Lussuria and L’amore


Lussuria and L’amore by S.J. Molloy
Reviewed by Crystal

I found this first book in S.J. Molloy’s Luminara Series to be all over the place…in the best possible way. Lexi Robertson lives a life that she has carefully constructed into neat little files. She painstakingly obsesses about nearly every aspect of her life and tries to compartmentalize everything. In order to let loose just a little bit, she decides to go on a vacation to Tuscany with her best friend. In pops Lucca Caruso and all of his sexy glory. And, boy oh boy, does he just ooze sex appeal. Lexi is seemingly a person who doesn’t want to feel things anymore in her life, but Lucca has changed that. He forces her to live again through what first starts as lust but quickly turns into love. Lucca is trying his best to help Lexi find the light at the end of the tunnel so she can just learn to be herself.

The second book picked up right where the first left off which I appreciate. I like that in a series, where the story just continues. This book centers mainly on Lexi and Lucca’s relationship. It has definite hot, erotic love scenes that will have any romance lover swooning. But there’s also an inherent sweetness to Lucca as he tries to teach Lexi how to love. However, a monster from Lexi’s past emerges on their happy life and Lucca is forced to protect his love at all costs. While Michael Parks is doing his best to destroy Lexi, Lucca has embarked on his own journey to cherish her and bring her the love she so deserves.

Both of these books were very well written and I would definitely recommend them to readers. Lucca has earned a spot in my book boyfriends!



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