The Beautiful Evil

The Beautiful Evil

The Beautiful Evil by Robbi Bryant
Reviewed by Crystal

This story follows Constance Jacobson throughout her troubled life.  She seems to be in a constant state of mourning over her deceased father.  She becomes estranged from her mother who does not approve of her marriage.  A marriage itself that is riddled with issues.  It isn’t until Constance is on a business trip with her husband that she buys a Grecian vase that changes her life.  Three wasplike creatures emerge from the vase and blur the lines between dreams and reality for Constance.  They cause her to do things that she wouldn’t normally do.  She encounters family secrets and has to deal with her problematic marriage.  And seemingly, all of this came about due to this ancient curse from the vase she couldn’t live without.  This isn’t my typical fare for a book, but I did enjoy it.  Sometimes it’s good to go outside your comfort zone a little.  I felt like the story was vivid enough to paint a picture of what was going on and that really helped me enjoy it.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thriller.


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