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Do you know what today is? Other than Monday?


Yep, our fab little Golden Apple has been up and running for 3 amazing years and it’s all thanks to you, our readers, AND YOU, our truly amazing story telling Authors for making it a success!!
BUT it’s also a success because of our wonderful reviewers,
Crystal, Amanda, Tina & Simone, thank you for giving up your free time to review for us!
Our two newbies, Michelle & Becky, we hope you enjoy your time with Orchard.
From by gone days, Laura & Emma. MASSIVE thanks to Laura for all her hard work with the set up,millions of emails and the odd message of WTF is wrong with this blog?!?!?!
And Rachel, what can I say? I love you for all our crazy times! Our screaming at the blog because we didn’t realise we both couldn’t write at the same times….. our first ever fangirl signing…. OUR VERY OWN BOOK SIGNING….. the list goes on.
It’s been a crazy, emotional 3 years and I’m pretty sure my kindle hates me but onwards and upwards!




3 years! And what a time its been!
We’ve had ups and downs, griles come and go, babies, operations and exotic holidays, each of us have spread our wings into different things…..but Orchard has stayed close to us all.
We have had a truly fabulous year and love being part of such a great bunch of authors, bloggers and followers, each of us have made some life long friends.
Our beautiful book club really appreciates all the love and support you have given us……The love we have for reading is where it all started and has grown and is still growing into a truly amazing success!!
Going to echo what Nicola said, Orchard is still going after 3 years because of our team. Blogging , book reviewing and promoting is at times, hard, stressfull and can be very unrewarding, BUT all it takes is one lovely thank you message from the authors or a “god I need this book now’ message from a reader and it is all worth it! As a blog we have be very lucky to have worked and meet some fabulous people in the book world and your help and support makes us smile every day, looking forward to meeting and working with many more of you!
Nicola, well I think we still are still screaming at the page as bloody Facebook is trying to kill us most days lol. Thank you for all you do, Love you and our book club massively, so here is to the next year babe….. going to be a amazing one for Orchard just know it! 🙂




Thank you everyone, stick with us! 





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