Spin by CD Reiss
Reviewed by Crystal

That “recommended reads” section of Barnes & Noble and Amazon may be the death of me.  Bought this one on a whim and it sparked new obsessions in me.  I’m pretty sure that’s what the author was going for.  First, I became a huge fan of her writing style and stories.  Secondly, I’m now on a huge badboy/organized crime kick.

Spin is about Theresa Drazen (Jonathan Drazen from Songs of Submission’s sister) and Antonio Spinelli, a mafia capo.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to google capo to see what the heck that was.  It’s hotness!  That’s what I found out.  Normally, I’m not a fan of crossover series where you read one book and it leads to another book about ancillary characters.  Good thing for me that I didn’t realize the connection until after I started Songs of Submission (which I read after Spin).  Spin is written in such a way that you know they main characters are related in other books by CD Reiss, but that’s not a huge factor in the story.  I really liked that.

“Spin”, as he’s called by friends, pursues Theresa until she agrees to go to dinner with him.  From then on, she realizes that there’s just something about him that calls out to her.  She begins to find out a lot about herself during the journey.  The more she realizes what goes on in his world, the more it terrifies her, but also the more she decides that she can live that life as long as he’s in it.

I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series and I highly recommend not only this book, but other books by CD Reiss!5 APPLES


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