***REVIEW*** The Haunting of Highdown Hall by Shani Struthers.


The Haunting Of Highdown Hall by Shani Struthers



review by nicola


I first “met” Shani last year with a review on her first book, Runaway Year. I absolutely adore that book, so when she told me she was writing another book I was eager to get my hands on it. I was expecting another chick lit book but what I got was sooo much more!
I was presented with The Haunting of Highdown Hall. A story about Ruby Davis and her psychic abilities, along with her colleges from Psychic Surveys. I love these kind of books, Shani has an even balance of mystery, a lil bit of romance and heart pumping moments throughout the book (now that’s what I love!) 

Hats off to Shani! I was worried about the jump of genre but what the hell do I know?! This story was awesome!!!
I was gripped from the word go! All the characters, even Jed the dog, were well received. I could easily vision each one in my head, in fact from the Pinterest board I had Theo down to a T 🙂


My favourite character was Cynthia Hart, I was intrigued in how this person would be written into the book but Shani didn’t let me down….. In fact, I was eager to get to her parts within the book. Cynthia also pulled on my heart string a little, a total diva yet hiding in the shadows totally afraid of what was out to get her, and what it was was a totally shocker! In fact I got it wrong 3 times *shocked face*.
I did want to smack the snivelling little git that inherited Highdown Hall in the head on a few occasions, no, scratch that, every time he appeared! He was rude, abrupt and just a whiny little man (well done on that Shani)

20140831_193843 (1)

Shani is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and that’s with only 2 books under her belt. That being said she has told me she has a VERY busy year ahead of her, which is fantastic news for us readers 😀

I can’t wait for the next instalment and what the story will bring. Here’s hoping to a sooner rather than later release!



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