Rules of Harte


Rules of Harte by Brooke Harris
Reviewed by Crystal

After reading the blurb for this book, I thought it would be something I would really enjoy. After reading it, I’m afraid I’m left a little bumfuzzled (that’s a reviewing word, right??!!).

The story follows Eva Andrews after she has moved to Dublin to start her life afresh. There she meets Julian Harte, who serves as an escort for her to a masquerade party hosted by her office. The “game” played at this office gave me a few “what the heck” moments. At times, most of the characters, especially Eva, were extremely naïve and gullible. And as much as I wanted to love her as the romantic heroine in the story, it was difficult at times because she was so easily influenced. The staff was enough to keep me on edge with how they conducted themselves sometimes around the game.

That being said, the love scenes were very well written. I think Ms. Harris really captured some great moments in some of them and it was easy to kinda forget all of the other turmoil going around when the story shifted to those scenes.

I want to love Eva and Julian, I really do. There were definite moments of sheer creativity in the storyline. However, there were also a few times that things got a little predictable and unbelievable. An example of this to me, and I will totally admit that I am a nit-picky reader, was how easily and quickly adapted to European slang Eva became. But, like I said, I tend to be incredibly nit-picky and some people are not.

Overall, I think this book has great promise. If I can overlook my tendencies to pick, I think the next book(s) in the series will continue to spell things out and set a tone. I think anyone who enjoys a little big of a mysterious romance would enjoy this one and should give it a try.



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