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Today is our stop on Alexandra Richland’s, Frontline, blog tour. We have reviews, excerpts, author inteview and much, much more! So let’s get this tour started!


Blurb ~

When nurse Sara Peters treats celebrity billionaire Trenton Merrick for a mysterious injury to his forehead, she is blindsided by what follows: A passionate exchange in the examination room, followed by an invitation to Trenton’s mansion the next night.

Trenton spins a web of deceit and seduction around Sara that both repels and attracts her. One part humanitarian, the other international financial mogul, his professional and public life are a curious contradiction. As Sara journeys deeper into her feelings for Trenton and begins unraveling the mystery behind his injury, she finds herself embroiled in a game of trust and betrayal, where the odds are stacked in Trenton’s favor, and the outcome for the loser is too terrifying to conceive.


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Get to know Alexandra ~

Alexandra Richland spends rotating twelve-hour shifts working as a registered nurse at a Toronto hospital, indulging in her love of science and medicine, and caring for patients with their own unique tales to tell. When she is not on duty, Alexandra escapes into her own imagination. Therein lies a fantasy world of thrilling adventure, gorgeous men, classic Hollywood glamour, exotic getaways, and a seductive dose of romance. Alexandra captures these stories in her popular novels, The Starlight Trilogy and Frontline, and her short story, Gilded Cage. Say hello to her on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Frontline excerpt ~

Mr. Merrick moves his face closer to mine. I hold my breath, thinking he’s going to kiss me. Just before our lips meet, he turns his head and grazes his nose across my cheek. The air rushes out of my lungs.

“I would never hurt you, Sara. You must trust me.”

He sounds sincere and I’m compelled to believe him.

With a sharp hiss, he drops his head to my shoulder and pulls our bodies together. “Tell me you change your mind.”

“I . . . I . . .” Words fail me as he moves my shirt collar aside and grazes his teeth across my skin.

“Tell me you’ll see me tonight.”

As he trails hot kisses down my throat, I throw my head back and melt into his arms,
succumbing to the pleasure that radiates throughout my body. I may have let my guard down, but this time I think I know exactly what I’m doing.

“Yes, I’ll have dinner with you tonight.”

Mr. Merrick removes his lips from my neck and plants his hands on my waist.

“You want me, don’t you?” He stares into my eyes, daring me to deny what he already knows.

I nod.

His fingers dig into my hips. “Say it.”

“Yes, I want you.”


Book Trailer ~

Nicola’s review ~

First, let me say how much I love this author! After reading and totally falling in love with her first Book, Starlight, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. That being said I struggled with it *hangs head in shame* it was so different from her first book and that I wasn’t expecting. But it’s not all bad, there’s a sex CEO, tin men (you will find out what I mean) , helicopters and shootings to keep you very entertained.

The story begins with Sara, a nurse working in ER and struggling her way through life. In walks hot, sexy and totally arrogant Trenton Merrick, who turns Sara’s life upside down, inside out and shaken all about…….literally! But there’s a pull between them that no one in their right mind would walk away from, even though you know deep down that you should. Can they survive the life that Merrick leads and should Sara run? Reading this book is the only way to find out 😉

Oh Alexandra please don’t hate me for this review 😦 this book took me ages to get into and just when the action started it stopped, obviously until the end then it was action packed.

Sara, god love her, at times I really wanted to shake her! Friends are there to tell you when you need to open your eyes and ditch the guy, In fact I’m surprised Kelly didn’t slap her on one occasion. As for Mr Merrick, take your head outta your ass man! Arrogant doesn’t even cover it with this guy…… But at least he isn’t damaged like the other CEO’s we have grown used too.

Although I struggled with this book I know some who will love it and just because it wasn’t my favourite read don’t let that put you off. Alexandra is a fantastic author and will always be one of my top five authors!



Interview with Alexandra ~

Before we start, I would like to say thank you to The Novel Tease for approaching me for this interview.

1. What does Alexandra Richland do when she’s not writing?
As a registered nurse, I spend a lot of my time at the hospital, caring for pediatric patients. I also enjoying running, reading, and traveling.

2. How does your writing process look? Do you tend to write a standard number of words in regular sittings, or does inspiration hit you sporadically?
It varies. Sometimes when I’m in my “writing zone” I can write many pages in one sitting. If I feel emotionally connected to the scene/chapter, the words will come easily, and I can read them back the next day and desire to change only minor things. On other occasions, the process is more difficult, which tends to happen when I’m pressed for time. When this occurs, I will step away from the computer and go for a run, or just busy myself with other tasks. If I feel inspired to write later on that day, I will. If not, I don’t push it. Or if the interest is semi-there, I’ll write as much as I can, even if I might think it sucks, and then rewrite it at another time. Editing and rewriting are the easiest parts of the writing process for me. As long as I have a foundation, even in point form, I’m confident I can turn out something I’m very proud of. The scenes that come easiest to me are the ones I can visualize like a movie. Music also helps inspire emotion and assists in the writing process.

3. What inspired you to write Frontline?
The Starlight Trilogy is a very detailed Hollywood romance set in the 1950s. When I finished all three novels, I wanted to write a book with an entirely opposite tone – a modern thrill ride that kept the reader turning the pages, unable to put it down, with a lot of sexual tension, action, adventure, romance, and intrigue. As I was in the midst of nursing school at the time, I thought of a crazy thing that could potentially happen to a nurse while on the job and expanded on the idea, pushing the boundaries of my writing as well as character behavior and development. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

4. If you could describe Frontline in 3 words, what would they be?
Sexy. Exciting. Suspenseful.

5. Which character speaks the loudest?
Though he was never supposed to play such a significant role, Randall really surprised me as the book progressed. I relied on him more and more, as did the other characters, for his wisdom, insight, loyalty, and mysteriousness. I just finished writing an origin tale for Randall, as I was as curious about his background. I hope Frontline readers will be interested in him, too, after they finish the story. I’m very happy to be able to include Randall’s tale as part of the bonus material in the appendix of Frontline when it’s published.

6. Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?
My answer will depend on my mood. If I’m in the mood to shop, I can’t think of a better pair to hit the town with than Kelly and Denim. Kelly would know where to get all the best deals on the most stylish clothes, while Denim would supply the most laughs and energy during the expedition.

Chris and Sean are still very mysterious to me, but I’d definitely give them a call if I wanted people to go running with, or if I had a task that needed to be done requiring speed, efficiency, and stealth. They are men of many talents.

If my life was in some kind of crisis and I needed a friend to listen to me and help me get through it, Sara would be ideal.

As for Trenton, I don’t have as many scruples as Sara does, so he can pay off my student loan any day!

7. Will you have a new book coming out soon?
I have several. The second book in The Starlight Trilogy, Starbright, will most likely be out later this fall (2013), or very early next year (2014), with the third book in the trilogy, Stardust, following in the spring or summer of 2014. The Frontline sequel is already in the works. I’m also working on several short story collections to release in between my novels, as well as a brand new novel, separate from the Frontline series and The Starlight Trilogy, which I just started writing in recent weeks. I cannot say more at this time, but I’m very excited about it!

Laura’s review ~

OMFG! I absolutely freaking loved this book! Alexandra Richland has no doubt covered everything with this book. Frontline has seduction, a lot of smut, twists, violence and off course the sexy, but very arrogant Trenton Merrick!

Sara, a New York nurse, meets Trenton on her night shift when he arrives at the ER she is working at with a suspicious injury to his head. Trenton is a powerful, seductive and a sexy as hell billionaire and turns Sara’s life upside down as he takes her into a world of lies and deceit.

It didn’t take me long to read this book as I was hooked from the very first chapter. I loved the chemistry between Sara & Trenton and I so cannot wait for the next book 🙂



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3 winners will receive e-book copies of Gilded Cage, Starlight and Frontline by Alexandra!

This blog tour was organised and hosted by The Novel Tease


~Nicola & Laura~

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