The Runaway Year by Shanti Struthers


The Runaway Year By Shani Struthers
Reviewed by Nicola

Shani, I freakin love you for writing this book….Even though you made me cry (more than once might i add).

So the story begins with Layla, All loved up with her boss, Alex (Yes she went there, stupid, STUPID girl) until he breaks her heart by taking new office girl, Sarah Jane, away. Left with only a post-it note for an explanation and a very red face she decides she can’t cope with life in Brightion anymore so runs away to her childhood holiday place, Trecastle, Where her childhood friend, Hannah, lives.
Life in Trecastle is much more laid back than Brighton and she soon forgets all about Brighton but her feelings for the rat bag Alex she can’t seem to turn off, even when presented with the local hottie, Joseph. Even though there is a spark between them Layla refuses to admit it, much to Joseph and my fustration! Will they or wont they? Will Alex come to Trecastle and beg forgivness? Will friendships survive certain secrets? So many questions and only the book has the answers πŸ˜‰

I LOVED this book, even though at times i wanted to scream at Layla! How could she still have feelings for that rat bag Alex?!?
The story was well plotted and i never got lost with where the story was going…. In fact i was up until 1.30am because i couldn’t put it down!
The characters were very believable, if fact I could probably name at least one of my friends after each one!
Layla ~ Like everyone, has her ups and downs in life and never seems to have her foot out of her mouth, for the love of god woman…… Keep your mouth shut! And her temper O.M.G!
Penny ~ My word I love this woman! Say it how it is girl πŸ˜€ Out spoken and a VERY friendly flirt.
Hannah ~ The quite-ish one with secrets and kinda got on my nerves at times.
Joseph ~ WOW! I love him πŸ˜‰ he’s kind, caring and good with his hands……… Eh dirty minded people, I mean he’s a carpenter.
Alex ~ Just don’t get me started one him!!!
Jim ~ Fun loving, guitar playing guy, what’s not to love?!

If your a fan of chick-lit then this is a must read! It’s fun, light hearted with real life drama thrown into the mix.


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Totally forgot to mention that there is also a book trailer, I lurve book trailers πŸ™‚

And yes I have noticed that I spelt Shani’s name wrong but she asked me not to edit it LOL! So here it shall stay!!


8 thoughts on “The Runaway Year by Shanti Struthers

  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to read The Runaway Year! Any book that could inspire a review this entertaining is definitely going on my TBR list!! πŸ™‚ Must start using the term “rat bag”…

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