Review – Ember Skies by Nicky Crawford.


Ember skies by Nicky Crawford.

Ember is married to an abusive man names Austin. As well as physical abuse, Austin is mentally and emotionally abusive . Ember knows she needs to get away but one thing stops her, their beautiful 3 year old daughter Harlee. Austin is a military man and has a lot of influence and power. Ember is a nurse who works all hours but is expected to be the perfect host to parties that Austin holds.
When Dalton Bates transfers to Austins unit, he’s invited to Austins cookout and meets Ember. They share an instant spark. Seeing the black eyes and bruises, Dalton wants to protect Ember and rid her of pain.

When tragedy strikes, Embers heart is even more fragile. Can Dalton and Ember find the strength to pull them through these hard times? Will Austin let her go ? Or will he have her at all costs?

I absolutely loved this book by Nicky Crawford. The story pulls you in from the first few pages and doesn’t let you go until the book finishes. I found it hard to put the book down and read at every opportunity I had.
Dalton is a knight in shining armour and every girls dream. The story is highly emotional and Nicky has a way of making you feel Embers emotions. I was angry, tearful and even laughed at points in the book. I was sad when the story ended. Although the story is about an abusive relationship there is much positivity and a love that will conquer all. Dalton is a hero and never gives up fighting for Ember even when times get extremely tough. I would love a Dalton of my own ha ha.


I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read another of Nicky Crawfords books.
5/5 stars

Reviewed by
Michelle Needham


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