Meet The Team


First up we meet Nicola and Rachel Co-Owners of Orchard book club.

Hi, I’m Nicola aka #StalkerH. I’m a blog obsessive, book reading “wife” and mother of 2 beautiful girls and by the looks of it i have passed the reading gene onto my eldest daughter who now reviews for the Orchard minis!

I’m easily obsessed, especially if it’s a good book!! I have a fictional boyfriend list as long as my arm from Edward Cullen, Gabriel Emmerson, Gideon Cross & Christian Grey.

Some of my favorite Author’s are Karin Slaughter, Val McDermid, Faye Kellerman, J K Rowling, Sylvain Reynard, Sylvia Day, Darcia Helle & Maria Savva along with some of our review author’s who i will now “stalk” like Daneil Diehl, Thomas Meyers, Brandon Godbee, Felicity Heaton and N.L. Armitage.

If you check these authors out  you can see I will read pretty much any genre of book.

I love a book that holds my attention and has me guessing the whole

way through!


Hi, I’m Rachel, a busy Mum, Wife, Hairdresser, Event planner and a compulsive reader!
I get obsessed with fictional male characters like Mr Grey, Mr Cross, Edward and The Professor ….. I could add more to the list!
I have two amazing children who hopefully will share my passion for books, 3 cats and a soul mate for a husband.
I like to have the odd glass of wine 😉 and I am sure some days I have more coffee in my veins than blood!
For me reading is a real pleasure, if not a requirement as necessary as breathing! I often get to the end of a book and not know what to do with the feelings and thoughts that I’m left with so I like to share them with like-minded people, that’s how I met the wonderful Orchard girlies on Twitter. I now call it a “Book Hangover”.
I enjoy to read all sorts now Im in the book club but mostly enjoy erotica, paranormal , romance, chick lit and I’m not a huge fan of any non-fiction or biographies.
Escapism is what I look for when I pick up a book.


Meet the Orchard review team 


Amanda, Crystal,Tina, Simone, Michelle and Rebecca 

My name is Amanda. My husband, Mark, and our two boys, Brent and Kyle, live in Evansville Indiana. I am 33 years old and work for a Financial Company as a Quality Assurance Specialist. I love shopping,wine, reading, going to my son’s sport events, cleaning and being organized. I love a good book hangover and I am a sucker for any romance book. My book obsession started with Twilight….I was a late bloomer! After that, I became obsessed with reading and meeting all kinds of new fictional boyfriends. My list grows everyday. I enjoy discussing books with my girls at the Orchard Book Club and all of you!
Mom to an awesome little boy, happily taken, 30 year old.  Legal assistant/secretary with an accounting/finance degree.  I’m a little nutty and a lot sarcastic.  I’m great with numbers and enjoy the analytical side of things.  I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a child and I hope that my son takes after me in that regard.  You can only go as far as your imagination will take you and thanks to some pretty great books, I’ve gotten to go to many far off places.  A great friend introduced me to Charlaine Harris and Sookie Stackhouse and another great friend introduced me to Stephanie Meyer and the world of Twilight.  Now, I really enjoy my paranormal fiction/romances (and vampires!).  I’ve been know to stay up all night reading.  For me, it’s just hard to beat a really great book – one that you simply cannot put down.  Among my favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, Shannon Greenland, Sylvain Reynard, Sylvia Day, and Nicholas Sparks just to name a few.  My preferred genres are romance, paranormal fiction, paranormal romance, and romantic comedies.  I’m so happy to be a part of the Orchard Book Club and very thankful to have met my new friends who share my love of books, fictional characters, and who are all just as quirky as me!
29, mum of one. Books I like include horror, mystery, fantasy, “mummy porn”
Anything with suspense or to do with magic, mystery, vampires & the supernatural, I love them!!
Fav authors are of course E.L James, Sylvain Raynard & Sylvia Day. Before Fifty Shades had me hooked I constantly read books by Martina Cole, J.K Rowling, Cornelia Funke (Inkheart Tilogy) & Stephenie Meyer (Edward *swoon*)!!
I’m not a huge fan of heartbreakingly sad stories- I’m so emotional & I cry at anything, so they would just tip me over the edge-I would be a wreck!
But Orchard has taught me to give everything a go & has introduced me to books I have loved which would not normally pick up.


I never actually “read” a book until the Fifty Shades series. Before that I listened to books on audio. Now I love the feeling of turning the pages of a paper book. I love Summer time I love being outside in flip flops and capris. I love boating and hanging out at the lake with my family. I love traveling my favorite places to go are Maui, Las Vegas and Seattle. I hope to someday day visit my awesome friends in the UK 🙂 my traveling bucket list is Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Paris, Sanctuary Bay in the Bahamas and most of all Bora Bora. I enjoy girls day at the spa with my besties and my adorable Niece Codie. We all have the best time together. I’m the ultimate prankster I love joking around all the time. I have stories that would have you laughing with tears. I’m the ultimate Football fanatic I live for Football which sadly interrupts my reading time. My favorite books to read are of course Love Stories, I can’t get enough of them. My favorite Authors are Sylvia Day, Sylvain Reynard, E L James, Shayla Black, Tiffany A Snow, Maya Banks and of course Nicolas Sparks.


Check out this video its just us 🙂

Watch our video “Orchards London Trip”

Orchards London Trip.

Our First Orchard meet!




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