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Eye Telling is an erotic romance. 
Katherine Newheart is engaged to her dull fiancé, Matthew O’Connor, who’s just been made a partner in Katherine’s father’s law firm.
When she meets The Boy alias Benjamin Riley, everything changes. Katherine tries to hold back, keep her usual control but it fails because Benjamin is everything that Matthew isn’t and that makes him everything that Katherine needs and wants.
He awakes her in more ways than one. Katherine ends all tangled up in a steamy hot and passionate love affair with Benjamin. She tries to break it off with Matthew but all of a sudden, he turns into a complete monster and starts being violent towards her, threatening her about some fatal information he has about her family.
Katherine can’t stay away from Benjamin, even though she’s perfectly aware that she might jeopardize it all but her love for Benjamin is strong, stronger than her own control. But how strong is Katherine’s control when it all comes down to it?
Is the passionate love between her and Benjamin enough for her to start doing things just for her or will she end up in her controlling way again?



I’m very new to this world but so happy to be here and proud of my debut romance, Eye Telling.Other than writing, I’m a single mom to a precious son who’s sick from some unknown illness.Writing is my sweet escape from a sometimes rough everyday life. I can’t wait to share more stories with you all.XOXO



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Eye Telling by Maja Flak is an erotic romance has sex scenes and domestic violence.

As much as I liked this book I had a difficult time getting into the story.

I found the initial few chapters of the story quite slow and at times it was quite pretentious (lots of designer name dropping) and for me this made the story difficult to grasp and I did get a little bored.

I just couldn’t warm to Katherine, she was VERY self-absorbed, she’s a 30 year old running her company and a real snob!

Katherine is engaged to Matthew who is a lawyer at her dads firm, they seem ok together but clearly something is missing……Then along comes Ben. Then we have a real love triangle and true colours are shown.

I must admit that it took me a while to warm up to the book. Having said that, I still think the story has something going for it.

Maja does a brilliant job of making you love or hate the characters and empathise with some of the strong characters.

It is an enjoyable book and a book that’s worth checking out, even if it takes awhile to get into.

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Time Telling is the sequel to Eye Telling.



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Katherine Newheart had it all, or so she thought. She was engaged to Matthew O’Connor, who’s a partner in her father’s law firm, her very own PR business and a wardrobe full of designer clothes. Her life was going the way she wanted it to… or was it?
When she met Benjamin Riley, aka The Boy, her entire world changed. She changed and Matthew sure changed too, in a very horrific way.
Katherine didn’t know how badly she wanted and needed a relationship filled with passion and intimacy, but she quickly discovered her inner female devil.
Everything got messed up, chaotic and Katherine found herself, all tangled up in a new world – a world where she had difficulties letting her control go and when she was finally willing and able to let it go, someone ruined it for her.
Will this be her happy ending?
Does she finally let go of her control and start living for herself?
What happens between her and Benjamin? Was their love simply not strong enough to overpower all the chaos, secrets and threats?
Read Time Telling and find out.
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Eye Telling by Maja Stubkjaer Flak
Time Telling by Maja Flak
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