Meet The Team


First up we meet Nicola, Owner of Orchard Book Club.

Hi, I’m Nicola aka #StalkerH. I’m a blog obsessive, book reading “wife” and mother of 2 beautiful girls and by the looks of it i have passed the reading gene onto my eldest daughter who now reviews for the Orchard minis!I’m easily obsessed, especially if it’s a good book!! I have a fictional boyfriend list as long as my arm from Edward Cullen, Gabriel Emmerson, Gideon Cross & Christian Grey.Some of my favorite Author’s are Karin Slaughter, Val McDermid, Faye Kellerman, J K Rowling, Sylvain Reynard, Sylvia Day, Darcia Helle & Maria Savva along with some of our review author’s who i will now “stalk” like Daneil Diehl, Thomas Meyers, Brandon Godbee, Felicity Heaton and N.L. Armitage. If you check these authors out  you can see I will read pretty much any genre of book.

I love a book that holds my attention and has me guessing the whole way through!


Meet the Orchard review team 

Michelle and Simone

Hi, I’m Michelle I like in Yorkshire with my hubby and my two boys age 3 & 5. I’m a nurse by profession and love to read to escape a busy lifestyle. I love shopping and spending time with friends. Books I love are chick lits, romance and thrillers with fantasy mixed in. My favourite authors are Milly Johnson , Darcia Helle, Cassandra P Lewis , Jodi Ellen Malpas, Jessica Sorensen and J K Rowling.
Once I’ve read a good book I always find myself searching frantically on Amazon kindle for other books by that author ( my kindle is very full oopsy) . Sometimes when the book hits a shock factor I often try flick to that back to find out what happens then get mad at myself for ruining the ending ha ha
I’m very excited to be part of the orchard book club – let the fun commence 😄
Hi, I’m Simone and a mum of two. Books I like include horror, mystery, fantasy, “mummy porn”
Anything with suspense or to do with magic, mystery, vampires & the supernatural, I love them!!
Fav authors are of course E.L James, Sylvain Raynard & Sylvia Day. Before Fifty Shades had me hooked I constantly read books by Martina Cole, J.K Rowling, Cornelia Funke (Inkheart Tilogy) & Stephenie Meyer (Edward *swoon*)!!
I’m not a huge fan of heartbreakingly sad stories- I’m so emotional & I cry at anything, so they would just tip me over the edge-I would be a wreck!
But Orchard has taught me to give everything a go & has introduced me to books I have loved which would not normally pick up.


Check out this video its just us 🙂

Watch our video “Orchards London Trip”

Orchards London Trip.

Our First Orchard meet!


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