Food Chain 1 &2 by Douglas Vaughan 

Food Chain:


The myths surrounding what we now call “Vampires” has been sanitized by the movie world AND our own need to make them more acceptable. When a creature like Luc moves into our world it dispels ALL those myths; and makes us realize that there ARE monsters…..


He stirred restlessly in his sleep, the unfamiliar place he now called home didn’t feel right yet. It was big enough for him to stay a while provided he found breeders; they would give him fresh meat and limit his exposure. His dreams were filled with images spanning back over centuries…millennia…all of them about war and feeding. He had followed conquering armies all over the Middle East and beyond; their journeys providing him with plenty of opportunity to feed on the wounded left behind. He had ventured into North Africa; island hopped across the south Pacific, and watched the great empires of the Chinese rise and fall. Wherever man had gone to fight man he had followed. With armies came women (his preferred meat) and they were never missed; sometimes he had the run of a complete city left open after conquest, the men dead or enslaved, the women all alone just for him. His dreams took him to one such city in the deserts of the country now known as Iraq, and he had fed on tougher meat until one side was victorious…the gates to the city broken down. He had spent five years feasting on those left behind.

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Food Chain 2:


After slipping away from London, Luc thought he had found the perfect hunting ground in the New World. San Francisco offered him everything; a vast warren of hiding places and a plentiful supply of food and pleasure! Bill Hudson was a cop with an attitude, and that attitude landed him a desk and the routine task of missing persons. Despite himself, Bill found that there was a pattern in the files he casually filed…and that started him looking a lot closer. Against the backdrop of one of the great city’s on earth, he finds that someone or something is preying on young women; and that takes him into the realms of his worst nightmares!


Luc sat back in his chair and surveyed his new kingdom. He was pleased he had found the discipline to control his primal urges, and that was coming to fruition now.

This new country had given him everything he could possibly desire; the pickings had been easy AND the warmer weather meant he could shed clothes when not out hunting. The soft moans from the antechamber caught his attention, and with a smile twitching on his lips he rose to investigate.

As he turned the corner to enter the large room they saw him immediately, the moans turning into whimpers of fear at why he may be there. Four of the five young women tied to the frames were heavily pregnant and hung there limply; it was the girl on the end who wasn’t that struggled the most

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