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book blurb

“Ray Clark is a wonderfully inventive writer” – Peter James, author of the bestselling Roy Grace crime thrillers

Bramfield, near Leeds, a sleepy little market town nestled on the borders of West and North Yorkshire. Detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly discover the naked corpse of Alex Wilson, nailed to the wall of a cellar in his uncle’s hardware store. His lips are sewn together and his body bears only one mark, a fresh scar near his abdomen.

Within forty-eight hours, their investigation results in dead ends, more victims, no suspects and very little in the way of solid evidence.

Gardener and Reilly have a problem and a question on their hands: are the residents of Bramfield prepared for one of history’s most sadistic killers, The Tooth Fairy? The detectives race against time to stop the trail of horrific murders…

The perfect read for fans of Peter May, Mark Billingham and Peter James.

meet the author


The British Fantasy Society published Ray Clark’s first work in 1995 – Manitou Man: The World of Graham Masterton, was nominated for both the World and British Fantasy Awards. In 2009, Ray’s short story, Promises To Keep, made the final shortlist for the best short story award from The Tom Howard Foundation. Ray is based in Goole, and has set his Gardener and Reilly crime series in nearby Leeds.

Website: http://www.thelordofmisrule.net/
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review by nicola

First I’d like to state, unbeknowing to me I have jumped right into book 3 of the Gardner and Reilly series. But this hasn’t effected my review (or at least I don’t feel like it has)

Each chapter of the book has a time frame from when the crime starts, loved this about the book! The story kicks off on a high with a break in, a locked basement and then the discovery of Alex Wilson nailed to the wall!

A total OMG moment!!

Gardner and Reilly are sent on what feels like a wild goose chase by a totally disturbed killer, who obviously plans his murders out, takes great joy in making the victims feel every ounce of terror and pain all the while planning his next kill.

I enjoyed every aspect of this book, from the locations, the crimes and the detectives. Gardner and Reilly work well as a team, get each other’s quirks and sometimes sick sense of humour and seem to know what the other is thinking or even say.

This book had me gripped from the 1st chapter/time frame. I loved how the authors mind works, how he describes locations, characters and crime scenes. I felt like I was part of the team and as time was ticking away I seemed to be turning those pages faster and faster!

This book has had be adding books 1 & 2 to my TBR pile and I know they will be bumped up the list. A truly gripping book that will have you loosing sleep due to turning those pages!




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