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Genie by Kitty French ~~ Release day



Feathers. Lies. Glitter. Secrets. Lust. Meet Genie Divine, the wise-cracking London show-girl on a hell-bent mission to save her beloved family theatre.
Now meet Abel Kingdom, the australian gym mogul determined to buy it out from underneath her.
On paper they have nothing in common, and when they meet, they have even less.
The only thing they DO have is chemistry. Undeniable, rip-my-clothes-off-and-do-me-now-against-the-wall chemistry.
He wants her theatre. She wants him dead.
The stage is set for an explosive summer…

Amazon US
Amazon UK

The lift doors behind them slid open and he half dragged her inside the glittering, mirrored and thankfully empty chamber. As the doors closed, he pushed her against the back wall and lifted her clean off her feet, cradling her face in his hands as his crotch burned into her, hot and hard. His eyes told her that he was as far down the line as he was.
‘I can’t take my fucking eyes off you,’ he breathed. ‘Or my hands.’
Genie didn’t want him to take his hands off her. She wanted him to use them to rip her dress from her body and screw her right there against the wall of the lift.
This wasn’t about his business with her uncle any more. It was about the fact that no man had ever touched her like this, made her feel like this, in her entire life. It was about the fact that this was so far beyond turned on. He made her burn for him, as if she were stifling and the only thing that would give her air was the orgasm he was about to give her.
‘Then don’t,’ she said, her fingers on the buttons of his shirt. She wanted him out of it. ‘Don’t take your hands off me. Put them on me.’
His dark eyes glittered, and the lift juddered to a halt as his palm slammed over the emergency stop button. ‘We’ve got three minutes before the override kicks back in,’ he told her, and Genie gasped as he rucked her skirt up and slid his hand up her thigh. She had his shirt open and dragged it free of his trousers. Rock star beautiful, his hand skimmed her panties.
She was lost in how good he was. Three minutes would have to be enough. ‘Put your hands all over me, Abel.’
His tongue slid between her lips as he kissed her, his fingers stroking over the silk between her legs.
‘Is this where you want me to touch you, Beauty?’ He whispered. Beauty. The endearment on his lips flipped her stomach almost as much as his touch between her legs did. ‘Here?’ He pushed the satin aside and ran the back of his fingers over her. His tongue traced her mouth, mirroring the sensation. So much, and still nowhere near enough.
Yes, there. Yes, more. She rocked into his fingers, moaning as they moved into her folds. Abel held her steady between his body and the wall as he opened her, explored her. ‘You feel fucking amazing,’ he muttered, his voice barely there, raw.
Genie clung to him, her mouth on the bunched muscles of his tanned shoulder where she’d pushed his shirt back. He was beautiful in the most masculine sense of the word. Hard. Sexy. Lava hot. And very, very turned on, if his shallow breathing pattern was anything to go on. She knew now just how much he’d been holding back downstairs. He was like a sexual force of nature. Unstoppable.
She bit down and gasped as he drew patterns on her clitoris, his mouth hot on her ear.
‘I’m gonna slide my cock inside you,’ he whispered, switching to a steady rhythm.
‘Right here,’ he pushed two fingers inside her, his thumb still working her clit. Genie cried out, opening wider, clamping her leg around his thigh. ‘Beauty…’ he breathed as he ran his tongue over her ear. ‘Sweet Jesus…’ he groaned as she rode herself against his hand.
She was going to come. He had her rapt, spiralling, grinding down on his pumping fingers. She wanted everything he had. His hands, his mouth, his cock. All of it, right here in this lift. She couldn’t breathe, she was so close, so ready.
‘Oh my fucking God,’ she gasped, biting her lip as he slammed her harder against the wall, his mouth all over hers, his fingers knuckle deep inside her. She opened her eyes almost in shock as her orgasm started, and found his eyes open too, watching her. Dark. Lost. Possessive. Filthy. His lips parted slightly as his breath dragged out of his chest and his hips rocked against his hand between her legs. It was as close to fucking as it got. Every inch of Genie’s body tensed as he crooked his fingers inside her, massaging her g-spot.
He held her steady and kissed her through it. Through every dazzling, bone-melting second of her orgasm, every breathless gasp, every tremor. His lips roved over her mouth, drinking from her, connecting her to him in every way possible as her body broke hard for him.
‘That was pretty fucking sexy,’ he whispered a few seconds later, slowly straightening her panties and smoothing her dress over her hips before buttoning his shirt as the lift started to move again. She swallowed with difficulty as the doors slid open, unable to speak yet.
Hell, she could barely stand up.
‘Not our floor,’ Abel mouthed against her ear, moving to stand close behind her against the wall as several people stepped into the car. A couple. A businessman. Was it obvious to them what they’d just been doing? Surely it had to be written all over her face
that she’d just had the best orgasm of her life?
Abel’s hand rested on her hip, and as the car began to move he drew her back and settled his still hard cock against her ass. ‘How do you want it?’ he spoke quietly, but Genie was pretty certain the other woman heard him. He kissed her neck slowly,sending a shudder of pleasure from her scalp to her toes. ‘Like this, from behind?’ he murmured as his fingers spanned her stomach, holding her against his erection as more people stepped in at the next floor. Clearly their three-minute lift stop had caused something of a backlog. It was getting a little crowded.
She all but yelped as his hand moved over her ass. ‘want you on your knees…’ he whispered, and she closed her eyes. The man melted her. ‘I want you on your back…’ his voice was lethal in her ear. ‘I want you on my cock, Beauty.’
The lift stopped again at the last but one floor and everyone except Genie and Abel stepped out of the car. As the doors slid closed, the woman turned back and flicked an appreciative glance towards Abel, and an envious one at Genie. She couldn’t blame her. The man radiated sex, and right now, late night and turned on, he was the dictionary definition of hot as hell.


USA Today Bestselling author Kitty French is a total romance junkie; she loves to read it, watch it, and most of all to write it. Her sizzling Lucien Knight trilogy topped the amazon erotic charts on both sides of the Atlantic ~ everyone went crazy for Lucien
Knight, the wise cracking Viking sex god who can melt underwear from ten paces away.
Kitty lives in England with her husband and two young sons, and she is mildly addicted to fairy lights, wine and stationery.
She also writes romantic comedy for HarperCollins under thepseudonym Kat French.







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UK signing events ~ links

Some brilliant uk Author signing events coming up so we though we would list them all here with the ticket links so that you don’t miss out 🙂

Links for upcoming UK signing events 2015

March 14th ~~~ PETERBOROUGH

god dam last banner lol





th copy 5



April 18th ~~~ LONDON




th copy 5



April 25th ~~~ YORK




th copy 5



July 11th ~~~DUBLIN




TICKETS copy 5


July 18th ~~~ BIRMINGHAM





th copy 5


August ~~~ ABERDEEN


TICKETS copy 5


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*Re-Release Blitz* Seeing White (Book One) By Charlotte E Hart



*Re-Release Blitz*
Seeing White (Book One)
By Charlotte E Hart

Alexander White, the wealthy businessman with
looks to die for. Just like the other colors you’d think…but no.

He came from a very different place and made some
of his money a very different way.

And he keeps it well hidden because the truth
would destroy everything he has. All that he’s worked for would be gone in an
instant if they ever found out what he’s capable of, or what he really did and
who he did it for. So he keeps people far away with metaphorical games and
walls to deceive and confuse.

He doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t do
emotions and he certainly doesn’t do love…whatever the hell that might be.

He does money. Making it, manipulating it and
spending it whist he plays with women who know what they’re signing up for when
they walk in the room.

Three people shaped who he is today. One damaged
him beyond repair, another taught him to control the rage, and a decent one
helps him to consider his options more appropriately than his own head might

But be under no illusions ladies, Mr. White has
not been a nice man, and he will probably never be a decent man but as long as
he keeps up his image, and nothing gets through his barriers, no one will ever
see the truth.


Life’s good for Elizabeth Scott, successful
business, happy kitchen and a great sister who deals with all the expensive
people so she doesn’t have to. She just cooks, bakes and smiles her way through
each day… well most of the time anyway, that is when her great sister isn’t
pushing her to, “get out there a bit more,” or “sort her shit out.”

Then the biggest contract of their lives comes
up… And the ever  useless London tube,
with her sister in it, catastrophically breaks down. Unfortunately that means
only one thing, she’ll have to deal with some of that wealth herself and that
means the devastating Mr. Alexander White in all his glory.

Life suddenly couldn’t get worse, regardless of
his unfairly gorgeous backside.

She has no idea what the hell she’s doing.

He had been entirely happy to just be with her and learn all
about her body, he’d relished every second of searching for what she enjoyed
and where she needed him to be. Her nuances and differences were a fucking
challenge to be reveled in and worshiped. He’d spent long periods of time
simply exploring and licking his way around her and Christ she had tasted so
good too, so sweet, like nectar sent from the gods as his prize. She’d melted
when he’d swirled his tongue over her and had made her come for the third time,
so responsive and hungry for more as each moan of desire had pushed him further
towards his own explosion. When she’d pushed him onto his back and indicated
that she wanted to ride him he’d let her. That was interesting; he hadn’t
wanted that for a very long time, he normally didn’t want anything above him
yet with her he’d allowed it, wanting her to stay on top so he could watch.
He’d been mesmerized as she’d taken his cock inside her and lowered down onto
him moaning with unadulterated pleasure and gasping as his size stretched her
wide. He’d just laid back and enjoyed the ride as they say; he couldn’t keep
his hands still for long though and had grabbed her hips and angled her
perfectly to increase the pressure sending her over the edge again, he’d been
so enthralled in just watching her writhing about on him with her beautiful
hair cascading down her spine that he’d exploded viciously inside her whilst
those soft, soul tearing brown eyes pleaded with him for more, something





Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Charlotte E Hart
Charlotte is an erotic romance author living in the heart of
the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain with her partner and daughter.
She’s lived all across the United Kingdom due to her previous employment as an
Event manager but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old
school England. She graduated from college with a degree in Business and her
Horse Riding Instructors Qualification, which eventually led her into the very
bizarre world of outdoor pursuit’s event management where she trained to
instruct all sorts of equipment. Some of which included crossbows, shotguns,
quad bikes, 4×4 driving and archery, she’s not entirely sure how any of it
happened but knows that she adored every minute.
Her love of reading started in college but the call to
writing came much later in life after the birth of her daughter when she
finally had the chance to put pen to paper for the first time. Writing has
become a revolution for the soul and she cherishes every second that she’s
sitting at the laptop and tapping her way into a new character.
When not writing she enjoys socializing with close friends
and travelling to all the major cities across the globe, travel has always been
a constant companion to reading throughout her life and only increases her
thirst for stimulation.
With the release of her novel Seeing White, the first part
of the White Trilogy, she intends to spend the next year enjoying every element
of being a published author and learning as much as she can. She also very much
looks forward to hopefully meeting some fans at some point.
Author Links:


Go over to Charlotte E Hart’s Author page and enter the giveaway pinned at the top of the page! 
Hosted by:
Naughty Playground

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*REVIEW* Hideaway Hill by Elle .A. Rose


Hideaway Hill

By Elle .A. Rose


review by amanda

This book was fantastic! It was a quick easy read that had me hooked from the beginning. I mainly loved this book because I am a sucker for a good love story and that is what this is. I loved the main characters, Veronica and Blake. I was rooting for them through the entire book. Blake is the definition of a true gentlemen. He dropped everything to be by her side. Veronica has been through so much, I was praying for her happy ever after. I was shocked with some of the twists and turns this book had that I never saw coming. That is what made it that much better.
The characters were perfect, the romance was sweet and the ending was beautiful! Definitely a well written book and I hope to read more from this author.


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Book Blog/Page Award Ceremony


As I’m sure most of you know Orchard made it to the final round of Book Blog/Page Award Ceremony 2014 organised by Logan Keys and Amy Donnelly.

Orchard got a

*** Honorable Mention ***

We love our book club are were extremely proud to have been put forward for the awards as there are some wonderful blogs in here, all giving amazing support to each other, authors and followers and we love being part of it all.

We are always so touched by the support from all of you, Unfortunately we didn’t come out top, but us Orchard girlies consider ourselves winners for having such fabulous friends around us …So massive thank you for all your support, love and likes!

~ Rachel ~ Nicola ~ Tina ~ Simone ~ Amanda ~ Crystal ~


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Sing Like Nobody’s Listening Release Day Blitz ~ Author : SJ McCoy

Sing Like Nobody’s Listening Release Day Blitz

Title : Sing Like Nobody’s Listening  
Author : SJ McCoy
Release date : February 22nd
Kenzie Reid is a survivor. She’s been out on her own since she was seventeen years old. She may not have much to show for it, but she’s made her own way in the world. Other than her sister, Megan, no one has ever cared whether she lived or died—not even her own parents. 

When Kenzie visits Summer Lake to make sure Megan is okay there, the quaint little town threatens to cast its spell over her, too. The place has its attractions, not the least of which is Chase, the lead singer with the local band. Kenzie knows attraction doesn’t last though and besides, she’s not cut out for small town life.

Chase Harper lives a life many guys would envy. He sings in a band, hangs with his guys, can have any woman he wants—and usually does. When he meets Kenzie, he soon realizes he’d gladly give it all up. He believes what they have could be a one-of-a-kind, but first he’ll have to convince her that it’s more than just a one-off. 

Will two people who weren’t looking for a relationship learn to trust one another enough to make it work?

Buy Links:
Kenzie was stunned by the effect he had on her. He took his time looking her over. She felt powerless as her body responded to him. She was used to men checking her out, but usually she was more aware of the effect she had on them than they had on her. Men were simple creatures. They were aroused by what they saw, and they only saw the facade. They saw the short skirts, the clingy tops, the brash blonde who gave as good as she got—usually better. As Chase’s gaze took her in, it felt like he was seeing past all of that, seeing her naked, in every respect. She’d have to be careful with this one. He was a pro.
He slowly lifted his gaze to meet hers. His lips curled up into a satisfied smile, knowing the effect he’d had on her. “Yeah. I was wondering where you’d gotten to, lover.” He narrowed his eyes, his smile sending shivers down Kenzie’s back. “I told you earlier. You’ll be coming with me tonight.”
Kenzie barely registered the girl walking away. She was too busy trying to catch her breath, attempting to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, and the heat starting to build between her legs. Damn him he was hot! For the first time she could remember, she wanted to back off. This guy was dangerous. “Don’t you think that’s a little presumptuous?” She arched an eyebrow at him.
As he grinned at her, his eyes told her he knew, knew that she was backpedaling. “Not at all. I think our earlier conversation was quite explicit about what we both want.” As he spoke, he reached out and placed his hand on her hip, his fingertips tracing the small of her back while his thumb circled her hip bone.
Smooth move! She had to give him that—and if he didn’t stop it soon, she’d give him anything he wanted and more. The heat between her legs was spreading through her as a deep desire for him while he held her gaze.
“Unless I misunderstood?” He drew her a little closer. “I know what I want.” His eyes were mesmerizing, a gorgeous hazel color not unlike her own. They were laughing down at her as he asked, “You’re not really going to tell me you don’t want me, are you?”
Kenzie shook her head. She wasn’t about to admit how badly she wanted him either or that she might have finally met her match. She took a deep breath and smiled back at him. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Chase. We both know I want you.” She gave a little chuckle. “Almost as much you want me, but I can’t tonight.”
She was relieved to see the disappointment, quickly followed by determination, cross his face. She was back in the driver’s seat. “Why not, darlin’? What could be more important than taking this back to my place?”
“My little sister is much more important. I’m only here for the weekend. I can’t just abandon her because some guy wants to sleep with me.” It was true. No matter how much she wanted Chase, she needed to figure out what Megan was getting herself into. Her first impression of Michael hadn’t done much to reassure her. She really shouldn’t go home with this guy tonight. She needed to stay with Megan.
Chase laughed. The sound of it, so deep and genuine, made her smile. “I wasn’t planning on letting you sleep.”
She grinned back at him. “Figure of speech. I wouldn’t let you get any rest either.”
“So why are you playing with me if we’re not going to do this?”
“I didn’t say we’re not going to do this, did I? I said I can’t tonight.”
His grin was so sexy! “So are you saying you can tomorrow night?”
He shook his head at her and caught her hand. “Come with me a minute? I want to show you something.”
She nodded and let him lead her away from the crowd. They walked all the way to the end of the deck and down the steps onto the beach. It was dark down here, the noise from the Boathouse was dulled by the steady lapping of the water against the stones on the shore.
Kenzie had to catch her breath again when he came to a stop and she looked up at him. He was gorgeous! The moonlight shone on his face as he pulled her towards him. He was smiling down at her.
“So what did you want to show me?”
“What you’re going to be missing.” As he spoke, he closed his arms around her, crushing her to his hard chest. His lips came down on hers as one hand slid down to clasp her ass and hold her against another hard part of him.
Kenzie’s mind spun away as her hands came up to tangle in his hair. He was biting her lips, demanding entry. She bit back, nibbling his lower lip. He closed both hands around her ass while he walked her backward until he had her up against one of the concrete blocks that supported the deck. Caught between his hands and thrusting hips, she moaned. Chase took advantage of her parted lips and claimed her mouth, his tongue sliding inside exploring, demanding. She moved her hips with his as she kissed him back, grasping his ass, moving him in her time. She parted her legs a little, needing to feel his hard cock pressing into her. God she wanted him! She wanted him out of his jeans and inside her panties. Why the hell had she chickened out? His fingers were teasing her nipple through her dress, driving her crazy. She couldn’t remember ever wanting a man like she wanted Chase right now.
Footsteps came thundering down the steps from the deck, laughter and voices brought her back to her senses. She broke away from him. At least she broke away from his lips. His arms tightened around her middle, his cock pressed deeper between her legs, making her hang on to his shoulders. The look in his eyes took her breath away when he spoke. “Come with me? We can’t stop this now.”
If it weren’t for the look in his eyes, she would have agreed with him. But his eyes were talking about a whole lot more than just the amazing sex they could be having. He looked confused, dazed, and desperate not to let go. Perhaps she could have ignored that. Her own desire might have been enough to override what she saw in his eyes—if it weren’t for the fact that it mirrored what she felt. A kiss had never made her feel this mixed up before. She wanted to explore it, explore him, his mind as well as his body. But that was far too scary. She’d been right from the beginning. This man was dangerous!
“We have to stop this now!” She pushed him off her, a little disappointed that he made no attempt to pin her there and convince her. She started to walk away from him, back towards the steps up to the deck.
“Are you even going to tell me your name?”
She turned back and smiled at him. “Kenzie.”
He caught up with her and closed his arms around her waist. Again she was powerless to stop him. Truth be told, she didn’t want him to stop. Seeming to sense that, he drew her closer with a smile.
“I like it. I never heard that name before.”
She smiled back. “That’s because I’m one of a kind.”
Hi, I’m SJ. A coffee addict, lover of chocolate and drinker of good red wines. I’m a lost soul and a hopeless romantic. Reading and writing are necessary parts of who I am. Though perhaps not as necessary as coffee! I can drink coffee without writing, but I can’t write without coffee.

I grew up loving romance novels, my first boyfriends were book boyfriends, but life intervened, as it tends to do, and I wandered down the paths of non fiction for many years. My life changed completely a couple of years ago and I returned to Romance to find my escape.

I write ‘Sweet N Steamy’ stories because to me there is enough angst and darkness in real life. My favorite romances are happy escapes with a focus on fun, friendships and happily-ever-afters, just like the ones I write.

These days I live in beautiful Montana, the last best place. If I’m not reading or writing you’ll find me just down the road in the park – Yellowstone. I have deer, eagles and the occasional bear for company, and I like it that way :0)





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*DOUBLE 5☆ REVIEW* The Rizzo Protocol by Samantha Fontien


The Rizzo Protocol

By Samantha Fontien


review by simone

Well, what can I say, the ever talented Samantha Fontien has done it again.

This book – her third – incorporates characters, scenes, situations and scenarios from her first two novels, yet it moves another character into the spotlight – Rizzo – to tell the next phase of their lives, all from her perspective.

Rizzo is a strong willed, intelligent young woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

She has grown and matured from the young tomboy we first met and is now confident, sassy and powerful – yet she hasn’t lost a single ounce of her take-no-rubbish attitude.

I just love her.

She feels a real need to be strong, dominant and totally in charge of every aspect of life – both professional and private – but will she find anyone worthwhile to share herself with?

Will she allow herself to let her guard slip, even just a little?

Will she let her self be loved?

And will her past and a possible future collide and end disastrously?

This book has everything you need in a fab story – humour, love, laugh-out-loud moments, heartache, oh and a lil’ bit of smut…which are all things we’ve come to love and expect from Ms Fontien.

I absolutely loved this story. There are some very clever aspects to it’s plot too, things that really get you thinking and things that, if I’m honest, are quite surprising when their realisation actually hits.

Just Fantastic.

I’m certainly a huge fan of this author and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.


review by laura

At last, Rizzo’s story is finally here and definitely well worth the wait. Samantha Fontien’s books keep you gripped and wanting more. This has it all with a few twists thrown in for good measure. The characters, as always, are amazing and so colourful oh and let’s not forget extremely sexy 😉

We first meet Rizzo in the first Dragonflies book and learn that she is spunky and not afraid to speak her mind. When she is asked by Duncan to take over from him for a while she is a little hesitant, but with the help from the absolutely fabulous Norri, Rizzo gains the confidence to take on the world. So Mr Nicols, you better beware!

Will Rizzo’s new found position be successful or will and old flame, or maybe a new one, come along and change her entire future?

A spectacular follow up in the Dragonflies series and I loved the entire book. A definite 5 golden apples and I look forward to reading about “the Cousins” in the next instalment of the Dragonflies series.


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*REVIEW* Death of the Mad Hatter by Sarah .J. Pepper


Death of the Mad Hatter

By Sarah . J. Pepper


review by laura

What a fantastic adaptation this was and one I would most definitely recommend to anyone. This is the first Sarah J Pepper book I have read and cannot believe I haven’t read it sooner! I enjoyed the whole story from start to finish.

For anyone that loves an Alice in Wonderland story this is a must read for you. Don’t be misled into thinking you will be reading about some blonde haired cute little girl who falls down a rabbit hole; there is so much more to this story than that.

I love Sarah’s writing style and graphic colourful descriptions which made you feel very much part of the whole Wonderland experience. Sarah Pepper grabs your attention from the first chapter and has you hooked till the end.

I cannot wait to read more by Sarah Pepper.


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*REVIEW* Eric Elmoor and the Chalice of Cameron By Thomas .A. Meyers

eric elmoor

Eric Elmoor and the Chalice of Cameron

By Thomas .A. Meyers


review by simone

Book number two – and amazing and as enthralling as the first.

We are whisked again, through the trails and tribulations of Eric Elmoor’s life, as he attempts to ignore and step away from the magical world he was introduced to, opting for a more “normal” way of life.

Eric tries his best to do all that he should be doing – attending school, following rules, he even very nearly finds himself a girlfriend…

But then events begin occurring again, events which prevent Eric from having any sort of “normal life”.

It becomes very clear to Eric in these moments that it will be impossible for him to live his life simply ignoring his destiny. He must continue with his training, allowing Warwick to provide him with the skills he will need to be able to ward off all of the evil that Derex has unleashed – whether he wants to or not.

And it is this journey where we follow Eric again, only this time a whole lot has changed.

The elves are no longer free to live as they please due to the darkness Derex has brought to Fairwood. Instead they have sought refuge – and not an easy refuge either – with the dwarves of Eohton and are doing their best to fit in, to survive and to make their current sanctuary as much of a home as it can be.

I found the theme of racism explored in great detail all throughout of this book too. How the prejudices of others can effect everyone around them, in particular that between the dwarves and the elves which is examined quite a lot and in a really detailed, clever way.

This story is packed full of “goodies”, of “baddies”, a hero, a heroine, hints towards love, terrifying war, brilliant cliff-hangers and suspense – it has everything you could possibly need from a really good read.

I loved this story – I really didn’t want to get to the last page…but I just HAD to know what happened next…it is a real page-turner.

Sensitive themes are delved into with care and the question as to whether different groups will ever be able to overcome long standing hatred of each other in an attempt to work together – especially when the common good of everyone depends upon it…

…which I find mirrors “real-life” a whole lot too…

Another fantastic story.


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We need your vote!

We have been selected as finalist in the fab event and now it’s the Last few hours of voting left, please can we ask for you to vote for our blog!
We really love our beautiful blog and everyone one of you who have helped, supported and joined us make it what it is….. This Would really mean the world to us! Thank you in advance xx
Just find our finalist post and like 😊
~N & R~


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