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Blog Tour Review – Dead Jealous by Helen Durrant.

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DEAD JEALOUS by Helen H Durrant – Detective Novels

A teenage girl’s body is found in the back of a car on the notorious Hobfield housing estate. No one had reported her missing, but she’s been dead for a week.

Meanwhile, an old jar is brought into the station. It was found carefully wrapped in a blanket, with a child’s pink hairclip. The jar contains ashes and bone fragments.

Seventeen years ago Detective Tom Calladine had been part of a team investigating the disappearance of Jessica Wilkins. Her mother had taken her to Leesdon Park one summer afternoon.

She went to get the child an ice cream and when she returned her daughter was gone. Over the years there were no sightings, no witnesses — nothing.

Will there finally be closure for this unsolved mystery?
And why was the girl found in the car killed and why are her friends not telling her the whole story?

Detectives Tom Calladine and Ruth Bayliss will unravel a web of lies and pain, in this fast-moving and gripping crime mystery.

Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the stunning conclusion

If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Mel Sherratt, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will enjoy this exciting new crime fiction writer.

helen durrant

DEAD JEALOUS is book seven of a new series of detective thrillers featuring D.S. Ruth Bayliss and D.I. Tom Calladine.

Tom Calladine is a detective inspector who is devoted to his job. His personal life, however, is not so successful. Having been married and divorced before the age of twenty-one has set a pattern that he finds difficult to escape.

Ruth Bayliss is in her mid-thirties, plain-speaking but loyal. She is balancing her professional life with looking after a small child.

The fictional village of Leesdon on the outskirts of an industrial northern English city. There is little work and a lot of crime. The bane of Calladine’s life is the Hobfield housing estate, breeding ground to all that is wrong with the area that he calls home.



review by nicola

Helen Durrant is a new author to me so I’ve jumped into the series starting on book 7 of THE CALLADINE & BAYLISS MYSTERY SERIES and it’s do able, though I plan in reading the rest of the series after this book because this book had got me hooked! A dead body within the first chapter is a winner in my eyes…. . The book doesn’t just focus on that one crime which I enjoyed. A cold case is reopened after a lot of ashes are discovered and with the Hopwood brothers causing havoc on the estate there’s never a quiet day….. or night!

This book jumps right into the nitty gritty, which I love, the author has a way of setting the scene that has you turning page after page. I enjoyed how she didn’t focus on just one crime within the book but jumped between them, always on my toes but never actually guessing who the villain was (hats off to you on that Helen) I loved all the characters, good and bad, my favourite having being Dolly, not sure why but she just struck a chord with me.

If you enjoy a good thriller book then Helen’s books (or in my case book) is definitely one you should pick us as soon as you can! It’s gripping, twisting and a real page turner, an easy 5☆☆☆☆☆ from me……. now to start from the beginning! Happy reading!!


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Review – Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett.

☆☆☆ Intro and review for tonight’s author takeover! ☆☆☆

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Tonight we have the fabulous Rachel Amphlett joining us from 7pm (UK time on our Facebook page) and today sees the release of her latest book, Scared to Death, and the book does just that!

Rachel is the bestselling author of the Dan Taylor espionage novels and the new Detective Kay Hunter crime thriller series, as well as a number of standalone crime thrillers.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, Rachel’s novels appeal to a worldwide audience, and have been compared to Robert Ludlum, Lee Child and Michael Crichton.

She is a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association, with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold, being sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint in 2014.

An advocate for knowledge within the publishing industry, Rachel is always happy to share her experiences to a wider audience through her blogging and speaking engagements.

You can keep in touch with Rachel by signing up to her mailing list via her website (, or via Facebook ( and Twitter: @RachelAmphlett


review by nicola

So onto the review…… this book is definitely not for the faint hearted!! After reading the write up that Rachel sent me I knew I’d love this book and that’s before I’ve even checked out her writing style.

That first chapter OMG! Don’t worry no spoiler but it had me hooked and I’m not just saying that….. this book seemed to have it all, twists, turns and nutter of a psycho that I never want to meet! The things this guy does to his victims is beyond belief but it does make it a heart racing read…… which I really enjoy, wow now I sound like the nut job!!

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Rachel’s style of writing is what I love, the detail and emotion that filled those pages is what had me gripped. Loved the shorter chapters too, im a ‘read to the next chapter’ reader but Rachel has the nack of turning it from 1 chapter to 5 before i reluctantly HAD to put my kindle down…… why do we even need sleep?! I even have my next book by her already lined up.

If you enjoy a thriller with punch then this is the book and author for you, I’m expecting great things from this ‘New to me’ author…… a very well deserved 4 golden apples!




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Review – The Homespun Holiday by Sarah O’Rourke.

Homespun Blog Tour Banner
 Homespun cover 4
Dr. Mackenzie Daniels was a loner. He had the divorce, a
far-away family, and well-known cranky persona to prove it. And if he had his
way, he would continue on his loner way, in spite of the attempts of the townspeople
to infiltrate his life with their irritating, so-called charming ways. That
was…until he met the beautiful Nurse Millicent Robbins.
Millie Robbins had done the love and marriage thing, and all she could say was
that she got a beautiful daughter out of the entire debacle. Love was not in
her long-term plans when she graduated from nursing school, thank you very
much….until she found herself falling head over heels for the grouchiest but
most gorgeous doctor she’d ever met.Can Mack and Millie find their way to love in spite of their histories? Can
happiness actually exist for two star-crossed lovers?

Join the entire town of Paradise for a Christmas celebration of lasting love!


HH Teaser All I Want for Christmas is You
 HH Teaser It Must Have Been the Mistletoe
 HH Teaser Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
his hands on his hips, Mack looked at the clock hanging above the plasma
television.  It was already half past
five.  She was expecting him by six.  Since she only lived ten minutes away, he had
plenty of time.  Dropping into the
leather recliner in the corner – the one where he sat and read at night – he
dropped his head back against the chair.
“Fuck,” he groaned out loud.  He
didn’t know whether he dreaded tonight or was excited by it.  It had been years… literal years… since he’d taken a woman out on a date.  Sure, he’d fucked women more recently than
that, but those were chicks he’d picked up in a bar or at a medical conference
… women that he’d had a few hours of shameless fun with before sending them
on their merry way.  Each one of them had
been carefully selected and knew the score before their clothes had ever come
off.  If any of those ladies had been interested
in more than the number of orgasms he could give them, he’d sent them off on
their way with a wave and a smile.
he didn’t do long-term relationships anymore.
He certainly didn’t fucking date.
now, it appeared he did.
the hell kind of voodoo magic had Millicent Robbins worked on him when he
wasn’t looking that now had him contemplating more than a casual fuck with a
he knew it could never be casual with Millie.
And not just because she had a kid, either.
Millie was the type of woman with whom a man put down roots.  That kind of guy bought a house.  That type of man would get a dog.  That man would help her raise a family.  Holy shit, he’d already done two out three of
those things, he realized with a horrified gasp.   
to his feet, he darted toward his phone.
He had to call this whole thing off before he found himself shackled to
yet another woman that would end up hating him for his dedication to his
job.  He had to cut Millie loose before
she looked at him and accused him of wasting the best years of her life waiting
for him to be ready to concentrate on them instead of rushing off to take care
of his patients.
dialed the first three numbers of her phone number before he realized….
isn’t Tiffany,” Mack said out loud as he stared at the phone in his hand.  Looking toward his Newfoundland dog, he
grinned.  “She’s nothing like Tiffany, is
sharp yap from Nugget confirmed what he already knew and he slowly replaced the
phone on its base.
shit,” he whispered, sinking onto the couch as he stared at his huge
long-haired dog.  “Millie couldn’t be
more different from Tiff if she tried.”
First off, Millie wasn’t injected with as much plastic as a Barbie doll.  Her tits still bounced when she walked,
unlike his ex’s that sat like stone against her chest.  Millie loved babies and kids.  Hell, she even had one of her own that she
loved with a passion that rivaled any parent’s love he’d ever seen.  Tiff, on the other hand, couldn’t stand
babies.   Sad, since he’d loved children
and had wanted them to have at least a couple of their own. She despised the
idea of having to be responsible for another person.  Although, in hindsight, he supposed it wasn’t
really shocking since she could barely accept responsibility for the things she
did.  Most important of all, though, was
the fact that he could never see Millie being unfaithful to him because she had
something his ex-wife had always lacked.
Something called integrity.  If
Millie wasn’t happy with him, she wouldn’t troll the local bars looking for an
easy hook-up to dull the pain.  Hell,
no.  Millicent would march right up to
him, rip off his scrotum, and shake it over her head much like the Native
Americans did when they’d taken a scalp from an enemy.   Oh, Millie would probably give him the
opportunity to make things right with her before she resorted to violence, but
if that was unsuccessful, he had no doubt she’d go the other route. 
Millie could be a firecracker when crossed.
now he was thinking of her with highly possessive pronoun usage?  He was well and truly screwed.


review by nicola

This is the first book in have read by this author, or should that be authors?!
Although it’s stated it’s a stand alone I felt as if I have missed a few parts that I can only guess have been in other books BUT that doesn’t take away from the fab festive read!
Mack, the grouchy, arsey, baby deliverer who has escapes the clutches of his ex wife is living in Paradise, although at times he doesn’t seem happy about it! He has the hots for his younger nurse who has the cutest 5 year old, Paisley,  who knows more about the birds and the bees then I probably did at 12! What should be a forbidden relationship between boss and employee, not to mention the rather large age gap, these two seem to bring out the best in each other. Their story, even though I felt like parts were rushed, is a beautiful one. With the added character of Paisley and her wish to Santa (may have cried at that) this is a great festive read.
This book had me laughing,  crying and a couple of LOL’s. It’s a quick 13 chapters read. I’d like to read more about the characters in and around Paradise, especially about Macks sister and mother (did they move?) They definitely sounds like they keep Mack on his toes when Paisley isn’t!
Favourite parts of the book, Mack flipping at the principle, even if he did step over the boss/employee boundary in my eyes….. also the whole tea pot and Santa part, sweet lord I almost choked on the lump in my throat 😥
I will be having a Goodreads snoop at the other books from the series.
3.5 Golden Apples



Sarah O’Rourke is actually TWO besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, can’t make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other. Between them, they have four children and eighteen years of marriage…one to a super soldier and the other to egomaniac engineer. They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writer’s block, love to talk to readers…and oh, by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!


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**** Review **** Power Play by Tiffany Snow





book blurb



Sage Reese lives for her job. More precisely, she lives for her debonair boss, Parker Andersen. Sage handles everything for Parker, even as she fantasizes about the one thing that isn’t in her job description: him. But when a high-stakes account crosses the line from shady to deadly, a tough cop starts giving Sage the attention she wishes Parker would . . .

Detective Dean Ryker couldn’t be more different from Parker. While Parker wears expensive suits like a second skin and drives a BMW, Ryker’s uniform is leather jackets and jeans . . . and his ride of choice is a Harley. While Parker’s sexiness is a reserved, slow burn, Ryker is completely upfront about what-and who-he’s after. And Sage tops his list.

Now, as Ryker digs deeper into the dark side of Parker’s business, Sage finds herself caught between two men: the one she’s always wanted – and the one who makes her feel wanted like never before . . .



meet the author








Bestselling author of romantic suspense. “Desire & Deception. Love Can Be Dangerous.”







review by crystal

What can I say about Tiffany Snow that I haven’t said before? She’s a fabulous author, and she now tops my list of favorite authors.

This new series of hers certainly does not disappoint. I loved Sage! What a great female lead character. There’s a certain honesty about her character that I really, really enjoyed. True to Mrs. Snow fashion, there is a love triangle. Sage is perpetually torn between her hot boss Parker and a detective named Ryker who is hot and dangerous and makes it known exactly what he wants to do with her. Parker or Ryker…which man is a better choice for Sage? I know that I went back and forth with it, but in the end, I think I made my choice and I cannot wait to see where the series turns in the second installment.

I’m sure there will be a cliffhanger, and in loving everything Tiffany Snow writes…I’m okay with that!


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**** Review **** The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy Reichert


You’ve Got Mail meets How to Eat a Cupcake in this delightful novel about a talented chef and the food critic who brings down her restaurant—whose chance meeting turns into a delectable romance of mistaken identities.

In downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lou works tirelessly to build her beloved yet struggling French restaurant, Luella’s, into a success. She cheerfully balances her demanding business and even more demanding fiancé…until the morning she discovers him in the buff—with an intern.

Witty yet gruff British transplant Al is keeping himself employed and entertained by writing scathing reviews of local restaurants in the Milwaukee newspaper under a pseudonym. When an anonymous tip sends him to Luella’s, little does he know he’s arrived on the worst day of the chef’s life. The review practically writes itself: underdone fish, scorched sauce, distracted service—he unleashes his worst.

The day that Al’s mean-spirited review of Luella’s runs, the two cross paths in a pub: Lou drowning her sorrows, and Al celebrating his latest publication. As they chat, Al playfully challenges Lou to show him the best of Milwaukee and she’s game—but only if they never discuss work, which Al readily agrees to. As they explore the city’s local delicacies and their mutual attraction, Lou’s restaurant faces closure, while Al’s column gains popularity. It’s only a matter of time before the two fall in love…but when the truth comes out, can Lou overlook the past to chase her future?

Set in the lovely, quirky heart of Wisconsin, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake is a charming love story of misunderstandings, mistaken identity, and the power of food to bring two people together.



meet the author






Amy Reichert earned her MA in Literature from Marquette University, and honed her writing and editing skills as a technical writer (which is exactly as exciting as it sounds).

As a newly minted member of the local library board, she loves helping readers find new books to love. She’s a life-long Wisconsin resident with (allegedly) a very noticeable accent, a patient husband, and two too-smart-for-their-own-good kids.

When time allows, she loves to read, collect more cookbooks than she could possibly use, and test the limits of her DVR.

Facebook link



review by crystal

This was my first Amy Reichert novel and I was very much surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was a sweet story about a man and a woman on a journey to finding each other. Lou is a no-nonsense chef who owns her own French restaurant.

Al is a restaurant critic who ends up writing a scathing review of Lou’s restaurant. This story was very “You’ve Got Mail”-esque and I mean that in the most respectful way (love that movie).

The two were spending time together as friends and then Al realizes who Lou is and it sets off a chain reaction of events. Again, this was a very sweet story that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance novels.

Great book!


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*** Review *** NORTHMAN by J.D. Hughes




book blurb


Kate is academically brilliant, but trapped in a dead love and a dry career. And she has an unbearable secret. Horrific and inexplicable accidents at a Viking burial site near Repton, England, bring her face to face with unreason and touch the raw nerve of terror within her. But running is not enough.

Haunted by the malevolent spirit of a long-dead Viking madman, who pursues her, seeking her out for a consummation at which she can only guess, Kate cannot escape. The haunting is relentless and exists only to harm. In Chicago, an innocent man discovers how much. In Dover, thousands die.

Kate can only keep running. Thrown together in Madrid with Michael McLaren – B movie director – the descent into madness begins. Soon, others are trapped in the same web of terror and together they are thrust back 1200 years into 9th century England to face the Northman.

Or whatever it is that confronts them.

For behind the dead Northman lies something with limitless power, infinitely more dangerous – an ancient evil from the dawn of time bent on erasing mankind.

It may mean ultimate conflict. Ultimate sacrifice. For them all.




meet the author




Ex writer/director of promos and commercials, loving writing for the writing and not the pay.

I enjoy reading and writing the impossible made possible and in my writing use the vitality of cross-genre and magic realism to explore as many major themes as I can cram in, without slowing the storyline or plot development. It’s what makes me happy and keeps me relatively sane. My son, when only five, asked me ‘How can I be happy’? My answer was ‘If what you are doing isn’t working, stop doing it and do something else.’ Not very clever perhaps, but anything else is madness.

JD Hughes has two novels, supernatural thrillers NORTHMAN and his latest: AND SOON THE SONG, plus three short stories, BOMBER, ISSUE 49 & THE 500 here on Amazon. He is currently working on his third novel, due out later this year.

review by rachel

Right from the first page you can tell you are in for a great supernatural thriller!

The book was written with lots of detail and had been well researched.

This book had multiple story lines  going from Viking raids, World War 2 bringing us right to the present day. There was never a dull moment and was quite gritty at times.

All the characters were realistic and had emotional scars that were important to the over all story. Lots of good verse evil, jealousy, loneliness  and bits of gore and violence!

A great read for Horror, thriller and supernatural readers.


social links
twitter username: JDHughes4

buy links

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Review – Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick.


Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

book blurb

Becca Fitzpatrick is the internationally bestselling author of the paranormal Hush, Hush series. Her new standalone novel, Black Ice, is a psychological thriller but still contains all of the key ingredients that her fans love: romance and tension.

Britt Pfeiffer has never been that adventurous, but that’s about to change. Wanting to impress her ex-boyfriend, Britt convinces best friend, Korbie, to take a trekking trip with her. But when a freak storm leaves the girls stranded they seek shelter in a cabin, where they find two knights in shining armour. Or so they think.  Britt quickly realises that the girls need to get off the mountain, fast. In exchange for her life, she is forced to guide the boys down, and as they set out on a harrowing journey through the cold and snow, Britt realises the only way to escape with her life is to pretend she is on their side. But is gorgeous, sexy Mason an enemy or an ally? Tension mounts, and it’s only a matter of time before things turn deadly . . .  Dark and adrenaline-filled, Black Ice will have you on the edge of your seat right until the final twist. 


*** Praise for Black Ice ***

 ‘An edge-of-your-seat thriller packed with action and bad boys’
~ Sugarscape ~

 ‘Perfect for those who adored the Hush, Hush series as well as any mystery, romance, fantasy, thriller and contemporary lovers’
~ Guardian Children’s Books

review by nicola

This is the first book i have read by Becca Fitzpatrick and i have to say i was addicted from the start.

Im one of those readers that has to read to the end of a chapter before putting it down and with this book i DIDN’T want to put it down… all!

What drew me to this book was the cover. It has a dark eerie look to it which is very fitting to the book, It also has action, murder, abduction with a sprinkling of passion thrown in for good measure.

We all have that one book character that we can relate to and for me it was Britt. I depend on the men in my life just like her but when faced with certain things that i have to do alone i can be as brave as the next person and for this i really admired Britt, though im not sure i could put up with her so called best friend, Korbie. I felt like she was always bringing Britt down, no matter how hard she tried it wasn’t good enough for her and that really grated on me. 

The action really picked up once Sean and Mason were introduced into the book, these were the times that the book didn’t leave my side. The way Britt and Mason bounced off of each other was just right….one minute mad at each other the next practically saving each others life. And as twisted as Sean was i rather enjoyed his character, he seemed to argue with himself a lot . 

The only question i was left with, where did Bear go?!

Without giving too much away this book really is a good read,  Its entertaining to the very end and i look forward to my next read from Becca Fitzpatrick!


buy links


meet the author

Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush saga, including Hush, Hush;Crescendo; Silence; and Finale all debuted as New York Timesbest-sellers. She graduated with a degree in health, which she promptly abandoned for storytelling. When not writing, she’s most likely running, prowling sales racks for shoes, or traveling. She lives in Colorado with her family. 


 Connect with Simon & Schuster


book trailer

A massive THANK YOU to Simon & Schuster and  Freya Wileman for letting me review this book on behalf of Orchard Book  Club.

~ Nicola ~

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*REVIEW* Kissed By A Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton.

FH Dark Prince
Kissed By A Dark Prince By Felicity Heaton

Book 1 of the Eternal Mates Series


review by nicola

I always seem to be the one that’s late to the new author party and when i eventually stumble across these authors and start raving about them everyone is asking where in the world have i been!? With my nose in my kindle or flexing my one-click finger, much to the distress of my kindle!

So when an email dropped into my inbox from Felicity Heaton’s PA i was just going to trash it right away as Paranormal books usually aren’t my thing…… Thank the book gods I didn’t! 

fc 1

Book 1 revolves around Olivia and Prince Loren, thrown together by chance but kept together by fate. Loren believes that Olivia is his fated female and even though the scientist in Olivia is telling her there is no such thing, the “pull” is too much for her not to believe.
Having never read a book about a “fated one” I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I though was going to be a “You are mine, that is the end of it!” kind of story was so the opposite. Olivia is given the option to act on this “feeling” or not. As the story progresses you see the feelings come out of both characters and begin to feel that this is the real thing. Their emotional bond is beautiful and believable as well as their connection to each other.

The story line had me gripped and I mean really gripped. It’s action packed with twist and turns around every corner, just when you think you know where the story is going you are quickly thrown off. There’s also heat and passion throughout the story.
The description to surroundings made you feel part of the story and the attention to detail was second to none….. I do believe I could draw the armour that Felicity describes she did it that well! I also enjoyed the way in which secondary characters are brought into the fold and that has you hoping that one day they will get their own story for us to fall in love with.



I think I can now officially say I’m a paranormal fan and a bit of a Felicity Heaton stalker!

fc sign up

*Just click the above picture to be taken straight to Felicity’s site*

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Blog tour for Genie by Kitty French


Feathers. Lies. Glitter. Secrets. Lust.
Meet Genie Divine, the wise-cracking London show-girl on a hell-bent mission to save her beloved family theatre.
Now meet Abel Kingdom, the australian gym mogul determined to buy it out from underneath her.
On paper they have nothing in common, and when they meet, they have even less.
The only thing they DO have is chemistry.
Undeniable, rip-my-clothes-off-and-do-me-now-against-the-wall chemistry.
He wants her theatre. She wants him dead.
The stage is set for an explosive summer…




buy linksAmazon US
Amazon UK



‘I’ve left my keys downstairs,’ she said. ‘There’s a spare in your

He frowned, fishing his keys out of his jeans. ‘I havea key to
your door?’

‘You did, until now,’ she corrected. ‘I’ll have it back, please.’

‘Do you have one for my door?’

Genie sighed. ‘Yes.’

‘Then you can have yours back when I have mine.’

He really was a world class wind-up, and her temper
flared. ‘Stop being a dick and give me my key, Abel.’

He flicked through the keys and identified the one for Genie’s
door, then stepped forward and slid it into the lock.

‘Don’t call me names when I’m helping you out,’ he admonished her silkily.

She half laughed at the absurdity of his statement. ‘You’re not helping me. You’re trying to take everything I have. Believe me, I’ve called you far, far worse in my head. Be glad you only heard dick and liar.

’‘I haven’t lied to you, Beauty,’ he said, after a heartbeat, his hand still on the keys in the door. ‘Not once.’

‘You’re lying to yourself too if you believe that, Abel,’ she said,
her words softened by his term of endearment. ‘I sawyou the first
time you came here. You were turned on watching me onstage.
And again, watching me tonight.’

‘You’re dead wrong,’ he muttered, his eyes nailed to her door.He was close to her, and she could almost feel the anger contained in his taut body.

She wasn’t wrong and she knew it, and she sensed that
this went to the core of him. Reaching out, she placed a hand on his chest and saw him close his eyes in silent resistance.

‘Is it so bad to be turned on by me like this, Abel?’ she said,
feeling his heart beating hard against her palm.

‘Don’t fuck with me, Genie,’ he ground out, pushing her door
open. ‘I mean it.’

It was one of those moments when sense goes out the window
and instinct takes over. Genie tugged at the belt of her robe and
shrugged it off, letting it fall to the floor in one fluid motion,
revealing her body in nothing but the nipple tassels and tiny crystal
g-string she’d left the stage wearing.

‘Is it so bad to want me when I look like this, Abel?’
He turned towards her and dropped his eyes, his palms scrubbing over his jaw as if he didn’t trust his hands if they weren’t occupied.

‘I told you not to fuck with me, Beauty,’ he breathed, almost
agonised, and she saw the exact, dangerous moment that his resolve snapped.

He shoved the keys into his pocket and then his hands were on her waist, lifting her up onto the hallway table, sending the lamp flying as he parted her thighs with his hip to let him in between them. Genie gasped when he tipped her chin back with his hand and dipped his head to her throat, the erotic drag of his hot and open mouth down her skin. The clean, aromatic scent of his hair surrounded her, dark silk falling over his brow as a
low, animalistic growl rattled through his chest.

Genie put her hands on either side of his stubbled jaw and lifted
his head to hers, desperate for his kiss yet still shocked by the
intensity of it when he finally gave it to her. Hard enough to bruise,
designed to punish, profoundly sexy. She gulped down air and
dragged his head down again when he lifted it, his crotch hard in
hers as he clamped her against him with his hand splayed on her
back, his other hand cupping the back of her neck. He held her as a
man holds a woman he adores, and he kissed her as a man kisses a
woman he needs to fuck more than he needs to breathe.

Her hands moved under the bottom of his tee shirt, and he
broke off for the briefest of seconds to drag it over his head before
pulling her into him again, skin to skin. The sensation blindsided
her; the heat and the beauty of him. Tanned deep bronze in the
way that only a man who spends his life out in the sunshine can be,
with a fine trail of dark hair traced on his midriff that she wanted to
follow all the way down into his jeans. His hands move to cover and
cup her breasts, making her moan into his mouth.
‘I warned you not to fuck with me…’ he muttered again, still
angry even as his mouth gentled over her jaw, grazing the skin
beneath her ear, drifted over her collarbones to the swell
of her breasts in his hands, somehow lewder for the scant cover provided by the crystal tassels than if she’d been naked.

‘You’re covered in fucking glitter,’ he spoke against her skin as
he dragged her hips forward to the edge of the table and trailed his
tongue over the top curves of her breasts. ‘You too,’ she whispered,
smoothing her fingers over the gold dust that had transferred itself
onto his shoulders, his cheekbones, his abs.

She drew in a shuddering breath when Abel lowered his head
and licked around the edges of the sequinned tassels. No man had
ever touched her in costume like this before. Having his mouth slide
around the tassels was just about the sexiest thing she’d ever seen
or felt, and her body screamed for his tongue over her nipples.

‘Take these off,’ he said, tugging lightly on the tasselled ends,
his restless mouth roaming the curves her breasts. ‘Ineed to taste
all of you.’

Genie groaned with frustration, wanting him to see her too.
‘They don’t come off easily.’

Abel grumbled low in his chest, like an animal denied
his dinner. Genie understood; she wanted him to feast on her just
as much.

‘And this?’ he said, bending to kiss his way down her
stomach and lick along the top edge of the crystal g-string. ‘Is this welded on too?’

She shook her head, although he hadn’t waited for her
reply in any case. He’d already dropped to his haunches, his
fingers splayed on her inner thighs, holding her open. His hands wer
e firm and tanned against the smooth ivory of her skin. He move
d the barely- there barrier of her g-string aside with one finger and studied her, intent and intense, his lips parted just enough for Genie to be able
to feel the warmth of his breath between her legs.

Genie’s heart stopped beating for a few seconds. She’d thought
that she’d wanted him to touch her in the lift, but nowhere near as
much as she wanted him to put his mouth on her now. And then he
did, slow, warm and sure, the sweep of his eyelashes dark on his
cheek, his earlier restlessness replaced by unhurried sensuousness;
pure gold. Watching him, she smoothed her fingers over his hair, saw each stroke of his tongue a second before the sensation hit her

The first orgasm Abel had given her had been urgent and extreme, driven by the need for speed. Tonight he took his sweet time, paying attention to her reactions, licking her slowly, circling his tongue harder when it made her fingers grab into his hair to rock herself onto his mouth for more. She lost focus when he laughed, low and sexy, then eased his fingers inside
her, drawing her clitoris into his mouth. He had her and he knew it, holding her in his mouth as her muscles jerked and she dug her fingernails into the smooth bulk of his warm, sports-star shoulders.

His breathing was almost as shallow as hers for a few seconds,
and he turned his face to drift barely there kisses a long her inner
thigh before rising to his feet. His cock strained hard against his
jeans, but he caught hold of her hand when she reached down to
release him.

‘Go to bed, Beauty.’

‘Come with me?’ she asked, quiet, wanting him, wanti
ng to give to him as he’d given to her.

Abel shook his head, and Genie could feel him retreating
even though he was as standing as close as he could possibly be.

‘That’s not how this is gonna go.’

Confusion clouded her mind. She couldn’t get the measu
re of him. He wanted sex with her really, really badly. He might not have
said it with words, but his cock couldn’t lie.

‘How is it going to go then, Abel? You get to help yourself to my
body but I don’t get yours?’

‘Don’t pretend you didn’t like it,’ he said. ‘You were the one who
took your clothes off, lady. I took it that you needed servicing.’

‘Needed servicing?’ she said, repeating his dumb insult because
it took her by surprise so much.

‘You heard me right.’ He scooped her forwards off the
table with his warm hands on her ass and set her down on her feet. ‘And now you’ve been serviced, so we can both go and get some sleep.’

Genie hated that the sound that left her lungs sounded like a
strangled cat, but it was all she could manage, to articulate the rage
and frustration and loathing that formed in her chest as Abel
touched his fingers to his brow in mock salute and disappeared into
his apartment without glancing back.

Inside his front door, Abel kicked the nearest chair so hard it flew across the room and made for the shower. Again.

Inside her front door, Genie heard the smash. Half of her wanted to
go and force him to take what he so obviously needed. The other
half of her wanted to smash something herself, preferably
something heavy over Abel Kingdom’s stupid, beautiful head.










meet the author

USA Today Bestselling author Kitty French is a total romance
junkie; she loves to read it, watch it, and most of all to write it.
Her sizzling Lucien Knight trilogy topped the amazon erotic charts
on both sides of the Atlantic ~ everyone went crazy for Lucien
Knight, the wise cracking Viking sex god who can melt underwear from ten paces away.

Kitty lives in England with her husband and two young sons, and
she is mildly addicted to fairy lights, wine and stationery.
She also writes romantic comedy for HarperCollins under the
pseudonym Kat French.

social links





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*REVIEW* Hideaway Hill by Elle .A. Rose


Hideaway Hill

By Elle .A. Rose


review by amanda

This book was fantastic! It was a quick easy read that had me hooked from the beginning. I mainly loved this book because I am a sucker for a good love story and that is what this is. I loved the main characters, Veronica and Blake. I was rooting for them through the entire book. Blake is the definition of a true gentlemen. He dropped everything to be by her side. Veronica has been through so much, I was praying for her happy ever after. I was shocked with some of the twists and turns this book had that I never saw coming. That is what made it that much better.
The characters were perfect, the romance was sweet and the ending was beautiful! Definitely a well written book and I hope to read more from this author.


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