*REVIEW* Eric Elmoor and the Chalice of Cameron By Thomas .A. Meyers

eric elmoor

Eric Elmoor and the Chalice of Cameron

By Thomas .A. Meyers


review by simone

Book number two – and amazing and as enthralling as the first.

We are whisked again, through the trails and tribulations of Eric Elmoor’s life, as he attempts to ignore and step away from the magical world he was introduced to, opting for a more “normal” way of life.

Eric tries his best to do all that he should be doing – attending school, following rules, he even very nearly finds himself a girlfriend…

But then events begin occurring again, events which prevent Eric from having any sort of “normal life”.

It becomes very clear to Eric in these moments that it will be impossible for him to live his life simply ignoring his destiny. He must continue with his training, allowing Warwick to provide him with the skills he will need to be able to ward off all of the evil that Derex has unleashed – whether he wants to or not.

And it is this journey where we follow Eric again, only this time a whole lot has changed.

The elves are no longer free to live as they please due to the darkness Derex has brought to Fairwood. Instead they have sought refuge – and not an easy refuge either – with the dwarves of Eohton and are doing their best to fit in, to survive and to make their current sanctuary as much of a home as it can be.

I found the theme of racism explored in great detail all throughout of this book too. How the prejudices of others can effect everyone around them, in particular that between the dwarves and the elves which is examined quite a lot and in a really detailed, clever way.

This story is packed full of “goodies”, of “baddies”, a hero, a heroine, hints towards love, terrifying war, brilliant cliff-hangers and suspense – it has everything you could possibly need from a really good read.

I loved this story – I really didn’t want to get to the last page…but I just HAD to know what happened next…it is a real page-turner.

Sensitive themes are delved into with care and the question as to whether different groups will ever be able to overcome long standing hatred of each other in an attempt to work together – especially when the common good of everyone depends upon it…

…which I find mirrors “real-life” a whole lot too…

Another fantastic story.



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