Review of NYX by D. M. Livingstone



by D.M. Livingston 


A heart-warming fantasy-horror novel about Nyx, a sarcastic, mildly homicidal fairy, who is hurled into Hell, but instead of damned souls and devils, she finds only a group of confused, young human witches.

It’s hate at first sight.

But Nyx and the witches, whose magical skills are not quite polished, must work together to survive the ravages of Hell, and then the demon-infested nightmare Earth has become.

The motley crew searches for the Keys of Iron, Flame, and Sorrow, which will (hopefully) close the Gates of Hell. However, the dark queen Morda, who opened the Gates by tricking Lucifer himself, takes a special interest in obliterating the bickering group.

That is, if they don’t obliterate each other first…



yes review

by D.M. Livingston

Reviewed by Rachel

This is not a vanity review…..I’m always honest with my thoughts and reviews of books and I’m afraid that this book just wasn’t for me.

The cover and the the blurb looked good…. a fantasy horror with a sarcastic and witty fairy but I just couldn’t get past 52%.

The story is told from the point of view of NYX,  a sparky and mischievous fairy who has been thrown into hell. She meets four witches who are a real mixed bag and the quest/adventure starts as they try to escape hell and save the world.

I really did try to get into this book but unfortunately for me there was to much use of the word “said”, on one page it was used 18 times!. After reading each chapter there were footnotes and meanings explained, having to read through them made the story really hard to follow and I just lost the flow.

Was it the worst book in the world? No, not by any means. I can’t give it more than 2 apples though and I’m only giving those for the cover and because I understand the time it takes to get a book out there. I personally didn’t like it, or enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t just love it as we all read a book differently.



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