Review of A Fine Profession By Sarah Michelle Lynch







A mysterious woman tells her tale to the private investigator sent to find her…
Lottie reveals the tragic events that led her into the arms of a community of free-loving people. Within the secretive confines of the Lodge, she has a chance to be herself and escape the banality of her day job.
A ménage à trois doesn’t work out how she expected and she leaves behind the friends who helped her find her creativity. She goes on to explore her need for control, adopting the guise of a domme. But a domineering man arrives in her life and overthrows everything she previously believed. He is unforthcoming about his past – but we never discover the reasons. We know they were parted, but why?
Part one of a two-part story.
Concluded in A Fine Pursuit




In the sequel to A Fine Profession…
They were two souls wandering aimlessly until they met; their collision instant, categorical and unforgettable. Yet, their powerful sexual chemistry was still not enough to bind them together. Lottie provided her version of the story, now Noah gives us his…
Noah Yeardley, the inimitable investment banker who captured the Chambermaid’s heart, is a man misunderstood and wronged. With their love story circulating, he feels raw and useless. As he comes to terms with the death of his father and all that passed on with him, he knows The Pursuit is something he has a fine grasp of ‒ and is determined to do whatever it takes to bring back the only woman to truly sink herself into his heart.
When he is presented with a second chance, a long summer of hot dream dates, devastating confessions and shocking revelations await – but is the fantasy about to become a reality, or will Noah’s past make it impossible for him to forge a new life with Charlotte?
yes review
Reviewed by Rachel

First off I loved the cover…. then I turned to the contents page and was a little taken back with all the Prolgue which was 7 chapters, then a second set of chapters with intro and rules, then more rules in the third part, I was thinking I’m never going to get into this book! However once I started reading I got totally engrossed in the story and was reading well into the night again!


Charlotte is a complex character who had suffered Illness and tragedy but then finding her sexuality and transforming into Lottie. Lotties’ story really did keep me interested and the Author had developed all the characters well. I felt like the story was vivid enough to paint a picture of what was going on and that really helped me enjoy it. I’m hesitant to give too much away so all I’ll say is …….

A chambermaid

A Private investigator

A love story

A hot and seductive read

A book that had me gripped and I would easily recommend.

I  have read a lot of erotic books and this story has stuck with me, it’s a strong and unique book. I haven’t started Noah’s side of the story yet but I will be reading it!


Sarah Michelle Lynch is a mother, wife, writer and editor. She worked for the Press Association for several years.
She lives in Yorkshire and has been writing all her life, but never took herself seriously until her first novel emerged during a long period of maternity leave.


twitter: SarahMichelleLy



A Fine Profession (Chambermaid #1) by Sarah Michelle Lynch




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