#FosterAnAuthour2 Laura Morgan

#FosterAnAuthour2 Laura Morgan

A Slave to the Darkness (The Black Rose #2)
A note from Laura ~ 
This book is the second in my Black Rose series and this time we are focussed on Blake Rose, son of Lucifer and Cate Rose. He made an appearance in Book 1 but all we knew was that he was cold and closed-off, in this novel we find out why! 

I really enjoyed writing this novel, and felt like now that the groundwork has been laid out from book 1 I had the freedom to really enjoy creating the characters and continuing the story of the royal family of Hell.
 A storm has been brewing for the past fifty years since the new Devil, Cate Rose, took her child of light and darkness back to Hell with her. The angel Uriel, the child’s father, wants Lottie for his own, but what lengths will he go to in order to find her? Meanwhile, circus performer Brent and his family’s travelling show are all followers of an unholy mistress, the powerful and primeval demon, Lilith. Brent’s girlfriend Tilly is unwittingly pulled into their dark world, where she then finds herself under the mesmerising and dangerous gaze of the Black Prince of Hell, Blake Rose. 

Tilly clumsily breaks all the rules, but rather than punishing her, Blake is intrigued and he marks Tilly as his own. Her life as she knows it is then gone forever, being replaced by a dark and sexy, seductive yet terrifying existence under Blake’s rule. Can Tilly’s love ever thaw this evil, cold-hearted being? Or will Blake forever remain the icy, distant Prince he has always been? The beautiful, captivating woman and her warm heart are determined to try.Will Blake learn to love at last? Does he even want to? Either way, Tilly will soon find herself becoming a slave to the darkness, and her once so normal existence will never be the same again.
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