Because the Night

Because the Night

Because the Night by Kristen Strassel
Reviewed by Crystal

I really, really enjoyed this paranormal romance book.  I’m a sucker for a vampire romance!  This story centers around Tristan, who was constantly looking for more in life, who gets entangled with the Vegas vampire scene through the band Immortal Dilemma.  Callie had always been afraid that Tristan’s constant yearning would be his undoing and it turns out she was right.  He gets involved deep in a world that she didn’t even know existed.  She has to enlist the help of Blade to try to get to Tristan.  Blade, who is very reluctant to reenter the Vegas scene, very reluctantly helps Callie, but only in so far as to drive her right back to Tristan.  Callie is caught between the two and the juxtaposition of both men will likely end up being her undoing.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes the thrill of a vampire novel!


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