** Review ** A Dominant man by Lena Black




book blurb


 Gabrielle Hyde is bright, beautiful, and feisty, with a brilliant future ahead of her and an even darker past to overcome.
Damian Hunt, CEO of Hunt Industries Inc., is tormented by his inner demons, shattered past, and need to control.
When Elle falls into Hunt’s life, their need to be possessed by the other takes hold, beginning the young couple’s roller coaster affair.
Damian becomes obsessed with Elle, his desire to dominate her, and his ability to give her what she deserves…Possibilities.
When their pasts make themselves present, Elle starts to wonder if she could ever truly give in to such…A DOMINANT MAN
meet the author
Lena Black is a former Medical Assistant living in Los Angeles. She was introduced to books at a young age by her mother and grandmother’s love of the written word.
She is currently working on the next novel in the series with others in the works.


review by rachel

A Dominant Man 
Lena Black
Hmmmm …. This was a difficult book for me to review. I am drawn to this genre but I found this book just way to close to 50 shades, and yes I know there are a lot of spin offs but this book lacked anything different.
Gabrielle’s relationship towards Hunt was like pulling petals off a daisy…… She loves him… She loves him not…. She loves him ….she loves him not! you get what I mean!.  She was so over dramatic with situations and I  found her very frustrating.
However I did like that Gabrielle wasn’t just an innocent girl but had a dark past and her own wealth.
 Hunt was portrayed as a believable dominant man, however he had nothing that would make him stand out.
Finally towards the end of the book I started to see some improvement… then Bam!… the cliffhanger! 
The cover and a blurb was pulling and I really wanted to enjoy this book, but it was just ok, it didn’t really hold my attention.
It had a few errors and what I thought to be unnecessary and boring dialogue.
just touching the 3 Golden apples 

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