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book blurb

Grace Macallan is at breaking point. All around her, events threaten to run out of control – and a new investigation is testing her to the limit.

An undercover officer is missing and a woman is washed up, traumatised and barely alive, on the shores of Berwickshire. She has witnessed horror on the dark waters of the North Sea, but survival turns her life from a bad dream into a nightmare.

As she untangles the woman’s story, Grace is drawn into a cold-blooded criminal world. At its head is Pete Handyside, a notorious gangland boss who will fight hard and dirty to control his brutal empire and keep the money flowing.

But a traitor in his midst is intent upon betrayal – a betrayal that triggers an uncontrollable wave of violence. As she hones in on crucial evidence, Grace knows that one wrong move could end in tragedy.


review by nicola

Peter Ritchie does it again!!

A truly gripping read from the first page to the very last and no detail is left out, which is what i love about Peter’s books. I know what i’m getting myself into as soon as i sign up for his tours, i’m intrigued by his knowledge and the passion he has had for this series so far.

I have to admit i have a soft spot for our leading lady, never to shy away even when the tough gets tougher, and this book is certainly  the most grittiest for me. Shes been trough so much in this series and just when i think shes beat she surprises me, i’ll be rooting for her until the very end!

Handyside definitely had my skin crawling, i never want to meet him at the end of a dark ally, that’s for sure….or any of his hunch men! It’s full of violence from the start and plenty of squeamish moments….certainly not for the faint harted.

If you love your books with gripping plot lines that have you up until all hours, so much detail that it reads as a film in your head and bad guys that could be a line up for crime watch then this book…. and series is totally for you!!

I’ve recommended this series to many of my friends, one is even stalking the end of this tour so she can borrow my book! As a stated at the start of my review, this is 3 for 3 and the easiest 5 golden apples ive ever had to give. Here’s hoping for more Grace Macallan in the not too distant future 😀


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