An Acute Attraction ~ by A.J Walters


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An Acute Attraction is a heart warming, exciting and compelling story of love and romance, full of seductive, sensual and tantalising emotions and images, sexual exploration and passion.
Isabel Chambers is an ordinary, working, single mother of two, who needs some “me” time, so, kids sorted, she books herself into a hotel for a week of rest and relaxation.
Marc Sanders is an American professor at Harvard University and is in England to present research results to Cambridge University.
Two people, out for adventure and excitement, meet and begin a journey of fun, thrills, lust and desire. But, is Marc all he seems to be? What is he hiding?”




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I’m a working single mother and I decided to take the plunge into writing. I am a total book-a-holic and so it is something I have been mulling over for a bit.

I started a blog in July 2013, where I posted the start of a short story. The response to it was phenomenal, so through encouragement and support I decided to turn it into a book.

An Acute Attraction was born.

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Lots to like about this book.

Firstly I  liked that the main lady was not a size 0 and 22 years old! Isabel was a single mum of two boys, not so confident and a voluptuous women who steps out of her circle and comfort zone and has a week away in a hotel where she meets an American Hottie Professor called Marc. Now… I think I liked Marc right from the off as I knew David Gandy was the inspiration for his looks *swoon*

I liked the humour, liked the way that Isabel was telling her story and I liked that it was set in Cambridge as I’ve been to these places 🙂

There was great chemistry between Marc and Isabel and it was lovely to watch them fall in love and their characters developed well. I also enjoyed seeing them grow, I feel sure book two will bring out a stronger more confident Isabel.

The story flowed well, sometimes a little slowly but it still kept me reading. If you’re looking for a romance that has its hot moments but not full on explicit, then this book is an absolute must.

This was the authors first book but honestly you would never have known, This was a wonderful debut. BUT …… finished  on a right cliffhanger! Another book that kind of ran out of pages before I was ready!

I will definitely be reading the next book to see how in all unfolds .



A tiny teaser from book 2 of the Attraction series 


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