Point of No Return

Point of No Return by Tiffany Snow
Reviewed by Crystal


I was turned onto this series by a friend of mine, the lovely fellow Orchard Girl Tina Powell.  I’m so glad I read it!  I, like everyone else, was highly anticipating the final installment.  It didn’t disappoint!  Not in my opinion, at least.  Let me clarify that I’ve been rooting for Kade all along, but I didn’t hate Blane.  Far from it actually as I loved both brothers too just the same as Kathleen did.  Both exhibited qualities that were appealing and sexy and worthwhile.

That being said, my bottom line opinion is that Kade needed Kathleen more than Blane did and that’s why she chose him.  Things were easier with Blane and while he would’ve been a good choice too, he just wasn’t the one who her whole heart belonged to like she first thought.  Kade wormed his way into her heart and she wasn’t able to let him go.  Was it selfish of Kade to do so?  Sure.  Is Blane more selfless than Kade?  Sure.  But the heart wants what it wants and Kat and Kade ended up needing each other more and completing each other better than she and Blane did.  Yes, I hate it for Blane.  Yes, I hope he gets a happy ending too.  But this was Kathleen’s story of how she fell in love with two men, two brothers, and how she not only had to come to terms with that, but also had to ultimately choose between the two.

I don’t fault Kat for falling for both brothers.  I think it’s human nature sometimes for that to happen.  Did she mean to come between two brothers?  I don’t think so.  I think it just happened that way.  And I think she agonized over her feelings.  Much of the series was her loving Blane but questioning their relationship.  I also think that because she ended up more in love with Kade proves that she did not feel as strongly about Blane as she thought.  She loved him a great deal, but she didn’t truly understand the depth of her capabilities for love until she accepted that she loved Kade more.  She’ll always love Blane too, but she just loved Kade more.

While I see where it’s easy to make Kade out to be the bad person in this triangle, I think he was just as surprised at the depth of his feelings for Kat and he went after them.  Should he have done it to his brother, the same brother who rescued him and loved him?  That’s up for debate (and very heatedly debated among groups still as you read this).  Simply put, Kade needed her more and Blane knew it.  He didn’t want to accept it at first, but then he was faced with the realization that it was undoubtedly true.  Then Blane made the choice to step back.  It was always in his nature to rescue Kade.  And by letting Kat go, he accomplished that goal once again.  I don’t think Kade would make it without Kat and Blane knew that.  The only way for Blane to keep Kat was to let her go.  And he did get to keep a part of her.  She was still part of his life even though it wasn’t the way he’d envisioned it.  It’s a bittersweet ending that really had no great outcome no matter which way the roads forked.  I don’t think there was a better way to end the series and have everyone still in tact as much as they are.

I’m glad she ended up with Kade.  He deserves happiness too and I’m glad he found it with her.  While I do hate Blane’s heartache in all of it, I think he’ll land on his feet.  He’s more resilient than people are giving him credit for.  Likewise, Kade is more broken than most people realize and Blane knew that Kat was the only way to truly fix him.  Blane made a sacrifice (which was typical of him) and Kat made a hard choice, and given those options, I don’t think there could’ve been any better ending to this series.

The fact that so many people are up in arms about Blane vs. Kade just proves what a great series it is.  I know that I’m in the minority with my opinions about this book with my book club friends, but that’s perfectly okay with me because we’ll make up after the chaos has died down.  After all, it Orchard Girls Tina and Nicola’s sparring about the boys that made me curios and ultimately Tina’s insistence that I give this series a try that I read them.  I think the book and series rocked and I’m very pleased with the ending.  I am also very anxious to read Kade’s Turn.  I think it will offer readers a better understanding of him.

Bottom line, read this series!  Now.  No matter who you personally pick for Kat, you won’t be sorry that you read such an amazing story.  You’ll either be heartbroken or overjoyed, but either way, the journey is worth it!

***** Disclaimer – I know that I am one of maybe two of us girls who feel this way.  Please expect reviews from some other girls that do not agree with my opinions about this series.  It’s all good…we like to poke fun at each other and give each other a hard time.  I assure you that there are no hard feelings amongst us.  That being said #TeamKade  🙂   ******



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  1. That was fantastic! Love your review

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