Review ~ Nun Tales By Kaye Helms


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3 Erotic Nun tales of mischief and Domination.

When a lone nun guarding her cloister comes across an unconscious young man in the grip of fever… are the extents of her care a sin if her heart is in the right place?

When a young courier delivers his final parcel for the day to a church, he must make some unexpected decisions. Is it better to heed his fearful instincts or perhaps just do as he’s told?

While serving a community service term, Terry has sworn to follow the straight and narrow, but when a group of nuns come to help the shelter, will a young innocent nun prove that the street life is not the only crooked path? Or that the young and holy are not as innocent as they may seem…

nun_tales_3d2Each story contains elements of true events!

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Reviewed By Rachel

Short, Sweet and Sinful! All quickie stories with a variety of sexual encounters clearly all involving Nuns.

This was a Day book for me…..

The first story was my coffee break read, not that impressive, in fact I was a little bored and thought the ending was predicable, but passed 30 minutes.

The second story was my lunchtime read, a much better story, better characters and a hotter read.

Then the last story was my bedtime read, the longest of the 3 stories. I was able to get a bit of a connection with the characters but I was expecting a more impressive end to the book.

For me the second story was the one that left an impression, I liked the naughtiness and the dominant women, I felt that I was most engrossed in that section of the book.

I liked the cover and it is worth a read, but its not the most erotic book I’ve read. The author has written the book well and it was very easy to follow . A good debut book.


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I am an Australian Erotic Writer and this simply means I am into all things sexual, be it mental, physical or spiritual.

I’m a daydreamer, story teller, artist, listener of metal music 😉

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Nun Tales by Kaye Helm


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