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Food Chain II

The New World





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After slipping away from London, Luc thought he had found the perfect hunting ground in the New World. San Francisco offered him everything; a vast warren of hiding places and a plentiful supply of food and pleasure! Bill Hudson was a cop with an attitude, and that attitude landed him a desk and the routine task of missing persons. Despite himself, Bill found that there was a pattern in the files he casually filed…and that started him looking a lot closer. Against the backdrop of one of the great city’s on earth, he finds that someone or something is preying on young women; and that takes him into the realms of his worst nightmares!

food chapter 1

Luc sat back in his chair and surveyed his new kingdom.

He was pleased he had found the discipline to control his primal urges, and that was coming to fruition now.

This new country had given him everything he could possibly desire; the pickings had been easy AND the warmer weather meant he could shed clothes when not out hunting. The soft moans from the antechamber caught his attention, and with a smile twitching on his lips he rose to investigate. As he turned the corner to enter the large room they saw him immediately, the moans turning into whimpers of fear at why he may be there. Four of the five young women tied to the frames were heavily pregnant and hung there limply; it was the girl on the end who wasn’t that struggled the most. She knew she was the only one he would take his desires from, and that thought terrified her. It had taken her days to recover from his last attentions, and between tears she prayed he wasn’t coming for her now. Luc smiled at the bulging stomachs that would provide not only his favourite meal, but also offspring to help his empire grow. Since his arrival he had sired three that had been allowed to grow to maturity; the others had fed him well. This current crop of women would boost that number by at least two more; and the supply of suitable bodies seemed inexhaustible. The struggles of the one girl aroused him, so he turned and walked slowly towards her, his hand stroking his giant cock to full hardness. She was screaming until the point where he stood close enough for his scent to make her more compliant…from that moment on she tried everything she could to impale herself on him. Chapter One Arnie was trying his hardest to maintain his composure. The woman behind the desk of the rental company was starting to annoy the crap out of him with her cheerful unhelpfulness. “I am SO sorry sir (big beaming smile) but there HAS been a mix-up in your booking! The motorsickle (how she pronounced it) that you have been allocated won’t be here until the day after tomorrow! We don’t have anything we can give you (big beaming smile) unless you want to change to a car or truck?” Arnie glanced over at Emily, the question rendered unnecessary by the large pout on her face. He turned back to the woman with gritted teeth. “So what ARE you going to do about spoiling our vacation? I have your confirmation letters here (he waved them at her) telling me all was ready; and now you are telling me it isn’t!” The beaming smile changed to one of “Damn we have an awkward customer here” before she tapped again at her computer keyboard. She gave a quick glance over her shoulder towards her Managers office (who had conveniently disappeared) before turning to him with an apologetic cast to her face. “I will have a word with the Manager when they return from lunch (and tried not to notice Arnie’s glance at the clock…it was 10 am) and I’m SURE they will come up with something! You are at the Four Seasons? (She waited for the confirmation nod) so I shall get him to call you immediately he gets back (big beaming smile)!!” The tug on his arm steered Arnie away from killing the woman and out into the bright sunshine. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled his ear. “Take me back to the hotel and fuck me instead!” Arnie choked and hastily looked around in case she had been overheard. Her giggles did nothing to stop his discomfort…DAMN she could STILL make him feel like a schoolboy! Emily looped her arm through his and pulled him along the sidewalk in the direction of a coffee shop. “We’ll grab a couple to take back with us, and spend the rest of the day in naked debauchery!” Arnie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; this girl was going to KILL him! After years of doing without, he was still coming to grips of being with a woman who liked sex as much if not MORE than he did! He looked at her lithe figure as she lead the way, a small shake of his head at how lucky he was to have met her. They were polar opposites in so many ways, but it worked like a dream! She yanged when he yinned, and vice versa, and somehow they kept smiling and having fun…there were many times he had pinched himself to ensure it was all actually happening. And now, here they were in San Francisco at the start of a motorcycle odyssey down the Californian coast road! It had been nearly 20 years since he had ridden a bike, but her assurance of “How hard can it be?” had made him brave enough to agree to the trip. Looking at the size of the monsters lined up outside the rental office had shaken an already dodgy confidence. After collecting two coffee’s with unpronounceable names, he welcomed the cool of the air conditioning as he passed through the reception of their hotel. The Receptionist smiled almost knowingly at him as Emily hustled him towards the elevators; did ALL tourists go back to their rooms and fuck the day away? As Emily stripped her clothes off he casually turned the TV on to see if he could find a music channel; the sombre face of the news anchor filling the screen made him pause and turn the sound up. The item being introduced as “Breaking News” concerned the discovery of a body washed up on the shore…a body that had apparently been partially eaten (sharks?) and showed signs of a terrible attack. He missed the rest of the item when Emily dropped to her knees in front of him and undid his pants. Bill Hudson had the grim satisfaction that his caseload had just been reduced by one. The body that had been washed up was that of Susan Mullis (one of his missing persons) so at least he knew where SHE was! He was just about to open her file to change its status when his phone rang. The voice of his Lieutenant growled down the receiver at him. “Hudson? Get that sorry ass of yours down to the morgue, it seems your misper may have turned into a homicide victim!” Bill Hudson perked up immediately; perhaps his boss had forgotten he had been confined to a desk? The next words shattered that illusion. “I don’t have anyone available right now to deal with this, so you’ll have to do. Get the information over to Bryant after you’ve finished…he’ll be taking the case!” Bill grunted into the phone and slammed the receiver down. Bryant? He couldn’t find his own ass let alone work a fucking murder investigation! He kicked his chair out of the way and stalked out of the office, the amused glances of his colleagues doing nothing to help his building temper. He was still growling to himself as he pushed through the large doors of the City Morgue, even the silent solemnity of the building didn’t stem the muttered curses. He had been here too many times in his 20 years on the force (so many bodies) for it to get to him, and his large frame was recognised by all he stomped past. He rumbled up to the autopsy rooms, glancing through the small windows until he found one with activity in. His arrival drew a nod from the man bent over the body. “I wondered who they would send. I had heard that you are flying a desk again after beating up a poor innocent…how did you escape?” Bill Hudson ran a large hand over his face and glared at the Chief Pathologist. “Fuck you Bernie!” The raised eyebrow on Bernie Walls face showed he was used to such pleasantries, and he simply shrugged and continued to cut. What had come in as a suspected drowning was turning into something else completely! He ignored the impatient huffs from the big policeman hovering over his shoulder, and carefully eased aside the torn layers of skin around poor Susan’s pelvis. He saw what he suspected immediately, and turned to look at Bill Hudson. “This girl WAS murdered Bill, and not in a very nice way! Someone virtually gutted her, and my guess is she was alive when they did it. Do we know anything about next of kin…a husband or boyfriend?” Bill did a mental run-through of her file. “She has a boyfriend, it was him that reported her missing. He has probably been informed we have found her by now, why do you ask?” Bernie Walls pointed into the hollow of Susan Hollis’s abdomen. “This poor girl HAD been heavily pregnant, and it looks like someone ripped out her baby (he sighed deeply) god can only hope they didn’t kill it in the process! I guess it falls to YOU to be breaking the bad news?” Bill shrugged and pointed at the gaping wounds on the girl’s thighs. The Chief Pathologist leaned down to take a closer look. He poked along the edges of the ragged tears, tutting and mumbling to himself before standing straight again. “Unless we have a breed of shark in the water out there I don’t know about, my guess would be some kind of large cat or something…maybe a bear! There are definite fang marks…large ones…at regular intervals, as well as smaller marks from other teeth. A shark rips more, these are direct bites. The animal that did this took several big mouthfuls!” Bill Hudson leaned back against the autopsy table behind him and sighed deeply. “Fucking great. So not only do we have someone who is stealing babies by ripping their mothers open, they also feed them to fucking wild animals afterwards! Can you tell me any other good news?” Bernie Walls looked up again from examining the girl’s wrists. “She has been bound, and for what looks like a considerable time given the amount of bruising and skin damage; this girl struggled a LOT!” He shook his head as he stroked a stray hair from out of Susan’s open eyes. “I’ll know a lot more when I’ve done a full autopsy, but this poor girl died hard Bill, so I hope you nail the bastard!” Bill Hudson shook his head and grimaced. “This isn’t going to be my case Bernie, I have to pass it over to that moron Bryant!” Bernie Walls slammed his fist down onto the steel table. “For the love of god! That man is a total incompetent, how the FUCK did he get put on this? I’m going to have a word with your Lieutenant Bill…this needs a REAL homicide cop working it, not some retarded political climber like Bryant!” Bill Hudson stepped forward and wrapped a shocked Bernie Walls in a bear hug. “You do that for me and I’ll keep you in scotch for the rest of the year!” Bernie Walls disentangled himself and took a deep breath…his ribs felt bruised! “That will be lovely Bill, but just promise me you WON’T hug me again…okay?” Bill Hudson threw a mock punch and turned on his heel. His mood had lifted considerably despite the horror on the mortuary table. He knew that Bernie Walls had a lot of clout in the department, so a word from him could get him reinstated! As he walked cheerfully along the corridor he spotted a familiar figure coming towards him. Shit. Greg Palter was Susan’s boyfriend, and the man recognised Bill at the same time. He stood in front of the policeman and stared at him with red-rimmed eyes. “I err…don’t suppose there is a chance that its NOT Susan is there? Bill put a large arm around the younger mans shoulders and led him across to a bench against the wall. Once they were seated he turned to face him. “I’m sorry Greg, I wish I had better news for you.” He paused when the man gave a sob and put his face in his hands. At a loss at what else to do, Bill rubbed the man’s shoulders in condolence. “I’m afraid I have more bad news for you. You have lost the baby as well.” He felt the stiffening in Greg’s posture before the young man looked at him strangely. “What fucking baby?” The rest of the day became awfully weird for Bill Hudson as more and more surprises were unfolded.

Not even the news he was now officially back in Homicide made a great deal of difference; he was beginning to wish he hadn’t got out of bed that day!

He stood and looked out over his city as the sun set…just what the FUCK was going on out there?



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A former Director in the Parking Industry, DarkScribe found himself at a crossroads in his life aged 50; and a full-time writer was born! His first few novels followed the dark and mysterious path of the Alternative Lifestyle, before turning to the less controversial world of horror. His first offering, Food Chain, has been well accepted by his growing followers, with the sequel soon to be launched. He currently resides in a leafy suburb of Birmingham in the UK, and when not writing DarkScribe divides his time between promoting the work and talents of unknown Artists and Photographers and being terrorised by his two daughters and dogs.

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His literary efforts can be found at http://www.amazon.com/author/darkscribebooks

while his work with others at dsmediaart.artistwebsites.com



Follow his ramblings on Twitter: @DarkScribe1



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Food Chain by Dark Scribe Reply w/ #AmazonBasket to add this http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GFQBTHQ/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_JCnAtb0AC818B via @AmazonUK

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Food Chain by Dark Scribe Reply w/ #AmazonCart to add this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GFQBTHQ/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_9HrBtb1CNWGVK via @amazon

Food Chain II: The New World by Dark Scribe Reply w/ #AmazonCart to add this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K7CMDOC/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_DGrBtb105YXTN via @amazon


Food Chain 2 : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K7CMDOC

Food Chain 1 : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GFQBTHQ

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The myths surrounding what we now call “Vampires” has been sanitized by the movie world AND our own need to make them more acceptable.

When a creature like Luc moves into our world it dispels ALL those myths; and makes us realize that there ARE monsters…

Food Chain Synopsis

When Bram Stoker created his masterpiece about the Transylvanian Count he wove together folklore and history. From that moment on the Vampire was born, and over the years has undergone a metamorphosis into the characters loved by millions. What many do NOT know is some of that folklore was based on fact. For millennia he has wondered the earth, leaving behind whispered stories and myths that only the brave dare utter. A chance encounter in the Middle East gives him a taste for more refined prey; and thus Luc turns his sights on the West. Arriving in the sprawling metropolis of modern San Francisco, he discovers a haven of transient population that are completely unaware that monsters really do exist. Establishing a den is his first step, after that he looks to provide for ALL his needs…. When the public and Authorities become aware that something truly evil is among them, it is down to a few people to ensure the nightmare ends. A disgruntled cop, an Anarchist, and a depressed mid-forties executive find their lives thrown together through horrific circumstances; only Fate and Luc will decide which lives to tell the tale!



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