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#HappyPublicationDay #BlogTour #Review – #HerMothersGrave by @lisalregan @bookouture

Happy Publication Day Lisa!!

I have great delight in kick starting Lisa Regan’s blog tour today. Her Mother’s Grave is the third book in the Josie Quinn series.


Title: Her Mother’s Grave   

Author: Lisa Regan   


book blurb
When two young boys discover human bones buried beneath a tree in a trailer park, Detective Josie Quinn races to join her team at the scene. She used to play in those woods as a child, happier outside and away from her abusive mother, Belinda Rose.

Josie’s past crashes into her present when a rare dental condition confirms the bones belong to a teenage foster-child who was murdered thirty years ago. A girl named Belinda Rose…

Josie hasn’t seen her mother in years but, with an undeniable connection between her mother and the dead girl, does she dare track her down?

Just as Josie gets closer to uncovering a secret that will shatter her world forever, another body is uncovered. It’s suddenly clear that someone very close to Josie will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried forever.

As she battles the demons from her past, can Josie stop this killer before another precious life is taken?

Do you love unputdownable crime thrillers that keep you up all night? Then this gripping rollercoaster ride, perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine, will have you totally hooked! 

 meet the author

Lisa Regan - Author Photo

Lisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University.  She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website:

 social links





review by nicola

I can not believe that in the 8 months that I have ‘known’ Lisa we are already on her third book! You are now firmly etched onto my go to author list and I can’t recommend your books enough to my friends, Thank you for this amazing series and I hope there will be many more to come!

So in true Nicola form let’s start me review with my #ReadTweets

As you can see a mix of emotions, this book got me right away with it’s cover and title. Having read the two previous books I knew all the characters backgrounds so when I started this one I knew the emotions were going to be running high!

I’m not sure how much more devisation this little town (or Joise for the matter) can possible take!

I enjoy how Lisa intertwines all her stories together, making you love these characters and hoping for their happily ever after.

As always, this story kept me turning those pages, wanting and needing to know what the team will face next, if my guesses would come true (and they did a few times). Lisa loves her details and I like how she sets the scene for you as the book progresses.

This book was emotional, fast paced, detailed and totally gripping! I have high hopes for the next instalment of Joise Quinn….. and please no more heartache (I have my fingers crossed)

Perfect edition to the series and a big fat juicy 5 golden apples from me!!


Her Mother's Grave - Blog Tour.jpg

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for my advanced readers copy of Her Mother’s Grave, to Noelle for organising such and amazing tour (as always) and to Lisa Regan for this brilliant series!


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#BlogTour #Review – #OneDayLikeThis by @PaperDollWrites @Bookouture

Very excited to share Simone’ s review of One Day Like This.


Title: One Day Like This

Author: Laura Briggs

Amazon Links:

Publication Day: July 17th 2018

book blurb

Could you plan a wedding if you’d never been in love?

Tessa has always dreamed of her own business. And when a beautiful tumbledown house comes up for sale in the Southern town of Bellegrove, she knows it has perfect potential to be an amazing one-stop wedding shop.

Teaming up with three talented friends, they’re ready for big things. They’ve even found their first client – a sweet old lady called Bianca, who’s desperate to give her grandson a spectacular wedding. (Even though he’s equally determined to keep it simple and romantic.)

But as the big day approaches, things start to go wrong. Handsome handyman Blake Ellingham breaks the news that the building needs re-wiring and the bill for renovations is longer than a royal wedding train. And then one of her friends suddenly quits their fledgling business

Can Tessa pull off the dream wedding? Can Blake be convinced to help? And if the electrics are broken, why are so many sparks flying between him and Tessa?

The perfect feel-good summer romance for 2018 for fans of Debbie Macomber, Jenny Hale and Debbie Johnson.

 meet the author

Author Photo Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs is the author of several lighthearted romance novels and novellas, including the bestselling Amazon UK series A Wedding in Cornwall. She has a fondness for vintage-style dresses (especially ones with polka dots) and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, caring for her pets, going to movies and plays, and trying new restaurants.

social links





review by simone

It’s been a while since I stepped away from my usual book genre of choice but “One Day Like This” was the best book to capture my paranomal-loving-book-brain and it totally swept me away and pulled me in with it’s easy-to-read style, it’s easy-to-follow plot and easy-to-love characters.

From childhood the girls have played as a unit…sometimes a not very well-jelled unit but a unit all the same…and now they are all grown up, in full adulthood mode, they find themselves back together, drawn to each other with a joint dislike of the paths they are on and a similar passion, drive and ambition to give themselves something else.
This drive and ambition (however reluctant they are to admit it at times) sets them off on a whole new exciting journey together.
I really did love this book – it is certainly a feel-good summer read.  The humour between the characters was refreshing and gave the romance feel a fresh, different kind of a spin.
The relationship build up between Tessa and Blake, well yes, that was just very heart-warming and oh-so cute – I loved it.
And I also loved the go-get-it attitudes of the very strong, driven female lead characters – even feeling downhearted they kept going, kept pushing on – girls after my own heart.
I certainly recommend this read – it’s fab.


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#BlogTour #Review #OneSummer by @jhaleauthor @bookouture

One Summer by Jenny Hale
book blurb

One moment can change everything…

Alice Emerson and best friend Sasha Miller have made a pact. They’ve decided to swap city living for the beautiful white beaches of the Outer Banks and pour everything they have into launching an ice cream shop in the little house by the sea where Alice spent blissful childhood holidays with her grandfather. As Alice and Sasha add colour to the walls of the beach house and tempt the locals with their delicious recipes, their fresh new life begins to take shape.

Swept away by her plans, love is the last thing on Alice’s mind. But she keeps running into mysterious doctor Jack Barnes, and finds herself falling for his golden charm and warm smile. As they laugh through sunshine-filled days and long romantic evenings, Alice tries hard not to think he could be the one for her – Jack is only here for the season, and Alice has had her fair share of heartbreak.

Just when Alice’s summer couldn’t be more perfect, she discovers an old letter tucked away in the beach house. It contains a family secret that turns Alice’s world upside down and threatens the future of the ice cream shop. And then Jack reveals a secret of his own…

Will Alice have her dreams shattered and her heart broken, or can she find true happiness this summer?

From the bestselling author of The Summer House, an utterly stunning, uplifting summer romance, about the power of friendship, discovering family secrets, and the beauty of falling in love by the sea.

meet the author
Jenny Hale author pic - Apr-18

When I graduated college, one of my friends said, “Look out for this one; she’s going to be an author one day.” Despite being an avid reader and a natural storyteller, it wasn’t until that very moment that the idea of writing novels occurred to me.

Sometimes our friends can see the things that we can’t.

While I didn’t start straight away, that comment sowed a seed and several years, two children, and hundreds of thousands of words later, I completed a novel that I felt was worthy of publication. The result was Coming Home for Christmas, a heart-warming story about the magic of love at Christmas, and 2017 TV movie on The Hallmark Channel.

The rest is history.

When I’m not writing, I’m a mother of two boys and a wife to a very supportive husband.

 michelle review
I’ve never read Jenny Hale’s books before now but I will definitely be a fan of hers now.
The story begins with 2 best friends Alice and Sasha and Alice’s son Henry starting a new business together in a new beach resort. Alice’s falls in love with a man she meets on her first day and soon secrets start to unravel.
The author Jenny Hale has a way of taking you right to the sea side and her descriptions are vivid and intriguing. I couldn’t wait to learn the secrets within the story and it was a real page turner.
The characters of the book are incredibly likeable and it is easy to fall in love with them.
This is the perfect holiday / feel good read and is definitely worth a 5 star rating.
Follow the book tour!
One Summer - Blog Blitz
We would like to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for our advanced readers copy.

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#BookTour #Review #TheGirlWithNoName by @lisalregan @bookouture

Happy Release Day Lisa Regan!! I can not tell you how happy I am that we get to delve back into Josie Quinn’s life and it’s definitely not slowed down since the last book. Now let’s get the formalities out of the way with the cover, blurb and a peek into Lisa’s life…


Title:              The Girl With No Name   

Author:          Lisa Regan  



book blurb

Detective Josie Quinn is horrified when she’s called to the house of a mother who had her newborn baby snatched from her arms.

A woman caught fleeing the scene is Josie’s only lead, but when questioned it seems this mysterious girl doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from or why she is so terrified…

Is she a witness, a suspect, or the next victim?

As Josie digs deeper, a letter about a mix-up at a fertility clinic links the nameless girl and the missing child to a spate of killings across the county. Josie is faced with an impossible decision: should she risk the life of one innocent child to save many others… or can she find another way? 

The Girl With No Name is nail-biting, twisty and impossible to put down. If you love gripping thrillers from Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine, you’ll be hooked.

meet the author

Lisa Regan - Author Photo

Lisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University.  She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website:

Author Social Media Links:




review by nicola

What can I say other than


I should also at this point apologise to Lisa, while reading book 1 I bombarded her with multiple tweets about her book but with this one I was radio silent, I think she thought I didn’t enjoy her book…. I was that engrossed within it’s pages that time seemed to slip away and by the time I came too it’s release day and my turn to review! So heres hoping my review shows just how much i enjoyed The Girl With No Name.

Lisa Regan certainty knows how to keep you hooked. After reading book 1 at the end of last year I wasn’t expecting another book from her so soon, so I was extremely excited when I found out that book 2 was on it’s way and she hasn’t taken her foot off the gas!! This book is just…. I have no words!

Ok, that’s a little lie but there’s so much I want to chat about I don’t want to put my foot in it with any kind of spoilers!

Quinn is back, there’s a missing baby and the mother happens to be a woman who Josie has a history with, I think she’d rather push this case to aside if it weren’t for the missing child (and I wouldn’t blame her!)

I love Joise (if you read book 1’s review then you’ll know how much I love her) she still the same, take no crap, down to earth and get the job done character that we met in book 1.

Book 2 is action packed, with so many people in the “Whodunit” chair my mind was on free fall, everyone was a suspect at one point 😂 I loved the twists and turns of the plot and I was always telling myself just 1 more page, just one more chapter. I needed to see where Lisa was leading me, who the bad guys turned out to be and who were the unlikely suspects…. cos there’s always a few!

It truly is a mind boggling, gripping read and one that I will be recommnding to many of my friends in the days and weeks to come!

Very easily earned, 5 golden apples 😀


Make sure you check out thw other stops on this fab book tour!

The Girl With No Name - Blog Tour.jpg

I would like to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for my advanced readers copy of this book. Noelle having me on yet another amazing tour and Lisa Regan for writing such an amazing book, here’s to book 3 😍

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#BlogTour #BringMeFlowers by @DKHood_ Author @Bookouture

It’s finally my stop on D.K. Hood’s book tour and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, well not everything as I don’t want to spoil what is a truly gripping read! So let’s start with the cover, blurb and a sneak peek into D.K’s life…


Author:          D.K. Hood
Book:         Bring Me Flowers:  A gripping serial killer thriller with a shocking twist (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 2)

Publication Day:  February 26th  2018

Amazon Link:

book blurb

She didn’t know he was watching. Until it was too late.

She’d walked this path hundreds of times before, she knew every twist and turn. But today was different. She didn’t know someone was waiting for her, hidden away from view. She didn’t know this was the last time she’d walk this path.

Hidden deep in the forest, schoolgirl Felicity Parker is found carefully laid out on a rock with nothing but a freshly picked bunch of flowers next to her lifeless form. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate the gruesome discovery.

With the body found just off a popular hiking route, Jenna believes the killer is a visitor to the town… until a second local girl is discovered.

Within days, Kate Bright, a school friend of Felicity’s, is found brutally murdered at the local swimming pool and once again, the killer has displayed his victim in a terrifying manner and left flowers at the scene.

The town is gripped with fear and Jenna and her deputy, David Kane, now know that the killer is living amongst them, and that he’s picking off school girls one by one. But they don’t know who is next on the list.

As the trail goes cold, Kane and Alton are forced to sit and wait for the killer to make his next move. But now he has a new victim in his sights, and he’s looking much closer to home …

If you love Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Abbott you’ll love this nail-biting thriller from D.K. Hood.

 meet the author

New DK Hood picture

I’ve always had a wicked sense of humour, and was the kid who told the ghost stories around the campfire. I am lucky to have family all over the world and have spent many vacations in places from Paris France to Montana USA and Australia. I use the wonderful memories from these visits to enhance my stories.

My interest in the development of forensic science to solve crime goes back many years. I enjoy writing crime, mystery and thrillers. With many stories, waiting for me to write I’ll look forward to sharing many spine tingling stories with you.

D.K. Hood is an active member of International Thriller Writers.




review by nicola

Let me start by saying that this is book 2 in a series, I highly recommnd you reading book 1 to gain all the details and back story for Detective Alton and Kane. If you read it as a stand alone I fell that you will miss so much that this series has to offer.

If you’re a thriller fan, much like me, then you know there’s going to be a body count and D.K. doesn’t hold back! Her attention to scene setting and details is beyond amazing, not once did I strggle in seeing what she wanted me to see and at times those scenes are graphic! What should be a fairly sleepy little town is suddenly thrown into the depths of a serial killer that is brutal, savage and on the hunt……in my sick little mind this is what had me hooked. I enjoyed seeing what drove him to taking these girls and doing what he does to them, and why he felt just in doing so.

In the first book Alton and Kane have a very frosty start, which given the circumstances is understandable, but I love how their relationship has progressed in the series, they push each other boundaries and aren’t afraid to say what they really mean. They gel well as characters and some of their interactions together did put a little smile on my face (I have high hopes for these two)

This book is action packed from the start, there’s a fair few garden paths we are led down and plenty of twist and turns as the story progresses, I did gasps at a few pieces of info and had me rethinking my ‘whodunit’ theory…. Well played D.K.

A truly enjoyble read that has made the author a must read for me, i look forward to seeing where she takes Alton, Kane and the not so sleepy town of Black Rock Falls. I’m expecting more drama, secrets and bodies coming from book 3.

A well deserved 5 golden apples from me, might need to be adding more apples is this series gets any better!!


I’d like to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for my advanced copy of Bring Me Flowers. Noelle for all her hard work in arranging this tour and to D.K. for a gripping read that takes my mind to those little dark places.

Check out what the other readers on this tour thought…

Bring Me Flowers - Blog tour.jpg

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Blog Tour Review – The Vanishing Girls by Lisa Regan.

Vanishing Girls by Lisa Regan – publishing on 17th January 2018
book blurb
The little girl curled into a tiny ball as the chamber grew colder around her.
“Please,” she whispered, rocking back and forth. “I want to go home.”
When Isabelle Coleman, a blonde, beautiful young girl goes missing, everyone from the small town of Denton joins the search. They can find no trace of the town’s darling, but Detective Josie Quinn finds another girl they didn’t even know was missing.Mute and unresponsive, it’s clear this mysterious girl has been damaged beyond repair. All Josie can get from her is the name of a third girl and a flash of a neon tongue piercing that matches Isabelle’s.The race is on to find Isabelle alive, and Josie fears there may be other girls in terrible danger. When the trail leads her to a cold case labelled a hoax by authorities, Josie begins to wonder is there anyone left she can trust?Someone in this close-knit town is committing unspeakable crimes. Can Josie catch the killer before another victim loses their life?

Utterly gripping crime for readers who adored Angela Marsons, Helen Fields and Robert Dugoni. You will be sleeping with the lights on once you discover the first in this unputdownable new crime thriller series.

meet the author
Lisa Regan - Author Photo
Lisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University.  She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website:
Vanishing Girls - Blog Tour
review by nicola
24 days…. 24 days I’ve waited to share my review with everyone and now that it’s here I’m like a giddy kipper! Now if I were to do my review in gifs (anyone who knows me knows I love a good gif or 10!) Then this is how the review would look…..

But let’s put it into words,


Lisa, I have to apologise for my loopy #TweetReading but it was needed! From start to finish it took me 48 hours, I’m a mother of 2 so my sleep is precious to me but not with this book! Two nights of 2am bedtimes and I closed the book with my jaw dropped for a good half hour! There we so many twists, turns and total plot shocks I was simply hooked….. line and sinker!

Josie Quinn is my type of woman, screw the rules if it gets the job done! She’s a total hard arse when it comes to the job so I enjoyed seeing her vulnerable side, when she let it show. Her ex husband, oh I had a few choice words for him once things came to light, I both loved and hated him. Loved him for showing he cared about Josie but also hated him for, well, no spoilers! I will say I did have a couple of teary moments, and I wasn’t expecting that with this book.

If you love your thrillers fast paced, detailed and at times a lot bit gruesome then this is definitely a book for you to buy. I loved the ending, I wasn’t expecting everything to be fully wrapped up with a bow on top (i thought some things were going to be kept for book 2) but im glad Lisa did tie off all the loose ends.

An absolute epic read and very worthy of my 5 golden apples! I can’t wait to see what book 2 brings and any other books that she writes, I’m truly a fan from the very beginning!!


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Review – The Silent Girls by Dylan Young.

Woohoo It’s tour day for Dylan Young’s newest book, The Silent Girls.


Title:              The Silent Girls

Author:          Dylan Young  

   🇬🇧 UK

🇺🇸 US

 book blurb

‘Ambulance and police. Something’s happened. I don’t know what. But my little girl.’ A sob choked off the sentence… ‘It’s my daughter.’

When a young girl disappears from the edge of the local forest, the Gloucestershire police are convinced she’s been taken by the same killer who stabbed to death beautiful, young Emily Risman eighteen years ago. They’re desperate to finally have the evidence to put him away. To save another girl before it’s too late.

Only Detective Anna Gwynne thinks he isn’t the real killer.

Anna can’t find proof and as time is running out, she realises she needs to get inside the killer’s twisted mind. And she knows just who to ask. Hector Shaw, in prison for killing the six men who caused his own daughter’s death.

Can Anna get what she needs from Hector before another life is lost, or could he lead her down a path that puts her own life in grave danger?

An absolutely page-turning thriller that will have you hooked. If you love Val McDermid, Angela Marsons and M.J. Arlidge, you won’t be able to put down The Silent Girls.

 meet the author

017-Dyl-017 copy copy

Dylan Young grew up in a mining village in South Wales before boarding a train for university in London. A career in the NHS followed, but the urge to write never went away. Three dark psychological thrillers for Random House emerged in the late nineties, two of which were made into BBC films. Over the last decade, under different pseudonyms, he’s written children’s books and an adult contemporary fantasy series. But his liking for crime (writing) never died. The Silent Girls releases 19th January with the second book to follow soon after. 

social links




review by nicola

Where do I start?!

Hold onto your hats for a heartpoundlingly gripping read that will knock your socks right off!

I loved every aspect of this book, from the cover to the blurb, from the relationship between Anna and her team. But my absolute favourite parts were the ones where Hector Shaw was involved….. does that make me a little twisted? Never would I imagine that he would be so involved in helping…. I mean who asks a killer to catch a killer?!!

The plot was thick and fast. The characters very well though out and the story was just amazing. It seriously is a heartpoundingly gripping read!

Dylan, you hit every nail firmly on the head for me and I CAN NOT WAIT to see what you bring us next!

*** I would like to point out that each and every ! was needed in this review 😂 ***


The Silent Girls - Blog Tour.jpg

Many thanks to Noelle and Bookouture for my copy of this book.

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Blog Blitz Review – Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray.




Amazon Links:

🇬🇧 UK
🇺🇸 US

book blurb

You couldn’t have done anything to save her.
Or could you?

Sylvie Armstrong has been running from her past for twenty years – until her mother’s death forces her to return to her home town, along with her newborn daughter.

Overwhelmed by grief in her childhood home, Sylvie tries to block out the memories that surround her – but then someone leaves a gift on her doorstep: a gold necklace with a heart-shaped locket.

This locket belonged to Sylvie’s best friend, Victoria Preston – and she was wearing it the night she died. Now it’s back in Sylvie’s life…and it soon becomes clear that somebody knows what really happened to Victoria.

Sylvie has to know the truth. But is she in terrible danger?

A gripping, page-turning psychological thriller with a final twist that will leave you open-mouthed. Fans of Sophie Hannah, The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl will be hooked.

 meet the author

sarah wray.jpg

Sarah Wray is originally from Yorkshire but now lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where she works as a technology writer and editor. She won a Northern Writers’ Award (Arvon Award) in 2015 for an early version of her first novel.

Author Social Media Links:




review by nicola

Prepare to have your jaw hit the floor with Sarah Wray’s book, Her Best Friend!

Sylvie heads home (if that’s what she can call it) after leaving 20 years ago. So much hurt and bad memories surround her home village and you can tell that these memories have scared her for life. Facing it alone and head on I was worried that she would fall apart over the pages but she shocked me. Reliving those memories showed me an inside peek into her teenage years and what led to the death of her best friend, Victoria.

Having ‘met’ Victoria I took an instant dislike to her, especially her attitude to poor Michelle who only wanted someone to latch on to, even though she gave me the stalker vibe I kind of liked her. I felt like Victoria had this ‘everyone owes me’ attitude, even sometimes with Sylvie. I really feel for Sylvie in this book, she’s never really let go of the past and to be honest who can blame her?!

Now I’m usually one for fast paced books where all the action explodes from the get go but this book takes its time, setting scenes, introducing characters and adding detail and at times this annoyed me but I understand why Sarah did it this way, before I knew it I was sucked into the story and eager for the story to unfold….. which it does with a bang! That ending…. seriously?!! May jaw still hurts…. as I sat there chanting no….nooo…..nooooo…..really! I turned back a few pages to make sure I hadn’t misread what I had just read! Did I guess whodunit, yes and no, but it was still a GASP reaction all the same.

All in all this was an enjoyable read, I wouldn’t say I consumed the book in one sitting but when it was put down i felt like the book was still with me, my mind ticking over about what I had just read and had me rethinking what I felt about certain people in the book.


A massive thanks to Bookouture, Netgalley and Sarah Wray for my advanced review copy. Also thanks to Noelle for letting me join yet another fab book tour!

Her Best Friend - Blog Tour.jpg

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Blog Blast Review – Dying Breath by Helen Phifer.




 🇬🇧 UK

  🇺🇸 US 

book blurb

Take a breath. Pray it’s not your last.

Just a few months after a terrifying case that nearly took her life, Detective Lucy Harwin is back with her squad in the coastal town of Brooklyn Bay – and this time, she’s faced with a case more horrifying than anything she’s encountered.

Along with her partner, Detective Mattie Jackson, Lucy is investigating what appears to be a vicious but isolated murder; a woman found bludgeoned to death on a lonely patch of wasteland.

But when a second victim is discovered strangled in an alleyway, then a young family shot in their own home, Lucy and the team must face the unthinkable reality – a killer is walking the streets of their quiet coastal town.

While Lucy and the team try to find the link between these seemingly unconnected murders, they uncover a disturbing truth – these murders are replicating those carried out by infamous serial killers.

Lucy must get to the killer before he strikes again. But he’s got his sights on her, and is getting ever closer… Can she save herself, before she becomes the final piece in his twisted game? 

meet the author

Helen Phifer author picture .jpg

Helen Phifer lives in a small town called Barrow-in-Furness with her husband and five children.

Helen has always loved writing and reading. Her love of horror films and novels is legendary. Helen adores reading books which make the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Unable to find enough scary stories to read she decided to write her own.

Helen’s debut novel ‘The Ghost House’ was published by Carina UK in October 2013 and went on to become a best seller along with the rest of the Annie Graham series. The Secrets of the Shadows, The Forgotten Cottage, The Lake House, The Girls in the Woods and The Face Behind the Mask.

The Good Sisters is a standalone horror story which will scare the pants off you or so her lovely readers have told her. It scared Helen when she was writing it so she pretty much agrees with them.

March 2017 saw the release of psychological thriller Dark House (previously called The Lost Children), book 1 in the Detective Inspector Lucy Harwin series. Book 2 – Dying Breath is due for release in Nov 2017.

Author Social Media Links:





review by nicola

What can I say other than W.O.W!!

This book blew my mind!

Helen is another new to me author and I can safely say this will not be the last book of hers that I read. I’ve umped straight in with book 2, I am missing so personal details that happened in book 1 but I don’t feel this has taken anything away from book 2 in this series. The pace of this book kicks off right away and it has bodies galore! And if, like me you need a body count by chapter 5 then this book deffintly ticks those boxes.

I enjoyed how the book went from the present day crime scene to back when the killer was first discovering his killer ways. I liked seeing how he evolved into a killer and what triggered this. Helen certainly kept me on my toes and I didn’t guess who the killer was until the back end of the book…… which is how it should be!

Lucy is certainly a very busy in her day job. I enjoyed the partnership between her and Mattie, they did make me chuckle a few times. There were a few times where I wanted Lucy to be more sure of herself, I’m hoping that will come to her further into the series we go.

If you love your thriller books that are action packed, twisty and turny plots and bodies dropping left, right and centre then this is one for you!

Highly recommended and very worthy of 4.5 golden apples 😀


Dying Breath - Blog Tour.jpg

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Blog Tour Review – The First One To Die by Victoria Jenkins.


The First One To Die
Victoria Jenkins

book blurb

Four friends. A house full of secrets. And a killer picking them off one by one…

‘She tried to break her fall, twisting desperately, but there was nothing to catch hold of, nothing with which she could stop herself. Her single scream cut through the night air.’

One hot summer night, a young woman falls from a rooftop to her death. Detective Alex King is called to the quiet terraced street.

The victim, Keira North, was twenty, happy and carefree. It seems like an accident, but there’s broken glass on the carpet, and witnesses overheard an argument. Could someone have wanted her dead?

Keira’s friends don’t seem as helpful as Alex would expect and the post-mortem reveals that Keira was hiding a secret: she was five months pregnant. Alex’s team soon finds that all of Keira’s closest friends have secrets that someone might kill to keep.

As Alex realises Keira might be just the first victim on a list, her leads take her a bit too close to home. With her own demons to fight, can Alex catch the killer, before someone else dies?

The First One to Die is a heart-stopping and shocking detective thriller that will have you gripped until the very last page. Perfect for fans of Patricia Gibney, Angela Marsons, and Val McDermid.

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Victoria Jenkins lives with her husband in South Wales, where she writes crime fiction and teaches English. The Girls in the Water is her debut novel, the first featuring Detective Inspector Alex King and Detective Constable Chloe Lane. The second book in the series will be published in late 2017.

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review by nicola

It would seem I’m fast becoming addicted to Bookouture authors, this time in the form of Victoria Jenkins. The First One To Die is the 2nd book in the King and Lane Series (I must point out I have not read book 1…… yet!)

This book is action packed for the get go….. Yep, a body within the first few chapters (always a winner with me) I expected the book to be about the poor girl Keira North who “fell” from her window seat….. Oh how wrong I could be! Victoria has a brilliant way of leading you down the garden path, you think you know the way until she spins you around and then takes a different path! And her plot twists O.M.G!


I loved Alex’s character, I enjoyed seeing a slightly vulnerable side to her with her mother but then how head strong she can be when she knows she’s right. I enjoyed seeing the friendship she has with Chloe (I’m sure there’s more details to this in book 1)  I felt like Alex didn’t want Chloe to know how much she needs her in her life and that was both a little sad but at the same time sweet.

Victoria, you’ll be happy to know you now don’t have to come build my wardrobes so I can finish your book as I was that hooked I whizzed through it and I have to say it’ going in my top 5 reads of 2017!

A truly gripping book and a very well deserved 5 golden apples!!!


A massive thanks to Bookouture, Netgalley and Victoria Jenkins for my advanced review copy. Also thanks to Noelle for letting me join yet another fab book tour!

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