The Intern Serials

TheInternSerialsThe Intern Serials by Brooke Cumberland

review by crystal

I knew when I read the blurb for the first book in this series that I wanted to read it.  But, alas, I’m not much of a novella/serial reader unless there are several out already.  I’m not very patient when it comes to loving a story and having to wait (sorry, I’m just not)!

In the first book, we meet Cecilia, who goes by Ceci.  She’s on a quest for information – very personal information that is near and dear to her heart.  Her best shot to get that is by taking an internship at the prestigious Leighton Enterprises.  Enter the sexy soon-to-be CEO, Bentley Leighton.  Bentley doesn’t take too kindly to the whole intern aspect of his job, but he’s instantly impressed with Ceci during her interview.  And thus begins the very torrid affair between the two.  The more time they spend together, the more Bentley can’t seem to control his actions or mouth.  Ceci is very focused on her end game of getting the information she so desperately desires in order to hopefully help heal a wounded part of her past.  Book two is where things come to a head in their relationship.  I found myself really rooting for the relationship even though I knew things that Bentley didn’t.  I was really hoping that when the crap hit the fan that Bentley could cope with it and the couple could move forward.  However….  And now about book three – it was great (just like the other two).  The story continues and I was left feeling very angsty the entire time.  But that’s not a bad thing.  I think it was necessary in order to get where they needed to be.  And I really can’t elaborate any further without giving major things away.  Just trust me when I say that it’s all worth it!

Overall, I really, really liked this series.  I’m very excited that there will be one more installment.  While 1-3 ended in a place I liked, I can really see where the extra book will make readers continue to love these characters.  I think Brooke Cumberland has a knack for writing a strong female character.  Bentley was amazing, but there was just something about Ceci and her strength that I really liked.  These were the first books I’d read by Brooke and I’ve definitely added her others to my “to-read” list.  Bottom line, go out and get these, like now!



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