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Eric Bennett, is at the top and a very successful investment banker with his business a booming success. His personal investments have made him a very wealthy man.

Then why does he feel empty? Why does spending the hours at a job he loves seem to have just become a job?

Eric sets off on a thirty day vacation hoping it will help him find what is missing, or will everything he has worked for be lost by a single flash of anger? Will the simple act of being truthful cost him the one thing he never thought he would find? Will the cost of protecting that one thing cost him his dream? Forever!

Alexis Mann, is and E.R. Nurse, or rather used to be, who walked away from a job that had been her life and the only thing that mattered. Personal tragedy rocks her world to the very core. Can her loss bring her the missing piece in her life but will it only be taken away by the insanity of the rejection of truthful words?

Horrific tragedies happen. Can one that causes so much pain physically and to the soul, bring Alexis and Eric together to find their way to happiness? Or will evil insanity take away everything forever?

review by laura

Hidden Soul
Beverly Brantley

Meet rich and successful investment banker Eric Bennett and for those who have read Soul Song will recognise Eric as the brother of the gorgeous Cade Bennett, and Eric is as equally gorgeous.

Eric is beginning to tire of the day to day work he is doing so decides to take some time out to find himself. But things don’t go to plan for Eric and after being involved in terrible tragedy he meets the lovely Alexis. Alexis is as breathe of fresh air for Eric and the tragedy brings him and Alexis closer.

But as with all good stories things don’t go quite as planned for the two and when some psychopath decides it’s time for Eric to pay for for some past deeds, Eric must decide whether it’s safe to continue to have Alexis in his life. Well Alexis stand by Eric through the bad times or will Eric push her away to keep her safe?

I’ve read a couple of Beverlys books and as expected it didn’t disappoint. The story flowed well and I absolutely loved the characters and it was fab to meet old characters again and I adored the brotherly relationship between Eric and Cade.

Well written Beverly and so deserving of the 5 Golden Apples I have given it.





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