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Post-war Britain, a place where the ravages of the last few years were still evident on every street. People could breathe easier now the bombing had stopped, and their lives could slowly get back to normal. It was still a time of austerity; even basic foodstuffs were rationed, and luxury goods were a dream to many unless you knew where to look!
Innocent Mary Murphy is a young woman with her head in the clouds. Her life revolves around her work and the stars on the silver screen, movies being her escape from the grey world around her. Her fascination and desire to BE like those Actresses on the screen takes her into the world of the Black Market; and more specifically the world of Bargain Bernie! He has come out of the war a wealthy man, known all over London as THE man to go to for anything you could possibly desire; and he has just what Innocent wants!
When she see’s the beautiful lingerie and clothes that fill his warehouse Innocent MUST have them, and he has a way for her to earn them!
Her naivety leads her to believe she is “modelling” his clothes for his customers, little knowing she is feeding the desire for erotic pictures! When the chance comes to actually be in movies as part of her new profession she jumps at the chance…and that is where things take an unexpected twist!
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Verity Roth is a 30-something mum of two, who until very recently only wrote as a hobby!
Finally listening to the encouragement of her friends and family, Verity has taken the step of publishing her first book, and a Picture Of Innocence is now available to all!
Living a hectic life in the Midlands of the UK, Verity divides her time between her children, her dogs and now being a full-time Author; a sequel will be with you very soon!




I thought I would give a little taster of my new book… Its a bit naughty, so NSFW and 18+ please..hope you like it!
You can read the excerpt over on goodreads. 


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review by rachel

This book grabbed my attention from page 1, and I was easily lost in the story and the era it was set in.
Based around a character called Innocent, who is a young woman living and working in London in the 1940’s, She adores the whole movie star scene, the picture houses, the clothes and the glamour.
Innocent lives with her auntie and still on rations, Innocent would work all week just to so she could pop and see “Uncle Bernie” and the delights he had to offer ….. silk stocking, camisoles ….. this is where she felt like a movie star and this is where is all starts for her. 
We follow her as she changes from a very naive lady into someone much more fun and flirty.
This book had a brilliant story line full of detail and a sprinkle of wit throughout the book.  All the characters had strength, were likeable and each had a uniqueness to them.
Picture of Innocence is a feel good read to get lost in, will have you smiling, laughing and wiggling at a few of the naughty bits 🙂
A great fun read, I really enjoyed how it was written, was refreshing, entertaining and enjoyable.
I can not wait  to see what comes next for Innocent……
A huge well done on this duet book, I will absolutely read more of Verity’s work.

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