Kade’s Turn


Kade’s Turn by Tiffany Snow
review by crystal

Yay!  Release day for Kade’s Turn is finally here!  I’m a little late in the day getting my review posted, but I’m sure everyone is out reading it anyway…so, it’s all good!

What can I say about this book (and series) that I haven’t previously said??  I’m here to tell you how possible it is to love characters even more after a companion novel comes out.  It’s no secret among us Orchard Girls that we are a divided club over this series.  Amanda and Tina will have to forgive me and divert their eyes because I’m going to give all sorts of praise to this book and Kade.  Nicola will love it, and once Rachel latches onto this series, she’ll be on our side too I bet!

This book is the third time we’ve heard what happened in book two but now from Kade’s perspective.  And, oh what a perspective it is.  However, it’s not what you’d expect.  It’s not all hard edges and smart-ass comments.  It possesses some incredibly sweet and moving scenes and thoughts from Kade that fans will absolutely love.  I make it no secret that Kade was my pick for Kathleen.  I was pro-Blane at first, but the more I read, the more I just decided that Kade needed her more than Blane did.  I have no problems with Blane and I do wish him a happy ending, but I just think that Kade needed Kathleen more than his brother did.

Now that we are truly at the end of the series, as a reader I can review this book with an open heart and open mind.  We all know what happens to Kathleen in each book…let’s face it, she’s a trouble-magnet.  We all know (spoiler ahead) that she ends up with Kade.  What we didn’t know, until now, is how Kade felt about it.  We had Kathleen’s story and even got a glimpse into Blane’s version.  I, personally, was very interested in what Kade would have to say about his feelings for Kathleen.  I mean, after all, she was his brother’s girlfriend.  Do I think he honed in on her on purpose?  No, absolutely not.  I think things happen sometimes that we cannot control or foresee, and I believe that Kade and Kathleen’s relationship is a true testament to this fact.  I don’t think he meant to hurt Blane in the process of falling in love with Kat…it just happened.

In my opinion, this book explains in good detail how deeply Kade felt for Kat.  This book was written differently from the others in that it was less about what was going on around the characters and more about what was going on internally in Kade’s head as he struggled with the realization that he had strong, serious feelings for his brother’s girlfriend.  No one needed all of the events of book two rehashed again exactly as they happened, but rather it was very nice to see what Kade’s perspective was as things unfolded.  The fact that no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t leave her alone and stay away from her made the book that much more enjoyable to me.  I mean I really, really liked that aspect of it.  I liked hearing about his inner turmoil and battles as he came to terms with what he was feeling since he wasn’t a man who felt things easily and needlessly.  He became more or a man and less of an asshole in this book.  It was bittersweet for me because I know it was the end, but I also now have a look into what was going on in Kade’s head.

Bottom line(s)…read this series, it’s truly entertaining and fabulous; try to keep an open mind as you read the series and don’t count Kade out just because you prefer Blane; and lastly, oh yea, read the books!  I was so excited to have received this book early for the opportunity to review it.  And even though our Orchard club is torn apart at the seams over the inevitable Blane vs. Kade drama this series created, the fact that it did create drama means that it’s worth reading!  And, as if you had to guess…




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  1. Wonderful review! The best series I have ever read, and reread 😃 several times. Was so glad to read from Kades perspective

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