws you in and you will definitely be investing more reading time with Mr. Lincoln once you have read this.


Showcase of Cameron’s books



A smouldering novella exploring fetish, addiction and vice.

Aaron Blackwell is a photographer with an eye for a marketable trend, and he’s determined to crack the lucrative landscape of online fetish photography. But his passion lies in more than just the monetary, and his own personal fantasies soon take the spotlight when Angel Drake wanders into his studio.

Angel has her own history with an addictive, intoxicating fetish, and she’ll reveal to Aaron the nature of her desire and tell the tale of how she went from being a naive girl to the confident woman before his lens. With cravings ignited, the pair realise they share a bond to vice that can’t broken, and embark on a night that will never be forgotten…



Louise and Joseph’s short relationship has been a whirlwind of flirting passion, three weeks of sneaking around and clandestine sex. Louise is under no illusions that she is the other woman in Joseph’s life, a mistress, giving him what he is not getting at home.

But when Joseph suggests an evening at his own house while his wife is away, things were always destined to go awry, and the balance of power is about to shift. Louise will find out that Joseph’s wife isn’t the shrinking violet that they always assumed her to be..



Davina is a lady of poise and distinction, her femininity her greatest weapon — aside from the one she keeps between her thighs. A favourite on the tgirl scene, Davina has seen it all, until the day Angel walks in to her life. A fledgeling gurl with a stunning beauty which only needs little help to be cultivated to perfection, Angel wants to be taken under Davina’s wing so achieve all she can be.

From the steamy booths of Davina’s favourite nightclub to a latex clad romp in her inner sanctum, Divine Angels is a story of nurtured potential and passionate genderbending love.

This story features hardcore transgender sex scenarios for only the most adventurous of readers. Try it, you might just like it



Mike is being made to work late by Miss Harper, the kind of woman who makes grown men shake in their boots.

Mike has some naughty fetishes – women in gloves, nylons, PVC and rubber clothing, smoking cigarettes – and he hopes thoughts of these will keep him warm on his long shift under Miss Harper…

But he’s about to be called into her office, and those fetishes may not remain thoughts for long!

This book contains a strong female and man begging to be made her slave, and features an array of sensual fetishes



For Kathryn and Shelley a friendly rivalry had always been present. Their friendship had weathered petty jealousies, puberty and conflicts over the opposite the sex, but the endless one-upmanship had never gone away. It was a game to them, a constant game of friendly, soon to be sexual dominance.

Now they’re going to push the game further than every ever before, exploring themselves, each other, and any guys lucky enough to get in their way…



Hannah is stuck between a rock and a hard place; half the world thinks she’s too innocent ever to do anything wild, and the other half always seemed scared whenever she tries. With a string of unsatisfying encounters behind her she opts for a dramatic act to truly show the world who she is.

Fate puts her in touch with the Madisons, a wealthy couple who invite her into their home for a banquet that neither the Madisons, the guests or Hannah will ever forget.

Three Course Fuck Fest offers the perfect menu of sensual and hardcore sexual abandon. Indulge your appetite…



Meet Miss Veronica. Professional online camgirl, dominatrix and sexual firecracker. She’ll give you the night of your life and make every dirty dream come true, as long as you can pay the price.

In her off hours, Veronica is an unassuming girl next door with her own secret wishes and needs. When a girlfriend at the end of a boring relationship requests Veronica’s expert help in closing out the coupling, Veronica’s two lives meet in spectacular and steamy style.

Featuring male and female domination and submission in the digital world and the everyday, Submissive Desire will unlock your deepest desires and leave you begging for more.

17255971  17617224  17853278

WAVES OF PASSION is the first part of HOLIDAY HEAT, a serialized tale of romance and erotica that will fulfill your cravings for a wild week in the sun!

For Rob and Suzie a week away on a beautiful Greek island is just what they need. A way to put behind them the stresses of work, to relax, have fun and explore their new relationship. Along for the ride are Kevin and Donna, the kind of people for whom a wild night is never far away. Together they’ll have a week they’ll never forget.The week on a Greek island paradise continues…


TIDES OF LUST is the second part of HOLIDAY HEAT, a trilogy of romance and erotica that will fulfill your cravings for a wild week in the sun!

A heady cocktail of sun, sea and sex is the perfect way to relax for four friends. Passions build and indiscretions are bound to follow. How will Rob, Suzie, Donna and Kevin deal with their new feelings and desires?


OCEANS OF DESIRE is the third and final part of HOLIDAY HEAT, a trilogy of romance and erotica that will leave you breathless.

The week on a Greek island paradise comes to a passionate and steamy conclusion…

Rob, Suzie, Donna and Kevin are all hiding indiscretions from the partners with whom they arrived on the island . How much longer can those secrets remain hidden, and what will happen when the truth comes out?


                                            BNdqe3dCQAAm0Sv                                                                                                                                                                                                    BN2zpGSCAAEIICe.jpg-large


Cameron Lincoln


Gentleman writer of romantic erotica. Ebooks & web content. A geek who loves a natter.

Tumblr:  Blog:

~Rachel ~

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