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Photo of the cover of Revival, book 2 of the Twisted Series by Rebecca SherwinTitle:   Revival

Author:  Rebecca Sherwin

Series:   The Twisted Series, Book 2

Publication Date:   January 16, 2015

Tour Sponsors:    Rebecca Sherwin & Passionate Promotions

Genre:  Erotic Romance-Suspense; dark romance

Audience: 18+ for strong language and sexual content



With explosive suspense and dark sensuality, Revival, book #2 in the Twisted series, is a passionate, riveting tale of power, conflict and dangerous desire, told by Cut Throat Curtis

I was a failure. An orphan. A quitter. A heartbreaker. A screw-up. A criminal. A monster.

The life I was imprisoned in was the life I deserved.

Beep, beep, beep.

Ollie’s death shredded my tenacity, chipped away at my confidence and stole the will to fight out from under me. When the toxic worthlessness swimming through my veins made me reject the only girl I’d ever loved, she took the rest of my life with her.

Beep, beep, beep.

Alone, away from home and emotionally desolate, I was propelled into a life of greed, control and crime when fate played a hand and forced mine into the clutches of Charlie Alexander Tattersell. My vixen. My poison. My villainous addiction.

Beep, beep, beep.

I fought for and against the life that held me captive, but one painful reminder returned to haunt me.

I was the only one who knew the truth.

Skye’s truth. My love. My driving force. My life’s obsession.

Beep, beep, beep.

After enlisting the help of my protégé, Jesse ‘the Gentleman’ Kennedy, the mission began.

I had to find answers, retribution and the spark that would release me from the claws of the abyss and bring me one step closer to the Skillet.

Beep, beep, beep.

With new secrets waiting around every corner, a vicious Charlie waiting to bury me and the haunting memories of every mistake I’d ever made hanging over me, I missed one vital clue.

The key to my revival…

 A photo teaser of a man in shadow, featuring a quote from Revival, a new erotic romance-suspense novel by author Rebecca Sherwin


Photo of the cover of Revival, book 2 of the Twisted Series by Rebecca Sherwin

I climbed in the shower and let the water hit my skin like hot bullets. I bowed my head and clenched my fists by my sides. It was my usual position; I was closed even to myself. I knew I was worthless, I knew I had nothing but my fists and the mask of who I pretended to be. Cocky Cut Throat. The one all the girls talked about, in one way or another. The one the men bowed to without me having to demand it. I hadn’t even really earned it. I didn’t want it. I did it all for those precious few moments in the cage that convinced me, for a while, that I meant something.

Skye. I craved her. I knew nothing about her; nothing but the demons Ollie kept from her, but I wanted her. A consuming ache replaced the venomous self-loathing as the water continued to pour. She threatened my control. She was a danger to my self-preservation. I knew that above everything else, but I was a selfish bastard and a glutton for punishment. I climbed out of the shower with a one-track mind; I didn’t bother wrapping a towel around me, there was no time for that. Each drip of  water that fell to the floor as I walked through the apartment echoed around the empty space like the ominous beat of a drum.

I shook the water off like a dog, pulled on some old clothes and scrubbed an old towel over my hair. I grabbed my keys and left the gym.

Photo of the cover of Revival, book 2 of the Twisted Series by Rebecca SherwinCharlie took me to a posh hotel, dripping with money and covered in gold. She handed me a keycard.

“You put it in the elevator,” she almost smiled. “Everything you need will be waiting when you step out. You need to be back in this car in thirty minutes. At thirty minutes and one second, I leave and you put everything back. Are we clear?”

Her driver got out and opened my door but I kept my eyes on the stranger next to me. She kept her eyes on me. She had absolutely no intention of telling me anything more and I knew better than to ask questions. I just got the feeling it was better to not know the truth when it came to her.


I could turn it off; the nerves, the worry. I could make it go away with the flick of a switch and that’s what I did. I shut down, took a deep breath and climbed out of the car. I headed straight through the lobby, ignoring the looks and the “excuse me” from the security guard. I was waiting to be thrown out, but the minute I inserted the card in the slot on the panel by the lift, he smiled in obedience and retreated back to his spot by the entrance.

The lift climbed and climbed and climbed some more, which only gave me time to think. I had no idea what I was about to do, but I needed the money. I would have climbed in the car for a three-figure sum; I just hit the jackpot when Charlie offered me five. Who has that kind of money to throw at thug-looking scumbags? Charlie Alexander Tattersell, that’s who. I was too curious, too stupid, to desperate to back out and as the door opened, I stepped out of the lift and into a life I had no idea existed.


Photo of the cover of Revival, book 2 of the Twisted Series by Rebecca Sherwin“You want out?” She caressed my tie and feigned concern. I knew better than to believe it.

“So what if I do?”

“We have a deal.” Her eyes darkened with a frown.

Mine darkened in return.

What happens when two stubborn, fucked up people enter into a world-dominating contract? The world stops, turns on its axis and spins out of control. The short answer? It’s explosive.

“No, you have a deal. I can walk away whenever I feel like it.” I gripped her knees, pulled her forward, and shoved the dress higher, exposing her underwear.

“That’s what you think?”

“That’s what I know.”

“I can take everything away,” she hissed. “You think you own this place?” She gestured around the room and pointed to the panoramic view of the city. “You think that view is yours to enjoy?” She reached forward and grabbed my tie again. “You these think these suits, your fancy cars, your expensive furniture is yours? That you earned it?” Slowly she reached for my belt and fluidly popped the buckle. “You think you own this city? You think you own me?”

She crashed her lips to mine and I tangled my hand in her hair at the nape of her neck. Charlie’s mouth marked me, leaving a burning stain of toxic red lipstick on my lips when she pulled back.

“You don’t. I can take it away. Just like-” she snapped her manicured fingers in front of my face “-that.”

“That’s what you think?” I repeated her words from earlier.

“That’s what I know.” She repeated mine and spat them back at me.

I reared up, shoving her back on the table with my hand curled around her throat.

“We’ll see who owns who when you’re begging me to let you come.”

I pulled my trousers open and tore her underwear away; Charlie’s eyes rolled back and she groaned in satisfaction when I slammed into her.

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“As a HUGE fan of Survival, the first book in this series, I was beyond excited to begin reading this second book. I am so grateful I received an ARC copy. In Revival, we are told Curtis “Cut Throat” Mason’s story and it had me as gripped as the first!!! Curtis is such a multifaceted man and I loved how that plays out in the book. He is angry, hurt, confused, sensitive, determined…the list goes on. Add to this that he is hot and sexy as hell and you know you are onto something good. We meet interesting new characters…some you will love, some you will cry for and some you will hate! I cannot wait to read more of there stories in the third book “Thrive”! The authors descriptions of the fight scenes were so well written that it made me almost smell the sweat! This book is intense, dark, and full of sadness. And the ending had my mind blown!!!! I cannot wait to read more in this series and from Rebecca Sherwin!!!
“Cut Throat Curtis is a fighter, one who doesn’t physically fight anymore – or does he? He fights for his right to live his life his way, he fights to overcome his demons, he fights to feel and he fights to get back the all consuming love he lost. We are introduced to Jessie The Gentleman Kennedy and together Jessie and Curtis embark on a mission to uncover a mystery, the mystery that is Oliver Jones (you’ll have met Ollie in Survival). Introduce the despicable Charlie (the woman you will love to hate) and you have a group of characters sure to entertain.”

A photo teaser introducing Jesse Kennedy, a character in Revival, an erotic romance-suspense novel by author Rebecca Sherwin

About Rebecca Sherwin 

rebeccaphoto.pngRebecca is a coffee drinking, music loving, working single mother and writing insomniac. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and when she’s not reading she’s squeezing her eyes shut and willing sleep to descend.

She writes about serious issues, giving emotional turmoil a twist and adding a little humour and sarcasm. Her stories are real and relatable, yet unexpected and unpredictable. Every writer was a reader first and Rebecca owes her passion for creating and telling emotional tales to the stories she has read and the people, places and experiences that have, and continue to, inspire her. Rebecca wants her readers to escape to a world where fairy tales and true love exist, wrapping her stories up with angst, passion and curveballs you won’t see coming. Her writing aims to bring problems and tragedies people face every day to light, make them relatable and leave her readers thinking long after they’ve read the last page.

In 2015, you can find Rebecca signing her books at events in Peterborough, London, York, and Birmingham. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello.


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Photo of a man's hand, open, overlaid with a quote by Curtis Mason, a character in the erotic romance-suspense  novel, Revival, by Rebecca Sherwin

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