***REVIEW*** Chances R by Lance Oren.


 Chances R by Lance Oren


review by laura

What a thoroughly enjoyable book this was to read. Very easy to follow and I couldn’t put it down!

In Chances R we meet Annie, a super hybrid computer who you will fall in love with. Annie is stolen from the lab where she was created and ends up in a dumpster. Along comes Willie and finds her and sells her to the local pawn shop. And then comes Kevin who is looking for a new computer and this is how he is introduced to Annie. After realising what Annie is capable off and how smart she is, he is determined to keep her safe. Annie starts to develop feelings for Kevin and Kevin wishes that Annie was human as she is exactly what he wants in a women.

With all the technological things that Annie can do it’s no wander there is a lot of people out to find her and it’s not just the good guys either.

Will Annie be able to keep the danger at bay and will she finally discover the truth about how she was created?

This book has a fabulous ending and one that I would definitely ready again.

A very worthy 5 Stars.



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