#BlogTour #Review #MeetMeInCockleberryBay by Nicola May | @nicolamay1 @rararesources #MMICB

Finally we’re back in Cockleberry Bay!

I’ve missed the gossip and mayhem of the bay, but book 2 is like catching up with old friends…. And it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

There’s a lot thrown into this book, I like how Titch kind of gets her own part of the book. I love her character, her outlook on life and how she takes to motherhood and seems to grow up over night.

Rosa on the other hand….. Well, my tweet to the author, Nicola pretty much says it all!!

It’s as if she has a self distruct button and she adamant on pressing it…. Multiple times!! Although she frustrates me at times, when she pulls herself together she’s a true gem. She will do anything for anyone, she will put her own happiness on the line (and at points I wanted to shake her for doing so).

Anyone that knows me knows that these types of books are not my usual read, so when an author reduces me to these kind of tweets you know you’re onto a winner with me!

I can’t wait to see what our next adventure will be in Cockleberry Bay!


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