***REVIEW*** Dancing In The Rain by Caroline Easton.


 Dancing In The Rain by Caroline Easton.


review by nicola

Recommended warning before reading, have tissues or long sleeves because this story will break you .

This book reads as a diary, I feel like I have snooped into the life of Jane and its not pretty…..by far. This story is based on Jane’s life, if you can call it her life. Having married her high school sweet heart, Dave, and having a beautiful baby girl, Jane thinks her life is perfect….until decisions are taken away from her. Dave is a controlling, vindictive and spiteful man who controls every aspect of Jane’s life, right down to how many miles Jane can drive a day!

Now its easy for me to criticise Jane for staying with this monster. I have never been in an abusive relationship, physical or emotional, but I know deep down that one hit would be enough to make me walk! But that’s from me, on the outside looking in. I guess when fear rules you its easier to tow the line for what I guess Jane sees as an ‘easy life’.

Hats off to Caroline, this book had me in more tears more than any other book has……EVER, and I’m the cryer of the club! It brought out emotions in me that I didn’t think a book could, I cried, scratch that, I sobbed and I mean gut wrenching sobs. I felt anger towards Jane for staying with this so called ‘Man’ and for making excuse after excuse for him. I also felt anger towards her friends for not spotting the signs that their friend was suffering. I mean how many times can you say you walked into a door before the alarm bells start ringing? Toby was the only one who seemed to see what was happening to his dear Janey and willing to push his friendship with her to get her the help she needed, even if Jane couldn’t see it for herself. But the one I felt to most anger towards was Dave’s dad (insert words I can NOT type without getting into trouble) you sir are the scum of the earth!!

But its not all doom and gloom for Jane, every cloud and that. By the end of the story the tears were still flowing but for totally different reasons. A worth while read for anyone who likes ‘true life’ stories. I can’t wait to start Caroline’s next book, Taking a Risk.



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