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Kate is academically brilliant, but trapped in a dead love and a dry career. And she has an unbearable secret. Horrific and inexplicable accidents at a Viking burial site near Repton, England, bring her face to face with unreason and touch the raw nerve of terror within her. But running is not enough.

Haunted by the malevolent spirit of a long-dead Viking madman, who pursues her, seeking her out for a consummation at which she can only guess, Kate cannot escape. The haunting is relentless and exists only to harm. In Chicago, an innocent man discovers how much. In Dover, thousands die.

Kate can only keep running. Thrown together in Madrid with Michael McLaren – B movie director – the descent into madness begins. Soon, others are trapped in the same web of terror and together they are thrust back 1200 years into 9th century England to face the Northman.

Or whatever it is that confronts them.

For behind the dead Northman lies something with limitless power, infinitely more dangerous – an ancient evil from the dawn of time bent on erasing mankind.

It may mean ultimate conflict. Ultimate sacrifice. For them all.




meet the author




Ex writer/director of promos and commercials, loving writing for the writing and not the pay.

I enjoy reading and writing the impossible made possible and in my writing use the vitality of cross-genre and magic realism to explore as many major themes as I can cram in, without slowing the storyline or plot development. It’s what makes me happy and keeps me relatively sane. My son, when only five, asked me ‘How can I be happy’? My answer was ‘If what you are doing isn’t working, stop doing it and do something else.’ Not very clever perhaps, but anything else is madness.

JD Hughes has two novels, supernatural thrillers NORTHMAN and his latest: AND SOON THE SONG, plus three short stories, BOMBER, ISSUE 49 & THE 500 here on Amazon. He is currently working on his third novel, due out later this year.

review by rachel

Right from the first page you can tell you are in for a great supernatural thriller!

The book was written with lots of detail and had been well researched.

This book had multiple story lines  going from Viking raids, World War 2 bringing us right to the present day. There was never a dull moment and was quite gritty at times.

All the characters were realistic and had emotional scars that were important to the over all story. Lots of good verse evil, jealousy, loneliness  and bits of gore and violence!

A great read for Horror, thriller and supernatural readers.


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twitter username: JDHughes4


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  1. Thank you for the review, Orchard, much appreciated 🙂

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